Rabbit Breeds

Rabbit Breeds.
Discover the different breeds of rabbits according to breed, size, body type, lop-ears, fur type and meat breeds, plus links to more bunny breed information.

Rabbit Breeds - Happy kid loves his bunny rabbit

Ever wonder where our domestic rabbits come from, or marvel at the huge variety that exists between all our pet and livestock rabbits? 

Many wild rabbit breeds live around the world. But selective breeding of a single rabbit breed, the European wild rabbit (Oryctolagu cuniculi), over probably 5,000 years, has resulted in tremendous variations of body sizes, styles, colors, and fur. 

What breeds appeal to you?  Big?  Little?  Lop-eared or straight-eared?  Short-haired or wooly? Solid-colored or spotted?

Different Types of Rabbits:
Rabbits come in FOUR different types of fur...or wool: Normal, Rex, Satin, Angora (wool)

Body Types of Rabbits
Rabbits can be further classified into FIVE body types of rabbits.

Lop-Eared Rabbits
FIVE breeds of domestic rabbits in the USA are lop-eared.

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Meat Rabbits
We’ve also identified the breeds most frequently raised for meat, and breeds not necessarily as ideal for raising meat rabbits

Angora Rabbits
Learn about, and find links to, 12 breeds of rabbits with angora wool around the world, some bigger than others.

Breeds for Pet Rabbits

Pet rabbits can be any breed or combination that strikes your fancy.  Here are some ideas you might like to consider as you decide on getting a pet rabbit.

Small Rabbit Breeds:
Small rabbit breeds are often chosen for pet rabbits, especially for small or young handlers. Plus, they are likely to need less space and feed.

All Breeds Recognized in the USA

As of 2017, the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) has recognized 49 distinct breeds of rabbits.

You'll find their photos and thumbnails here.

Raising-Rabbits has provided shortened versions of breed information for all these breeds both at the above page and at the individual specific breed page, also linked above. The full version with multiple breed photos and information is available in our rabbit-breeds e-book

Domestic Rabbit Breeds: A Kaleidoscope of Variety, a World of Raising Rabbits e-book from Raising-Rabbits.com

Domestic Rabbit Breeds:
A Kaleidoscope of Variety

Within its 206 pages, this e-book contains many full-sized photos of all the ARBA accepted breeds, categories of various rabbit breeds, characteristics, and fur types,  as well as extensive breed information on all these rabbits.

Additionally, you'll find tips on how best to try to figure out what breeds are contained within your own mixed-breed rabbit. 

Follow the link to our global domestic breeds e-book information page!

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Breeds of Rabbits Around the World

It is believed that upwards of 170 (or more) breeds of domestic rabbits exist across the globe, some of them flourishing, some of them critically endangered. 

We divided our list of the known global domestic rabbit breeds into two; they are linked here: 

List of Breeds of Rabbits from A to K

(All highlighted green breeds have a page. Just click to find out more.Rabbit breed pages will also link you to specific ARBA breed information pages, if available.)

Alaska . 
Altex . 
American . 
American Sable . 
Angora, Chinese
Angora, Dwarf . 
Angora, English . 
Angora, French
Angora, German . 
Angora, Giant . 
Angora, Mini English
Angora, Satin . 
Argente, Bleu . 
Argente, Brun
 Argente, Champagne .
Argente, Clair . 
Argente, Crème
Argente, Noir . 
Argente, Saint Hubert . 
Baladi .
Bauscat .
Belgian Hare . 
Belgian Silver .
Beveren . 
Blanc de Hotot
Blanc de Popielno . 
Blanc de Termode .
Blanc de Vendee

Blue of Ham .
Bourbonnais Grey . 
Brazilian .
Britannia Petite
British Giant .
Brown Chestnut of Lorraine . 
Caldes .
Carmagnole Grey .
Champagne d'Argent .
Checkered Giant .
Chinchilla, American . 
Chinchilla, Giganta
Chinchilla, Giant .
 Chinchilla, Standard .
Continental Giant .
Crème d'Argent .
Criollo .
Cuban Brown
Czech Albin (White) .
Czech Spot . Deilenaar . 
Dwarf Hotot . 
Dwarf Papillon .
Dwarf Swiss Fox . 
Enderby Island
English Spot .

Fauve de Bourgogne .
Fee de Marbourg (Marburger)
Flemish Giant .
Flemish Giant (British) . 
Florida White .
German Giant .
Geant Hongrois (Hungarian Giant)
Giant Blanc du Bouscat .
Giant Papillon .
Giza White .
Gnomish Giant
Goat . 
Golden Glavcot .
Gotland Rabbit .
Grey Pearl of Halle .
Harlequin (Japanese) . 
Havana .
Hermelin . 
Himalayan .
Ibicenco .
Isabella .
Jamora .
Japanese Jumbo White
Jersey Wooly . 
Kabyle .
Kanel  .
Klein Lotharinger

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List of Breeds of Rabbits from L to Z

(All highlighted green breeds have a page. Just click to find out more.Rabbit breed pages will also link you to specific ARBA breed information pages, if available.)

Large Himalayan (Russe) .
Large Silver .
Lilac . 
Little Silver .
Lop, American Fuzzy .
Lop, Cashmere . 
Lop, 'Dwarf of Europe' . 
Lop, Dwarf .
Lop, Dwarf Rex
Lop, English . 
Lop, French .
Lop, German . 
Lop, Holland
Lop, Meissener .
Lop, Mini . 
Lop, Mini Lion .
Lop, Mini Plush
Lop, Miniature Cashmere .
Lop, Velveteen .
Lutino .
Lutterbach Ermine . 
Lux . 
Magpie .
Marten Sable .
Mecklenburger Scheck
Mini Satin . 
Moravian White .
Moravian Blue . 
Netherland Dwarf
New Zealand Rabbits . 

New Zealand Red . 
Nil .
Normand (Picard)
Orange .
Orestad . 
Palomino .
Pani .
Pannon White .
Petit Papillon Tricolor . 
Pointed Beveren . 
Polish .
Polish (UK) .
Rex,Astrex . 
Rex, Dwarf .
Rex, Micro . 
Rex, Mini .
Rex, Mini Satin
Rex, Opossum . 
Rex .
Rex, Standard Satin .
Rhoen . 
Sable .
Sable de Vosges . 
Sachsengold .
San Juan . 

Satin Dwarf .
Schwarzgrannen .
Siamese Sable .
Siberian .
Sichuan White .
Silver . 
Silver Fox 
Silver Fox (UK) . 
Silver Marten .
Smoke Pearl . 
Spanish Giant 
Squirrel . 
St Nicholas Blue .
Stone (Steenkonijn) . 
Stor Egern 
Stora (Large) . Havana .
Sussex .
Swiss Fox .
Tan .
Tho Noi .
Thrianta . 
Thuringer .
Vienna .
Vienna White .
Vit Land 
White Dendermode . 

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