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Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, published by Storey Publishing, in stores May 2014

We've been privileged over the years to answer many, MANY questions, not a few of them personally via email. We've placed all these questions and their answers into this informative and authoritative book:

Rabbit Raising 
Problem Solver

I'd be surprised if the answer to YOUR question is not there as well, answers on everything from pet rabbit questions to those regarding agricultural rabbits, from wellness to disease, from breeding to housing and everything in between.

Purchase Rabbit Raising Problem Solver online at Amazon.comin bookstores, or right here on (see the right column on this page).

We also offer other resources that might be all you need:

  • Our e-book, Rabbit Reproduction, contains over 100 pages of guidance on all aspects of rabbit reproduction, from mating to weaning. This is much more info than we have been able to place on the website. 

  • The World of Raising Rabbits page is where you'll find links to every one of our growing collection of rabbit raising e-books written and copyrighted by Karen and 

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2.5 week-old rex rabbit kits

*Remember: We're not vets. If your rabbit is sick, please obtain the opinion of your rabbit-savvy veterinarian.

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