Aurora Rex Rabbits

Aurora Rex Rabbits
come from Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch which is situated on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington State (the top left-hand corner of the state).

We currently have no rabbits available for sale, regrettably.

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Some very nice Rex Rabbits have been raised at Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch over the years:

Junior Castor Rex Rabbit
Junior Castor Rex Rabbit
Junior Black Otter Rex Rabbit
Junior Blue Rex Rabbit

Two creative, XL-sized indoor rabbit cages. Recommended!

The Next Season is Here

Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch is taking a hiatus from actively raising and selling Rex Rabbits. This is due to health issues experienced by Karen's husband (Karen's health is fine).

At some future point, we will look forward to the exciting challenge of rebuilding a herd of show-quality, fur-quality Rex rabbits in our favorite varieties (pictured above). 

Until then, God bless you as you breed and enjoy your rabbits!

Young recently weaned litter of Rex rabbits at Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch

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