Raising Rabbits Surveys

Raising Rabbits Surveys: Here is an opportunity to respond to two different, completely anonymous, surveys about rabbits, information, and you. We created these surveys in order to provide the information that will be most helpful to you, our esteemed visitors. 

I invite you to respond to either survey! We will never use your information for any other purpose than for the purpose described. Thank you in advance!

Do you Need Info on Rabbit Genetics?

Raising-Rabbits has collected quite a bit of information regarding rabbit genetics, both from experience and from other resources, some of which are currently out of print. 

I think genetics are fascinating! It's great to have some idea of what the outcomes will be with each breeding. It can be very advantageous to know ahead of time what sizes and colors you might find in the litter box. Or even, how to eradicate genetic weaknesses should they crop up in your herd.

You'll find the basics here on Raising-Rabbits. But do you need MORE than the basics?

It might take all of 30 seconds to simply let us know your needs regarding rabbit genetics. Fill in the minimum info, select the boxes that apply, add any additional info you wish, and then hit the Select button. That's all! Thanks in advance....

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
I already have rabbit genetics information which is enough to meet my needs.
Yes, understanding rabbit genetics is important to me, I need more genetics info.
I would love to get rabbit genetics information from Raising-Rabbits.
I would love the information in hard copy
I would love the information as a Kindle e-book
No, genetics is not important to me.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Raising-Rabbits Visitor Survey

Broken black otter rex rabbit

Raising Rabbits Survey: Are you a rabbit breeder or pet rabbit owner? Meat rabbits, pet food, or survival food? Showing or rabbit jumping or simply companionship?

We often wonder about the many visitors to Raising-Rabbits.com, since thousands of you are stopping by every day (glad to have you!). 

Who are you? What are your greatest interests or needs relative to rabbits?

Are you here mainly because you have pet rabbits and wouldn't dream of eating rabbit meat?

On the other hand, are you a part of the growing swell of interest in self-sufficiency, and are raising rabbits for homegrown food?

Raising-Rabbits would love to know so we can deliver exactly the rabbit information and support that YOU need.

Would you take a second or two and let us know? It won't take but a moment to check a box or two, and then hit the 'Hit Me' button.

Tell us about Yourself!

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
I don't have rabbits.
I have one or more pet rabbits.
I don't eat rabbits.
I'm good with eating rabbits.
I'm new to rabbits.
I've been raising rabbits for years.
I raise meat rabbits.
I raise show rabbits.
I feed raw food to my dog or cat.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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