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Complete tips, instructions and pictures for every facet of raising rabbits, designed for pet rabbit owners, hobbyists, show-rabbit breeders, and homesteaders.

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Rabbit Pictures

Hub page for Rabbit Pictures, which links to our rabbit picture albums.

World of Raising Rabbits

Hub page for all our Written Resources. This page links to the descriptions of all our e-books, plus purchase the e-book(s) of your choice and receive instant access to the download links.

Click on any of the e-book and book titles to learn more:

Pet Rabbits

Hub page for all Pet Rabbit information.

Rabbit Bedding

Explore your rabbit bedding and litter options, from pine shavings to "high-tech" beddings.

Rabbit Cages

Hub page for various sorts of rabbit housing, plus links to free plans for homemade rabbit cages, PVC hutch frames, a rabbit run, and our valuable and very practical instant-download e-books.

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Rabbit Breeds

Hub page for rabbit breeds and information. You'll find links to many specific rabbit breed pages at this page. Plus, we examine rabbits by category: Breed, body type, ear type, fur type, and meat rabbit breeds, to make it easy for you to choose the breed you need.

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Rabbit Genetics

Hub page for rabbit genetics information, including easy to understand basics of rabbit genetic inheritance, and links to related pages.


Understanding Rabbits - Explore the digestive processes of ruminants, and mono-gastric non-ruminants (rabbits) compared to human digestion, and find links to related pages.

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency Problem
  • Carnivore Digestive System - Carnivore and herbivore digestive systems compared. The human digestive tract is almost indistinguishable from one of these...
  • Symbiotic Relationships - A major example of animal symbiotic relationships is the symbiosis between domestic animals and the humans who farm them. Yet thousands of other fascinating examples exist between dissimilar creatures in the animal kingdom, including fungi that 'farm' animals, and more.

Rabbit Care

Hub page for Rabbit Care Information. This page links to a variety of topics, each related in some way to rabbit husbandry, especially if the topic has not been addressed from one of the other hub pages.

Feeding Rabbits

Hub page for feeding information - What domestic rabbits need to eat, whether pets, show, meat, fur, or wool.  Plus learn how rabbits get their own vitamins through coprophagy.

Click for more info on Feeding Your Rabbits, or

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Breeding Rabbits

Hub Page for breeding information, including taking care of the doe and kits through all stages of rabbit reproduction, from mating to weaning and determining the gender of the bunnies.

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Maintaining Rabbit Health

Rabbit Diseases

Hub Page for Rabbit Disease information. Recognize rabbit diseases in time to help, including some home remedies.

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Rabbit Resources and Rabbit Supplies

Hub Page for information and links to national rabbit clubs, resources, general information, and various rabbit supply sources, including rabbit feed, rabbit supplies, tools, toys, and more.

Rabbits for Sale

Hub Page for finding Rabbits for Sale - Find Local Rabbit Breeders, plus links and ideas for finding rabbits for sale in your own neighborhood.

Rabbits for Sale Listing Subscription:
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Rabbit Recipes

A well-used collection of our favorite rabbit recipes.

Rabbits for Survival Preparedness

Rabbits as an integral part of your survival preparedness plan.

Animal Rights Articles

Hub page connecting you to articles on animal rights vs animal welfare. This is important to your continued freedom to raise rabbits.

Raw Homemade Pet Food

The advantages of a species-appropriate diet for your sensitive (or sick) dog or cat.

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Purchase Raw Frozen Rabbit as Whole Prey, or Partially Processed, or Ground.


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