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World of Raising Rabbits - several practical rabbit raising e-books published by

"I bought the Rabbit Reproduction book yesterday, and it was so good, I wanted to come back and get more!"
(Dawn, VA)


Rabbit Husbandry E-Books

Domestic Rabbit Breeds E-Book

Domestic Rabbit Breeds: $12.99 ON SALE! $8.99!

206 pages. Comprehensive information and huge photos of all US rabbit breeds and as many of the world's domestic rabbit breeds as we were able to find: 

  • Satisfy your fascination with the astounding diversity between rabbit breeds
  • Decide the breed or breeds that are best for you 
  • "What breed is my rabbit?" Guidance on answering this question about your own mystery rabbit

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ebook Feeding Your Rabbits

Feeding Your Rabbits: $12.99 ON SALE! $8.99!

This 74-page e-book will have your rabbits bursting with health and vitality by focusing on:

  • Nutrient needs and qualities of excellent rabbit pellets
  • Rabbit digestion, how cecotrophy works, why it is important
  • Brand new, researched information on feeding successfully with fresh forages and other foodstuffs, plus enhanced list of safe plants and forages
  • Feeding kits, orphans and baby cottontails
  • Links to feeding supplies, and much more

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Rabbit Reproduction E-Book Cover


Raising-rabbits seeks to educate people about the health and well-being of rabbits. We are excited that Benjamin Smith, Lead Instructional Designer at Bendigo TAFE and Kangan Institute, in Melbourne, Australia, is able to use our images to instruct students studying animal care and management about sexing rabbits.
February 2023

Rabbit Reproduction$12.99 ON SALE! $8.99!
Second Edition - Updated and Revised!

This 87-page e-book covers all aspects of rabbit reproduction from mating, to pregnancy, kindling, care of the rabbit kits, weaning, sexing, and rebreeding. It discusses all the common problems that might arise and the interventions you can employ to avoid disaster in the lives of the buck, doe, and/or kits.

This essential e-book covers it all, adding much more info than is found on the Raising-Rabbits website.

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Keep Your Rabbits Healthy, a Raising-Rabbits E-book

Keep Your Rabbits Healthy$12.99  ON SALE! $8.99!

An essential and continual focus of rabbit care is keeping rabbits healthy. This involves two steps:

  1. Providing living conditions that promote health while eliminating those conditions that tend to result in health problems
  2. Recognizing the implications of various symptoms, and then taking the right measures that will result in a return to health

If you cannot purchase Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, then this 92-page e-book collects all the rabbit health and disease information on the Raising-Rabbits website, enhances it, adds new photos and info, and puts it all conveniently at your fingertips.

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3 week old cottontail bunny being successfully rehabbed for return to the wild

"Being a relatively new wildlife rehabber, I was inundated with baby cottontails this last spring. I had NO IDEA that they were hard to raise!  

...I learned a lot from your ebook, 'Rabbit Reproduction' (part of my quest to learn as much as I can). I didn’t know about BOSS.... I appreciate all I am learning from your ebooks and website. Here’s a photo of “Brighty,” one of my successes... Thanks!”  (Fae, MI)

Rabbit Housing E-Books

Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages from

Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages$18.99  ON SALE! $12.99!

ALL the DIY plans for all the cages, hutches, runs and pens that we build and use.

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"Your website is amazing. I love these plans using PVC pipe to build a rack for hanging cages. I'm going to build one this weekend" (Laural, MN)

Pet Rabbit Living Spaces E-book from

Pet Rabbit Living Spaces: $9.99  ON SALE! $6.99!

Specifically for pet rabbits, whether indoors or outdoors - Cages, hutch frames, exercise runs and pens.

(All plans in Pet Rabbit Living Spaces have been included in Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages above.)

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DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing EBook by

DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing$12.99  ON SALE! $8.99!

All-wire cages, large hutch frames, and rabbit runs designed and created for the meat and show rabbit breeder, and anyone raising more than just 1-3 rabbits.

(All plans in DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing have been included in Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages above.)

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Rabbit Raising Problem Solver is available as a paperback and also in Kindle format (electronic). It was written by our own Karen Patry and published by Storey Publications.

Obtain it wherever excellent books are found, both online and in bookstores. Click on the link above for more information, or purchase your hard copy on this World of Raising Rabbits page at a significant discount!

"Just wanted to tell you I love love love your book! It is my rabbit bible. Seriously. As soon as I found it, I put all other books down. The questions and answers made it so simple to learn. You get right to the point. Thank you so much!”  (Lynette, CA)

Raising-Rabbits: Home of
The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver book cover. This Q&A format book will be offered by Storey Publishing.

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Rabbit Raising Problem Solver:

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"I finished the book…it is so good! You touch all the bases and you cover everything from medical technical to hands-on-the-rabbits fun and funny - really, very well done, just right and so real.

"You write like you are talking to a person, not just to the ‘reader.’ I do not know many folks who can sit down to read a how-to, inform-me kind of book, and when they are through, be smiling, and better informed and also to have had a couple laughs and smiles along the way, as I did" (Belinda, WA)

Purchase Together:  
Two Premier Books for Rabbit Owners

2 book set: Storey's Guide to Raising-Rabbits and Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

Karen's Rabbit Raising Problem Solver and Bob Bennett's Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits (5th Edition), both published by Storey Publications, complement each other. Between both books, you'll find no stone unturned! 

First Book: Learn the basics of raising rabbits from Bennett's "Best-selling Classic." This is the book that introduced me to raising rabbits years ago. The 5th edition is the newest one, presented in full color, and better than ever. It has earned a 4.6-star rating from 319 reviewers.

  • Per Amazon reviewer Quality Plus: "...A frank, clear, usable, and inspirational book on rabbits as livestock...It covers rabbits thoroughly enough including their breeds, feeding, care, and housing in a detail that would also be useful to owners of pet rabbits."

Second Book: Solve your rabbit raising problems with an autographed copy of Karen's Rabbit Raising Problem Solver. Besides complete answers and explanations of each problem and solution, a full section (83 pages - more than 1/4 of the book) is dedicated to health, and common and some uncommon diseases your rabbits might encounter. It has earned a 4.6-star rating from 164 reviewers. 

  • Per Dawn in MA: "Rabbit Raising Problem Solver was recommended to us by a 4H leader and mentor. It has been such an invaluable resource that I had to buy a second copy when the kids lost the first one. It is easy to locate info using the question-and-answer format. When something weird pops up I can quickly find that section and read the answers. Easy to understand and very straightforward and honest. I tell all of our buyers to purchase this book if they can only buy one.

  • Per Amazon reviewer RS: "I have read MANY rabbit books and this one is my favorite. It can easily be used by both rabbit breeders and pet owners which I have never encountered in another rabbit book. It covers almost all aspects of owning one or more rabbits. Literally the ONLY things missing from this book are a complete list of plants that are toxic to rabbits and information on training your rabbits. It has a very in depth section on rabbit illnesses which is a must for any emergencies...."

Get them both for a flat, bottom-line price of $45.00
(WA residents subject to sales tax)

Price includes both books and all shipping and packaging!

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Some people (like us!) want the extra info, illustrations, warnings, and guidance supplied in World of Raising Rabbits e-books.

Plus, it's really nice to have an electronic or printed-out copy of this extensive rabbit raising information on hand where one can resort to it just whenever you like or need the info, especially as the world wide web is sometimes not as dependable as expected.

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