Different Breeds of Rabbits

This is the second page of our long list of different breeds of rabbits. This page also links to history, breed information, and pictures for many of these breeds.

You'll find alphabetized breed descriptions starting with L through Z below.

If the rabbit breed title is a link, you can follow it to our short rabbit breed information page with photo.

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If the breed is recognized by the ARBA, our All Rabbit Breeds page will provide a link to the breed's national club, if available, where you will find even more info, including breeder lists.

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- L

Large Himalayan (Russe)
The Large Himalayan is a non-cylindrical rabbit weighing up to 5.5 kg (12 pounds), with 100% selectively bred Himalayan genetics.

Large Silver
The Large Silver is a moderately silvered, elongated rabbit weighing up to 6 kg (13.25 pounds). It is found in 5 colors. 

Lilacs are lilac in color - that distinctive pinkish dove gray which is a dilute of the chocolate gene. They weigh up to 7.5 pounds.

The Lionhead rabbit is a normal-furred rabbit, with the exception of a 'mane' of long wool around the face and neck. They weigh up to 1.7 kg (3.75 pounds). 

Little Silver
The Little Silver rabbit was selectively bred to a small, cobby body type. In Germany the "Klein Silber" weighs 2.5 kg (5 1/2 pounds). 

All rabbit breeds - american fuzzy lop

Lop, American Fuzzy
The American Fuzzy Lop is a Holland Lop with wool. American Fuzzy Lops weigh up to 4 pounds (1.82 kg).

Lop, Cashmere
The Cashmere Lop resulted from long-wooled sports in Dwarf Lops (UK). Their 2" coats should not be wooly. They weigh up to 2.38 kg (5.25 pounds). 

Lop, Dwarf Rex
The Dwarf Rex Lop is under development in France. It is a Holland Lop with rexed fur, and is intended to be an excellent pet rabbit. 

Lop, English
English Lops are large rabbits known for their very long, lopped, ears. This ancient breed has no maximum weight requirement.

Lop, French
The French Lop is massive and blocky, with lopped ears. They must weigh a minimum of 11 pounds (6 kg) with no upward weight limit. 

Lop, German
The German Lop is a bigger version of a Mini Lop, or Deutsche Klein Widder (in Germany). They weigh up to 3.85 kg (8 1/2 pounds). 

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The Lutino rabbit is a Harlequin sport, an orange rabbit with red eyes. Lutinos are currently rare.

Lutterbach Ermine
Lutterbach Ermine rabbits are a white Netherland Dwarf-type rabbit with distinctively mottled ears due to the himalayan gene.

Lux (Lynx)
The Lux rabbit (Germany) is in type similar to a large Havana rabbit, but with the coloration of a Lynx Palomino. It weighs up to 3.5 kg (7 pounds).

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- M

The Magpie is a variety of the Harlequin that has no yellow pigment, resulting in dark and white coloration in a harlequin pattern. <a href="https://www.raising-rabbits.com/rabbit-breed-descriptions.html#Harlequin">See Harlequin rabbits</a>. In some countries, the Magpie is a separate breed.

Marten Sable (See Sable)

Mecklenburger Scheck
The Mecklenburger Scheck has a broken coat - mostly solid, with a white neck, chest and belly, and to some extent on the legs. It weighs up to 5.5 kg (12.25 pounds). 

Mini Rex (see Rex, Mini)

Mini Satin (see Satin, Mini)

Moravian White
The Moravian White is a white rabbit dusted with a tiny bit of black tipping on the hair shafts. It weighs up to 4 kg (9 pounds).

Moravian Blue
The Moravian Blue is a self-blue commercial meat rabbit weighing up to 5.5 kg (12.25 pounds), used in conjunction with other meat breeds. 

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- N

Netherland Dwarf RabbitNetherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf Rabbits
Netherland Dwarfs are tiny rabbits weighing no more than 2.5 pounds (1.136 kg), are available in a plethora of colors, and are an extremely popular rabbit breed. (Pictured)

New Zealand Rabbit
The New Zealand Rabbit is a quintessential commercial meat rabbit carrying excellent meat- and litter-producing traits. New Zealand rabbits weigh up to 12 pounds (5.454 kg).

New Zealand Red Rabbit
In the US, the New Zealand Red is a variety of New Zealands. In the UK, the NZR is a separate breed, smaller, with a different body type than NZWs.

Nil rabbits are a melting pot for local breeds of rabbits in Malta. It is a heat-acclimated meat rabbit weighing about 3 kg (6.5 pounds).

Normand (Picard)
The Normand rabbit is and ancient breed, possibly derived directly from native wild European rabbits. Their weight averages 3 kg (7 pounds).

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- O

The Orange Rabbit is a Swedish breed, a true 'orange' colored rabbit weighing up to 3.2 kg (7.25 pounds). 

The Orestad is a red-eyed-white (albino) rabbit found only in Scandinavia. The Orestad weighs 2.5 to 3.2 kg (up to 7.25 pounds).

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- P

The Palomino is a mix of local Washington State rabbits.  Palominos are a meat rabbit breed weighing up to 11 pounds (5 kg).  

The Pani is an important livestock animal in Japan, where it is raised for both meat and fur. This Japanese rabbit is medium to large.

Pannon White
The Pannon White rabbit is an excellent Hungarian commercial meat rabbit. They weigh up to 5.25 pounds (2.3 kg) by 10 weeks.

The Perlfee rabbit's distinctive fur imitates that of the Siberian squirrel. It is a pearled light blue-gray agouti. The Perlfee weighs 2.26 - 3.17 kg (5-7 pounds).

Petit Papillon Tricolor
The Swiss Petit Papillon Tricolor looks every bit like a tri-colored English Spot, albeit smaller in size (up to 7.25 pounds - 3.3 kg). 

Pointed Beveren
The Pointed Beveren has white-tipped guard hairs throughout, though less obvious on the points. It weighs a minimum of 3.17 kg (7 pounds). 

Polish rabbits in the UK are identical to Britannia Petite. Polish rabbits in the US are small pet rabbits weighing no more than 3.5 pounds. 

The Prat rabbit is a red-eyed-white Spanish meat rabbit used in three-way crossbreeding for commercial meat production. 

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- R

Rex, Astrex
The Astrex has a very wavy rexed coat, the result of a simple recessive mutation that first occurred in 1931 in England. 

Rex, Dwarf
A Dwarf Rex is a Netherland Dwarf with rexed fur. The best quality animals are reportedly found in Germany.

Rex, Micro
Micro Rex rabbits are the size of Netherland Dwarfs, selectively bred using the smallest Mini Rex rabbits. Maximum weight is 2.25 pounds (1.02 kg) in does.

Rex, Mini
The Mini Rex rabbit is a petite Rex rabbit, a favorite breed wherever it is found. Maximum weight is 4.5 pounds (2.045 kg). 

Rex, Mini Satin
Mini Satin Rex rabbits are a mix of standard Satin with the Mini Rex rabbit. They should weigh no more than 4 1/2 pounds (2.045 kg).

Rex, Opossum
An Opossum Rex rabbit looks just like a long-eared wooly lamb, due to a coat of rexed angora. They weigh up to 8 pounds (3.63 kg).

Rex (Standard)
Rex rabbits have very short, plush, rexed fur, a favorite of furriers. US Rex weigh up to 10.5 pounds (4.77 kg) (UK Rex slightly smaller).

Rex, Standard Satin
Satin Rex is a rare UK breed with satinized rex fur. They weigh up to 3.63 kg (8 pounds). 

Rhinelander RabbitRhinelander

Rhinelander rabbits are a tri-colored rabbit with specific and alternating color patterns. They weigh up to 10 pounds (4.545 kg). (Pictured.)

The Rhoen rabbit breed is a German take on a Magpie Harlequin, selectively bred for a mottled effect.

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- Sa

Sables are distinctively shaded sports of the chinchilla rabbit. They weigh 5-7 lb in England (BRC), and 7-9 lb in the USA.

Sable de Vosges
The Sable de Vosges is a rare French breed with light brown color resembling Palomino Mink. 

Sachsengold (Saxon Gold)
The medium-sized Sachsengold is a bright orange-red rabbit with the size and type of the chinchilla. 

A Sallander rabbit is a tortoiseshell minus the yellow pigment. It is white, with iron-colored smut. They weigh 3-4 kg (6.75 - 8.75 lb).

San Juan
San Juan rabbits are found on San Juan Island (US), the offspring of wild European rabbits. They are wild-agouti colored and weigh 3 - 5.5 lb (1.36 - 2.5 kg).

The Satin breed developed after the satinized fur mutation occurred. Satin rabbits have satin fur and weigh up to 11 lb (5 kg). 

Satin Dwarf
Satin Dwarfs are Netherland Dwarfs with satinized fur, popular in Europe. 

Satin, Mini
Mini Satin rabbits are miniaturized Satins using Netherland Dwarfs and Polish. They weigh up to 4 3/4 pounds (2.15 kg). 

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- Sch

Schwarzgrannen rabbits are snow white with black tips to the hair shafts and dark brown eyes. Accepted weights are 2 - 3.725 kg (4.4-7.75 pounds). 

The Separator is the Czech national rabbit breed, a white rabbit with black tipped guard hairs weighing up to 3.25 kg (7.15 pounds). 

Siamese Sable (See Sable)

The rare Siberian rabbit is an English breed with a uniquely flecked, dense and glossy roll-back coat. It weighs up to 3.175 kg (7 lb).

Sichuan White
The Sichuan White is a very old Chinese farmer's albino meat rabbit breed of unknown heritage. It weighs around 2.68kg (6 pounds).

The Silver Rabbit is an ancient breed, evenly and brightly silvered rabbit in black, brown and fawn, weighing 4-7 pounds (1.818 - 3.18 kg). 

Silver Fox
The Silver Fox (USA) is a large black, distinctively silvered meat rabbit weighing 9-12 pounds.

Silver Marten (Silver Fox - UK)
Silver Marten rabbits have tan-patterned coats with silvery-white in place of the tan. They weight up to 9.5 pounds.

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- Sm

Smoke Pearl
Smoke Pearl rabbits are bred almost exclusively in the UK, in 2 varieties: Siamese sable, and Marten-patterned. Allowable weights are 5 - 7 pounds (2.26 - 3.17kg).

Spanish Giant
The very large Spanish Giant rabbit was for years Spain's premier meat rabbit, until the New Zealand White arrived in Spain. It is now protected.

The Squirrel rabbit is a blue chinchilla rabbit with a cobby type and long-normal, soft, silky fur. It is 5.5 - 6.75 pounds (2.47 - 3.06 kg). 

St Nicholas Blue
St Nicholas Blue rabbits are closely related to Beverens. They are a very light self-blue, weighing up to 6 kg (13.2 lb). The breed is critically endangered.

Stone (Steenkonijn)
The Stone rabbit is so named because they typically weighed one stone, or 3.5kg (7lb 11oz), the accepted live market weight. Today the average weight is more like 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds). 
The Steenkonijn is reported to be based directly on wild European rabbits, possibly the breed to which all other domestic rabbits can be traced.

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Stor Egern
The Stor Egern, or "Large Lilac," is a Scandinavian rabbit breed with coloration slightly darker and richer than is common. The Stor Egern weighs around 4.6 kg (10.25 pounds).

Stora (Large) Havana
The Stora Havana is a "Large Chocolate" rabbit. Very rare, the Stora Havana weight is around 4.6kg (10.25 pounds).

Sussex rabbits are tortoiseshell selfs in two varieties, chocolate and lilac. The accepted weights are 7.5 - 8.5 lb (3.38 - 3.84 kg).

Swiss Fox
The Swiss Fox is a rounded, well-muscled rabbit weighing between 5.5 to 8.5 pounds (2.5 - 4 kg). The Swiss Fox boasts a 2 1/2 inch long smooth coat. 

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- T

Tadla rabbits are Moroccan rabbits acclimated to the local heat. Despite being small to medium sized, they are raised for their meat.

Tan RabbitsTan Rabbit

The tan rabbit is small and arched, with a tan-patterned coat paired with a fiery orange belly and markings. Tans weigh 4-6 pounds (1.818 - 2.727 kg). (Pictured)

Tho Noi
The Tho Noi rabbit from Viet Nam is a gray and black rabbit native to the region and raised by villagers for their meat. They weigh 2 - 3.5 kg (4.4 - 7.7 lb), with bucks significantly larger than the does.

Thrianta rabbits are fiery red in color from top to bottom. They are medium to small in weight at 4-6 pounds, with compact bodies and dark brown eyes.

Thuringers are cinnamon-colored rabbits, albeit with less orange and more smut than the Cinnamon. It weighs roughly 9 pounds (4 kg) and is utilized throughout Europe and Scandinavia.

The Tronder rabbit is a lightly silvered black rabbit developed in Norway due to demand for rabbit meat. It weighs more than 9 pounds (4 kg). 

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- V

Vienna (Blue)
The Vienna Blue rabbit is a large self deep-blue meat rabbit breed originating from crosses including the "Giant Blue of Vienna." The current Vienna Blue rabbit weighs up to 6 kg (13.25 lb). 

Vienna White
Vienna Whites originate from Austria, are dissimilar to Vienna Blues, and have a soft dense coat. They weigh 7.75 - 11.5 pounds (3.2 - 4.24 kg). 

Vit Land (Hvid Land)
The Vit Land rabbit is a red-eyed-white rabbit weighing up to 4.6 kg (10.25 pounds) originating in Denmark.

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- W

White Dendermode (Blanc de Termode)
The White Dendermode is a Belgian albino white meat rabbit. They weigh up to 5.5 kg (12 1/4 pounds).

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Different Breeds of Rabbits -- Z

Zemmouri rabbits are the result of the interbreeding of various imported European breeds in Morocco, including outcrosses to native rabbits. The Zemmouri is now a medium-sized, roughly Dutch-marked rabbit that is fairly acclimated to the Moroccan heat. 

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