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Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall: Welcome to the Raising-Rabbits marketplace for all things rabbit related, a one-stop shop for rabbit swag for both rabbits and their people.

Here is where you will find products developed by and sold exclusively on Raising-Rabbits, and other very cool products available in tiny, difficult to find niche markets.

goshen-bunnies-14-toy-carLets go Shopping!

Raising-Rabbits has a relationship with many rabbitries around the United States, the owners of which are well-versed in the needs of rabbits and who have created products for their own rabbits. These products are almost all certainly made in the USA, and will be very difficult to find outside of the Raising-Rabbits platform. 

Do you know someone who is difficult to buy for? Their bunny may be easy to shop for. Find a wonderful solution in the Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall.

Pictured: Adorable Holland Lop from Goshen Bunnies in Kentucky. Check out their featured rabbitry page here.

Perhaps your child wants a rabbit but you're not yet sure? Do you already have a rabbit and want to take your animal ownership to the next level? Thanks for stopping by! Find supplies, equipment, and learning materials for rabbit owners, rescuers, and ranchers. 

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The Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall is a great place to do Christmas shopping for one-of-a-kind gifts.


Rabbit Treats, Toys, Chews, Snacks

Bunny Branola

Bunny Branola - the ultimate rabbit nutritional supplement and treat.

  • Enhances the immune system
  • Optimizes digestion
  • Conditions for Show
  • Helps prevent fur block 

Comes in several sizes and SIX delicious flavors (four flavors pictured at right)

Visit Bunny Branola to learn more, or go to the Raising-Rabbits store to purchase!

bunny branola, a healthy and delicious rabbit supplement available in 4 flavors.

Chew Stix

Rabbit teeth never stop growing!

That is why Chew Stix fill a rabbit's essential need to regularly CHEW. Gnawing on these chew sticks helps maintain the rabbit's 6 front incisors at an even length.

At the same time, you can save your sanity and your carpets by giving your bunny some appropriate chew items!

Visit our store to find out more about CHEW STIX.

chew stix, safe and natural bunny chew toys.

Go Bunny Treats


Go Bunny Treats have amazing, organic, freeze dried crunchy munchies! They represent huge rewards for your bunnies, or simply amazing treats. They have hay cubes, wellness blends, snack mixes, and more!

Do check out their page to discover all the different treats and munchies that Go Bunny Treats has for you and your rabbits.


Rabbit Toys

Rabbit Toys from Raising-Rabbits

Save your electrical cords and your sanity by giving your house rabbit a fun, healthy option to gnaw and chomp.

Playtime for bunny is also happy time for people. What is more adorable than watching your rabbit doing binkies with their favorite toys? 

Click the green links in the captions for full descriptions and to buy now!

medium rabbit toy

Medium Toy - $17

Large Rabbit Toy

Large Toys - $19

Chew toys are a wonderful tool for helping new rabbits transition to or from your home. Familiar toys can provide stress relief and can introduce their scent to other pets in the house.

To learn all about these and other rabbit gifts, click here.

Rabbit Toys from Go Bunny Treats

Colorful, entertaining, and chewable toys from our friends at Go Bunny Treats

Block Tower Hanging Chew Toy from Go Bunny Treats.
Flower Bouquet Chews from Go Bunny Treats.

Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall: 
Resting Mats, Cages, Pet Carriers

Resting Mats

Resting mats provide a smooth surface for bunny to sit or lounge on, especially in all wire cages. Find three types in the Bunny Bazaar:

  • Chewable woven aromatherapy mats that smell glorious
  • Chewable crocheted heavy hemp with ties that secure them to the cage wire floor. The textured mat has more 'give' than solid plastic.
  • Slotted plastic resting mats

Raising-Rabbits Aromatherapy Resting Mats

Safe, chewable mats are infused with soothing lavender essential oil.

Two styles:

  1. Woven straw
  2. Hand crocheted in USA (in assorted colors and sizes)

Learn more or purchase by clicking: Aromatherapy Resting Mats.

Only $19.99 - includes free shipping

Slotted plastic resting mat.

Plastic Resting Mats

GoBunnyTreats have these excellent plastic resting mats that help to prevent sore hocks. The finish is smooth. Waste material can drop through the slats, while the rounded edges are easy on bunny's pads and paws. 

They are durable and super easy to clean with regular soap and water.

Only $10 plus shipping.

Click the link to order, plus see their full page with everything else they have to offer: GoBunnyTreats


Where can I find top quality rabbit cages?

Hostile Hare Logo

From Raising-Rabbits, of course! 

Raising-Rabbits has partnered with Hostile Hare to bring you cages that exceed our rigorous rabbit housing standards.


We do not manufacture cages, but we sure know a well-built, rabbit-safe cage when we see it! And we think these Hostile Hare cages will serve you well for years.

Predator-Proof! Most are constructed completely with baby-saver-sized wire (1/2 x 1-inch), from top, sides, to bottom. Rats, snakes, and even mice will clearly get the "no trespassing" message.

Kit-Safe! You might escape the nest box, little one, but you cannot escape the cage! This means fewer lost bunnies, and better outcomes for your rabbitry.

Singles and Multiples to fit your needs! Hostile Hare cages are perfect for pets, homesteaders, and breeders. Available as single and multiple cages and configurations, even complete turn-key rabbitries in several sizes.

Visit Hostile Hare for more Info
Click the Logo or this Link to Purchase Now

Pet Rabbit Carriers

Raising-Rabbits has partnered with Oskar and Friends, a line of fashionable pet carriers. They have totes, travel carriers, and backpacks. Just click the links to be taken to their website. (Free shipping on all orders over $50.)


The Pet Tote for $64.95 is a class act. It is well constructed with attention to every detail: Multiple pockets, A mini-leash with a clasp, creative zipper system for a breathable mesh closure across the top. 

Use the carrier for your big and small rabbits, for your cats or small dogs, or heck, even for your pet chickens! It comes in 5 neutral colors to complement any of your outfits:

  • Black, 
  • Sage Green (pictured), 
  • Navy Blue, 
  • Taupe/Tan,  
  • Chocolate Brown. 

See more details at the Oskar and Friends Review Page on Raising-Rabbits.

Two More Pet Carrier Designs from Oskar & Friends


Pictured on Left Above: The Pet Travel Carrier for $64.95 is great for both car rides and plane flights. It comes in two colors:

  • Basic Business Black (pictured)
  • Sunshine Yellow

Pictured on Right Above: The Premium Pet Backpack for $64.95 is all that a diva pampered pet could want while they accompany you on your adventures without tiring their little paws. They come only in Basic Business Black, but this may change soon - inquire!


Books and Ebooks

Raising-Rabbits has its own book and e-books, which consolidate and expand on the website. You will find them easy to read and indispensable. 

Plus here are also some other resources for education and entertainment that you will like. 

Raising-Rabbits Paper Books

Raising-Rabbits has paper books for sale, from the bare basics in Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits, to the comprehensive Rabbit Raising Problem Solver. You can purchase the books separately or as a gift pack. Click here to find out more about our great BOOKS!

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, a comprehensive guide to rabbits. Get your autographed copy today for $22.62!


Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits, a great book to start learning about rabbits. $27.38


The Book Combo Gift Pack: Buy Both and Save 10%! The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver will be autographed by the author, making this an extra special gift. $45.

Raising-Rabbits Electronic Books

Raising-Rabbits has several ebooks for sale that cover everything you want to know about rabbits, from health to habitats, breeds to babies, and nutrition to reproduction. The e-books are well-illustrated with many color photos to really help you know what you're seeing when caring for your rabbits. To find out more, check out our EBOOKS page!

For Pets:

Raising-Rabbits ebook

Pet Rabbit Living Spaces - $6.99

For Livestock:

DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing Thumbnail Pic

DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing - $8.99

Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages - Both rabbit housing books in one!

Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages Thumbnail


Garden, Farm and Homestead

Flies are pests both to rabbits and to other livestock. And in the process, they can be a disease-spreading pestilent annoyance to you.

This problem requires an effective solution, but you don't want your rabbits or family exposed to harmful chemicals.

Spalding Biologic Pest Control has the answer - a biologic solution that is safe and effective. Tiny fly predators prey on fly cocoons, killing the pupae inside. They are completely natural, safe, and no chemicals needed. Even better, these fly-predators are active only at night; you will never know they are around.

Click here to find out about Spalding Biologic Pest Control. (paid ad)


Gorgeous Garments


Raising-Rabbit sweatshirtRaising-Rabbit Sweatshirt

Sturdy and warm sweatshirt. Durable and pre-shrunk; the design and the size stay the same. Thick and good quality. Available in 6 colors.
Sizes Adult SM - 3XL
$28.50 - $32.50
Buy Now or Learn More


Raising-Rabbit hoodieRaising-Rabbit Hoodie

Cozy go-to hoodie to curl up in, soft, smooth, stylish. It is also durable and pre shrunk. It has a front hand pocket and comes in 6 colors.
Sizes Adult SM - 3XL
$31.50 - $36.50
Buy Now or Learn More


Raising-Rabbit TshirtRaising-Rabbit T-shirt

High quality medium  weight t-shirt, soft, with the right amount of stretch. Comfortable and flattering for both men and women. 
Sizes Adult XS - 3XL
$18 - $21.50
Buy Now or Learn More


Raw Frozen Rabbit - Food for Pets

Satisfied Customers, healthy cats who eat rabbit from Raising-Rabbits.
rabbit meat, lapin

The Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall offers top quality rabbit meat from micro-farms around the country. The rabbits are raised in humane conditions, with quality feed and without chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. If your dog or cat has had chronic food allergies or stomach issues, it may be due to sub-standard kibble or harmful chemicals from the commercial pet food industry.

At rabbit raising micro-farms, the rabbit ranchers feed their own families with the same meat they supply to your pets. They process the rabbits, and then freshly freeze the meat. You can get ground meat, skinned and cleaned out like a holiday turkey, or whole rabbits if you feed large livestock guardian dogs or exotic animals.

The packaging is user-friendly:

  • One rabbit per package
  • Or, freshly ground and frozen in 2 pound packages. 

If your cats or dogs are suffering from health issues, or you like the idea of feeding the best food possible, then click here to learn more about Raw Rabbit for Pets. Order from the same link.

**Learn about our shipping policies and estimated processing times here.**


Double-Value Guarantee

Our policy is to always OVER-deliver on value,
which is why your purchase is fully covered by our
Double-Value Guarantee.

Go ahead - take any of our e-books for a test drive. Peruse our detailed informational and educational e-books. Examine our plans for building rabbit cages, runs, or metal or PVC hutch frames. Check out the Rabbit Husbandry info e-books.

If you aren't completely satisfied that your e-book purchase is worth at least double, triple or even quadruple the price you paid, just drop us a note within 45 days, and we'll refund you the entire cost. That's our Double-Value Guarantee.

Note: When you purchase your e-books, they will be in PDF format, so you can download them to any device that supports PDF format. We advise making a back-up copy to a drive or cloud account. If the books are lost, you can also purchase another copy from Raising-Rabbits.

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