Fly Predators

Fly Predators: Who needs all the swatting and biting? Use amazingly effective horsefly and house fly control to wipe em out. Insect predators from Spalding decimate flies.

Use this extremely effective biological fly control that is far superior to poisons and pesticides.

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t work in the barn without having to spit flies out of your mouth?? And who wants to use sticky fly poison, ugly fly strips or stinky fly traps?

We’ve discovered a very effective, all-natural, biological fly control solution to a barn full of flies!!

Spalding Labs - Fly Control

"[These] predators are perhaps nature’s original fly control.  You almost certainly have some of the species that are included in our Fly Predator brand beneficial insects already working for you on your property.  They’re part of the reason you aren’t literally knee deep in flies.  You may have way too many flies, but without these good bugs, it would be far worse.  By simply increasing the ratio of predators to pest flies, you can almost completely suppress the flies.  There’s no downside as the predators do not bother either people or animals" (Spalding Fly Predator Information).

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The predators are active at night, which is why you won’t notice their presence.  All they care about are pest fly cocoons. They take over the cocoons, killing the immature flies and laying their own eggs in them.  Within a few months, the fly population in your barn will be nearly eradicated.

It takes 2-3 months. The current fly population is unaffected by the predators, and it will take a month for them to die off. During the first month, there are still lots of flies laying their eggs. You might want to hang up a few of those nasty fly strips for the first month.

But, at the beginning of month 1,  you will have released a packet of predators into the barn, setting the fly abatement program into motion.  By the end of the first month you will receive and release a second packet of fly predators. 

By the end of the second month, you may already notice a reduction of flies, even as you release a third packet of predators.

By the end of summer, the predators will have done their work. Whereas the barn was buzzing in June, now there’s only a few flies here and there.

Once folks experience the miracle of almost no flies, they continue using them for as long as they have livestock.  The near-elimination of flies means fewer fly-transmitted diseases, less aggravation, sores and allergies, and healthier animals.

"Thank you for telling me about fly predators! I have gotten several shipments and have noticed a  BIG  difference in the fly population!!!!" (Jen, a rabbit breeder)


Instead of poisoning the earth,
work WITH the planet to
eradicate flies

Spalding Labs - Fly Control

"Your Predators truly make an amazing difference!!!!! People that come to my barn remark all the time about the lack of flies.  I use my horses in equine assisted psychotherapy so I have clients and social workers here.  There were years prior to using your Predators that it was difficult to work because of biting and annoying flies!!  Not anymore!!" (Cindy D - Oshkosh, WI)

"We have a working ranch with horses and cattle in close proximity to the house.  Picking stalls and spraying the animals daily is not in the cowboy handbook so we decided to try predators. This is our 3rd year of mail order bugs and it’s been great.  The customer service is second to none and the effectiveness has kept spray to a minimum.  The steers, horses, dogs all thank you. Me, too" (Leslie, Anza, CA)

"The reduction in the number of flies by the manure heap with  Predators has been massive" (LL, Ocala, FL, Olympic Gold Medalist).

"I’ve used Predators for 31 years and they have done a superb job on my place" (Robert M, DVM, Thousand Oaks, CA)

"We have had NO flies at all this summer.  Almost eerie.  We keep waiting for them to show up, but its mid-August and, to date, none.  Wow!  In fact, we haven’t even taken the fly scrims out of the tack trunks this summer" (Patty Z, Trevett, ME)

"What a difference this year from last.  I used Fly Predators at a previous location but didn't order them last year when we moved.  The flies were horrible...  This year they are almost non-existent" (Dawn S, Clarkston, WA).

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