Belle's Bunny Boutique

Belle's Bunny Boutique

♡ Purebred Holland Lops ♡ Miniature Lion Lops ♡ 

Belle's Bunny Boutique is an indoor rabbitry registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the New Jersey Rabbit Breeders Association.

We carefully breed for health, structure and friendly personality. Our bunnies will become an amazing part of your family.  

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Our breeding stock has been carefully selected from top breeders; we have invested in the best to avoid issues that come with poor genetics. Our baby kits begin to be held at 4 days of age and start their litter training at 2 weeks. 

Our rabbitry is completely indoors and once they begin being held, they are handled and loved every day. 

Holiday planning: Are you thinking of acquiring a Christmas bunny? Are you in need of a gift certificate good for a bunny? Click HERE.

On our website you will find currently available bunnies, past bunnies, policies, testimonials, and our Blog on All Things Bunnies! 



Belles bunny boutique holland lop

Bunnies come with a birth certificate and a folder of literature on the care and dietary needs of your new bunny. We also provide a sample of their diet for transitional purposes, and a health warranty. Full home/Food set ups available for sale upon request, click the link for details. 

The price of each bunny is available on our website.  Bunnies can be held with a $75 deposit through Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp, or Zelle. 

We also have Gift Certificates and Special Reservation Programs.

For the safety of our bunnies we do not ship them. Pickup is in Wall, NJ. Delivery is available at an estimated $2 per mile plus tolls/fees; contact us for an exact price


Belle's Bunny Boutique Contact Information

Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey

Belle's Bunny Boutique 

 Wall Township, New Jersey, USA
Email:   bunnyboutique4 @ yahoo . com 

Wall Township, NJ

About the photos on this page:
Most of the bunnies in these photos are very young - too young to go to new homes. But they sure are darling!! Please don't stress over this - our friends at Belle's Bunny Boutique will not send their bunnies away to new families until they are old enough.

Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey
Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey

Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey

Christmas Bunnies

SIX Families can be guaranteed a December Bunny! 

If you know you are going to want to get a bunny from Belle's Bunny Boutique in December there is now a way to guarantee it!  We are the biggest Christmas lovers and we know how stressful it can be making sure you check off certain things on lists!  We allow 10 people to make $150 deposits to guarantee themselves a December bunny.  These families will receive preview pictures with prices before the bunnies are listed and will get first choice of their bunny. Check it out here: Christmas Bunnies.

(If Christmas passes, you can always check in with Belles Bunny Boutique and inquire about available bunnies!)


Belle's Bunny Boutique Testimonials

Nelson R. 

Cinnabun is a complete joy!  You can tell what a great job you do with them because he hasn’t been stressed with the transition at all.  I shared with you the nightmare I experienced before and now I see the difference!  So glad we added Cinnabun to our family!  Thank you!

The Moore Family 

We love our new baby so much, she is adjusting beautifully.  She is the perfect combination of snuggly and playful.  I really had no idea how much personality she would have.  Thank you for helping us in making the perfect match for our family!

Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey
Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey

The Kato's

Marshmallow Smores literally got our kids through 2020!  Our daughters and son having a bunny on their lap while doing virtual school or having someone to play with on their breaks made a world of difference. Marshmallow has just become such a special part of our family and I really can’t imagine keeping the kids entertained without her!  Thank you for all of your guidance in the beginning, we had lots of questions!

Emma F.

Thank you both so much again for our beautiful bunny!  Our kids are just so in love and so are we! We cannot believe how much we love her so much already.  We will continue to send you updated pictures, can’t thank you enough!

Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey
Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey

Oreo's New Family

He is home!  My sons went crazy.  I can’t thank you enough for your guidance in helping us get the house set up for our Oreo.  He is going to be getting so much attention!

The Nguyen Family

Our family just wanted to say thank you for our little bunny, we couldn’t be happier with her.

The Sanders Family

We can’t believe how Snoopy isn’t afraid of anything.  We thought it would be a while before we introduced him to the dogs but no he is already right in there and part of the family.  You were spot on with the advice on continuing the litter training, it took a couple days to adjust and we are very glad that he is using the litter box.  We want him to be able to be mostly free roam so this was so important, thanks for the tips!

Seamus and Lauren

This may go down as the best Christmas ever with our new little bunny under the tree!  The boys are so in love; thank you for keeping him until Christmas Eve.  We really appreciate all the help and patience, hope you love the video as much as we do!

Meagan Carter

As new bunny owners I am so glad we bought the full cage setup.  That was such a great option and it was a great experience.  We are so happy with the entire process you answered all of our questions before, during, and after!  I think we are going to be back for another baby bunny before you know it! Thank you!

Mikaela and Family

I am so excited you started testimonials, I believe I suggested it !! We are so thankful for the assistance you offered since our first email about adopting our new Holland Lop.  We followed your suggested supply sheet and Caramel seemed right at home.  We knew right from the car ride when she didn’t seem at all bothered to sit with us for more than an hour that we had made the perfect choice. Thank you for your guidance and I am sure we will be back in touch with more questions!

Abby K.

From the 1st look at the adorable bunnies on your website to all the little extras at pickup, I am just so appreciative of the entire process.  I just sit holding Daisy and I wonder why I didn’t get a bunny sooner! I will continue to update you with pictures!  Thank you 100%!

Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey
Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey

Snow White's Family from CT

So I think we may hold the record for driving the farthest to get a bunny from Belle's Bunny Boutique....luckily it was definitely worth it! A funny story was we were there to pick up Snow White and she quickly worked her way into my husband's heart and he was saying how great she was.  My daughter called him out on how he wasn't being quite as pleasant in the car about driving over 3 hours for a bunny and we all got a good laugh.  It hasn't changed, my daughters and I knew we had to have her but it really warms my heart how much she is a part of the family and important to everyone.  We couldn't be happier!

Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey

Bun Mom Nicole 

We have bought two Holland Lops from Belle's Bunny Boutique, and my husband has banned me from the website Obviously I have been on because I saw you are doing testimonials!!! You know we have let you know how crazy pleased we are with our babies, and I can’t believe how much they bonded easily with your tips!  I am officially a crazy bun Mom and I want a third, if I do get one it will only be through Belle’s Bunny Boutique, you guys are the best!!

Belle's Bunny Boutique in New Jersey

The Forte Family

We just wanted to let you know how great Comet is doing in his new home.  The only issue is I am not getting enough done, when he follows me or looks at me in a certain way I am just like ok we can cuddle or play. He is already bonded with the kids and I just can’t believe how much we love him. He has far exceeded our expectations and I really think it is because of all you do with them over that first 8 weeks!  We are so happy we added this little bundle of fluff and joy to our home!  Please feel free to add this to your testimonials.


Summer Bunnies

Is your family looking to add a sweet loving bunny to the family over the summer while you have time to bond with it?  Belle’s Bunny Boutique has multiple litters planned for over the summer to fit your needs.  Stop by our website at or email bunnyboutique4 @ yahoo. com to learn more!

Beach bunnies!!!Beach bunnies!!!
Beach bunnies!!!

Fall Fluffs

Pumpkin spice and everything nice means autumn bunny buddies! Is your family looking to add a sweet loving rabbit to the family?  As the leaves turn and the air gets crisp, Belle’s Bunny Boutique has furry friends to snuggle with.  Stop by our website at or email bunnyboutique4 @ yahoo. com to learn more!

Belles bunny boutique holland lopFluffy Fall Friend


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