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Online Shopping Mall by Raising-Rabbits!

Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall! Welcome to the Raising-Rabbits Bunny Bazaar, your one-stop shop for rabbit swag for your buns and humans! We have our own fine products and great items from our rabbitries (all made in the USA), plus lots of great options from other online stores. 

Do you have someone who is impossible to buy for? Good news! Their bunny is easy to shop for. Load up on toys and treats. Does your child want a rabbit but you're not sure yet? Do you already have a rabbit and want to take it to the next level? We have supplies, equipment, and learning materials for rabbit rescuers and ranchers. We also have fun stuff for people, clothing, movies, books, games, even decor!

If you have bunny on the brain, this is where you need to be - the Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall!

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Rabbit Treats and Toys - Fun stuff to spoil your bun.
The Thump Life - Supplies and equipment for your rabbit. 
Books and Ebooks - for adults and kids, fiction and non-fiction. Ebooks published by Raising-Rabbits are on Sale, 30% off!
Garden and Farm - need decor or supplies for your home garden or homestead? Check this out.
Bunny Fun - Toys and Books for kids.
Family Fun  -  Puzzles, Movies, Games, and more!
Gorgeous Garments - clothes for people to let the whole world know that you are owned by rabbits. From sweatshirts to socks, we got you covered.
Homeopathic Remedies - natural medicine to help and soothe during cold and flu season. 
Fresh lapin for pets - Raising-Rabbits has a network of micro-farmers and homesteaders who raise livestock rabbits for quality pet food. If you have an exotic animal, or a dog or cat with allergies and sensitivities, then our fresh lapin for pets will help your pet be healthy and live their best life.
Cookbooks - if you're a homesteader who raises livestock rabbits, these cookbooks have great recipes for lapin (rabbit meat).
Bunny Christmas - Tons of great rabbit theme Christmas decor and items. Get a bunny stocking or cuddle up in these blankets.
Letters to Bunny Claus - This sweet theme is for the rustic bunny enthusiast who likes coordinated decor. They have everything to turn your entire home into an adorable rabbit winter cottage.
Rabbit Treats and Toys.
Insurance For Orders - Raising-Rabbits has partnered with Route Insurance. ROUTEINS protects you in case your order is lost, stolen, or damaged during shipment. To find out more, including directions on how to file a claim, click HERE!

NEWSFLASH! Raising-Rabbits has a new partner, Hostile Hare. If you are looking for rabbit cages or recipes for rabbit meat, Hostile Hare has what you need.


The bunnies are hard at work getting the Bunny Bazaar ready for 2023, the Year of the Rabbit on the Lunar Calendar. They have divided up the Bunny Bazaar into categories, so you can casually scroll through or immediately jump to the section you want. Just click the green topics to hop to that section of the store:

goshen-bunnies-14-toy-carLets go Shopping!

(Adorable Holland Lop from Goshen Bunnies in Kentucky. Check out their Featured Rabbitry page HERE.)


Coming Soon!
Organic Food and Treats, Toys, and Accessories from
Go Bunny Treats!


Rabbit Treats and Snacks

Bunny Branola

bunny branola, a healthy and delicious rabbit supplement available in 4 flavors.

Bunny Branola is the ultimate rabbit nutritional supplement and treat. It comes in 4 delicious flavors, and you can even get sample packs! Branola comes in sizes from 2 ounce to 5 pound. It is made in beautiful Washington state with all natural ingredients. Visit our store to find out more about BUNNY BRANOLA.

Chew Stix

Chew Stix are a great rabbit treat to save your sanity and your carpets. Chew is an issue with bunnies, so lure him to appropriate chomping with our all natural Chew Stix. They are ethically harvested alder wood, then infused with Washington apples for an attractive taste and smell. Chew stix are available in different size packages for different size rabbits, Dwarf/Mini, Medium, and Large/Giant. Visit our store to find out more about CHEW STIX.

chew stix, safe and natural bunny chew toys.

Go Bunny Treats!

Our friends at Go Bunny Treats have amazing, organic, freeze dried crunchy munchies that will have your bun binky to the moon! They have hay cubes, wellness blends, snack mixes, and more! Check out their page to find out everything GO BUNNY TREATS has for your rabbit.


Bunny Toys

Playtime for bunny is also happy time for people. What is more adorable than watching your rabbit doing binkies with their favorite toys? 

Large Rabbit Toy

Large Toy
Was $27.99    Now $19

Large Rabbit Toy

Medium Toy
Was $24.99    Now $17

medium rabbit toy

The Bunny Bazaar now has its own line of natural, made in USA bunny chew toys! Save your cords and your sanity by giving your bun a fun, healthy option to gnaw and chomp. Chew toys are also great at helping new rabbits transition to a home, by giving stress relief and introducing their scent to other pets in the house. To learn all about these great gifts, click here BUNNY TOYS!

2023 is Year of the Rabbit, so all of the Raising-Rabbits brand toys are 30% off for the whole year! Click the green links in the captions to BUY NOW!

small rabbit toy

Small Toy
Was $21.99    Now $15


Check out these great toys from our friends at Go Bunny Treats! <-- Click the link to go to their page.


Snuffle mats and puzzle feeders aren't just fun, they also help bunny slow down eating to prevent unhealthy weight gain. Your rabbit will rave over Bunny Branola in these fun feeders.

We have also put together these suggestions from Amazon. Play castles and tunnels will have your rabbit hopping happy!


The Thump Life

The Bunny Bazaar has equipment and supplies you need for your rabbit. 

Resting Mats

Resting mats provide a smooth surface for bunny to sit or lounge on, especially in all wire cages.

lavender aromatherapy rabbit resting mat


Raising-Rabbits Aromatherapy Resting Mats are safe, chewable mats infused with lavender essential oil.  

  • The lavender essential oil provides a wonderful fragrance that tends to calm and soothe rabbits, even when they are stressed. 
  • Rabbits chew! These mats are completely safe for chewing, providing plenty of nontoxic fiber.
  • To find out more or to buy, CLICK HERE Aromatherapy Resting Mats.

    As the Autumn leaves fall, so do our prices:

    30% Discount on Resting Mats!!!
    Regularly $12.99, now only $9.99!



    Our friends at GoBunnyTreats have these great  hard plastic resting mats. They are buffed to a smooth finish and allow maximum airflow to help keep bunny cool

    They are durable and super easy to clean with regular soap and water.

    Only $10!

    Check out their full page to see everything they have to offer: GoBunnyTreats


    Check out these quality cages from Hostile Hare. Perfect for pets or homesteaders. Just click the green links.


    Single Rabbit Cage

    Everybunny wants their own room. 

    From $75


    Single Rabbit Cage with Pull Out Pan
    Super conventient for cleaning!
    From $165


    Double Rabbit Cage
    Sometimes husbuns and bunwives just want their own spaces.
    From $140


    Triple Bunny Cage
    You know how rabbit math works. You go to buy one and come back with three. We got you covered.
    From $210


    Stackable Cages with Pull Out Pans
    It's like a bunny dorm with private bathrooms!
    From $80


    15 Cage Pack with FREE SHIPPING!!!
    Where did all these rabbits come from?! Better yet, now you have somewhere to put them.
    From $1050


    Climate Controlled 50 Compartment Rabbitry
    Protect your fluffle from  the weather. If you're serious about rabbits, it's worth it!
    From $20k


    Books and Ebooks

    Paper Books

    Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

    Raising-Rabbits has paper books for sale, from the bare basics in Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits, to the comprehensive Rabbit Raising Problem Solver. You can purchase the books separately or as a gift pack. Click here to find out more about our great BOOKS!

    Electronic Books

    Raising-Rabbits ebook

    Raising-Rabbits has several ebooks for sale that cover everything you want to know about rabbits, from health to habitats, breeds to babies, and nutrition to reproduction. The books all have great color photos to really help you know what you're seeing when caring for your rabbits. To find out more, check out our EBOOKS page!

    cotton-candie-tails-26-lionhead-with-briefcase-work-businessStep into my office; I have deals you can't refuse.

    2023 is Year of the Rabbit!

    The Lunar Calendar celebrates Bunnies this year,
    and so are we:
    30% Discount on all E-Books
    until 9 February 2024!!!

    (Darling Lionhead from Cotton Candie Tails in Bothell, WA.)

    Raising-Rabbits has lots of great ebooks to tell you everything you need to know about rabbits. Every-bunny knows, always have a back-up. A rabbit flash drive can keep your e-library of bunny wisdom in one place.

    Testimonial for the Bunny Flash Drive:

    It's great! It's cute as can be. It has all of my rabbit ebooks, plus my notes, pictures, and finished articles. It's so nice to have everything backed up and easy access, even when I'm not connected to the net.

    Suzi Scribbles, Jolly Journalist (February 2023)


    Garden and Farm

    Attack RabbitDEATH TO PESTS!

    A rabbit's arch nemesis is flies! They are filthy creatures spreading disease! Do you see the bunny rage?! 

    This problem requires effective solutions, but you don't want your rabbits or family exposed to harmful chemicals.

    Spalding Biologic Pest Control is the answer! It's an all natural solution that is safe and effective. No more horrid bugs contaminating your food or making bunnies berserk!

    Click here to find out about Spalding Biologic Pest Control.


    Bunny Fun: Toys and Books for Kids

    Your child wants a bunny, but you're not quite sure if they are ready. No problem! There are lots of great books and play sets to practice and learn about taking care of rabbits until they are mature enough.


    Family Fun
    Puzzles, Movies, Games, and More!!!


    Gorgeous Garments


    Raising-Rabbit sweatshirtRaising-Rabbit sweatshirt

    This sturdy and warm sweatshirt keeps you warm in the cold months. Durable and pre-shrunk, so the design and the size stay the same. Thick and good quality. Available in 6 colors.
    Sizes Adult SM - 3XL
    $28.50 - $32.50


    Raising-Rabbit hoodieRaising-Rabbit Hoodie

    You need a cozy go-to hoodie to curl up in, so go for one that's soft, smooth, and stylish. It is also durable and pre shrunk. It has a front hand pocket and comes in 6 colors.
    Sizes Adult SM - 3XL
    $31.50 - $36.50


    Raising-Rabbit TshirtRaising-Rabbit Tshirt

    This t-shirt is everything you've dreamed of and more. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women. 
    Sizes Adult XS - 3XL
    $18 - $21.50


    Homeopathic Remedies

    Elderberry SyrupElderberry Syrup in 8oz and 16oz sizes. Handy pour caps are also available for purchase.

    Organic Elderberry Syrup with Raw Honey!

    Prepare your immune system for flu season with Elderberry Syrup! 

    Elderberry syrup also treats your cold and flu symptoms, with natural, organic Elderberry Syrup, made to order. It is like a warm blackberry harvest pie. The flavor is rich and deep. It is sweetened with raw honey, but a little spicy from the collection of spices we steep for maximum benefit. All the goodness with none of the junk!!! Star anise, ginger, clove, cinnamon and orange peel - they all work with the elderberry for maximum impact. It's available from the Featured Rabbitry,
    The Farm at Fort Mill!


    Lapin for Pets

    Satisfied Customers, Healthy cats who eat lapin, rabbit meat
    rabbit meat, lapin

    What beef is to cows, lapin is to rabbits. Our Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall offers fine quality rabbit meat from micro-farms around the country. The rabbits are raised in humane conditions, with quality feed and without chemicals, hormones, or steroids. If your dog or cat has had chronic food allergies or stomach issues, it may be due to substandard meat or harmful chemicals from the commercial pet food industry.

    At micro-farms, our rabbit ranchers feed their families with the meat they supply to your pets. The same meat in your pets bowl is what our farmers give to their own children. It arrives freshly frozen in 1-2 pound packages. You can get ground meat, skinned and gutted like Holiday Turkeys, or whole rabbits if you have large exotic animals to feed. Click here to learn more about Lapin Meat for Pets.

    *Learn about our shipping policies and estimated processing times here."



    You may be looking to eat healthier, try new cuisine, or change lifestyle to off grid living. Here are great cookbooks for your family and pets to use lapin and other game meats.


    Bunny Christmas

    Everyone has their favorite Christmas theme, and if you have bunny on the brain, here is what you've been looking for. These are some great ideas, and down below we have a section with a beautiful rabbit rustic theme with every house decor item you can think of, including baking, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Once you're done here, scroll down to our Letters to Bunny Claus section.


    Letters to Bunny Claus

    This sweet theme is for the rustic bunny enthusiast who likes coordinated decor. They have everything to turn your entire home into an adorable rabbit winter cottage. 


    Holiday Products and More Coming Soon to the Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall!

    Bookmark this page and check back soon!

    Many thanks, and enjoy your rabbits!

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