Goshen Bunnies

♡ Holland Lops ♡ Mini Plush Lops ♡

Holland Lop at Goshen Bunnies in Kentucky.

Welcome to Goshen Bunnies!

My name is Sarah. 

I breed Holland Lop and Mini Plush Lop bunnies.

I'm sure you will fall in love with these floppy eared babies as quickly as I did!

Our rabbitry is a family affair - my kids help me with everything bunny. Our rabbits are a part of our family.

We breed our bunnies for a cuddly, loving temperament, so they will easily become part of your family as well.

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Holland Lops are a dwarf breed, reaching only 4 pounds when fully grown. They are the smallest of all the lop bunnies, (yes, even smaller than mini lops.)

They are easygoing and energetic, loving attention and affection.

Mini Plush Lops are another small breed lop rabbit. They are very similar to Holland Lops, but have velvety soft fur that feels incredible. They are docile and sweet.

Mini plush lops only molt twice a year and shed very little the rest of the year. They also produce very little dander which is ideal for those who suffer with allergies.

Goshen Bunnies Plush Lop
Mini Plush Lop at Goshen Bunnies in Kentucky.
Holland Lop at Goshen Bunnies in Kentucky.

"My Goal: Sell Goshen Bunnies to families that love them as much as we do."

Holland lops are small, smaller than mini lops, only weighing at most 4 pounds, and they love to cuddle.

We occasionally have show quality rabbits along with blue eyed Vienna-marked bunnies.

We think our Holland Lops are the cutest ever! We have both Vienna- and non-Vienna marked of many colors. We also breed our Mini Plush Lops in many colors.

My goal is to sell our bunnies to families that love them as much as we do.

Goshen Bunnies temperaments are perfect for children.

Goshen Bunnies Holland Lop

I do everything I can to have them used to being picked up and handled as much as possible before they leave my rabbitry.

My rabbits are bred indoors in my home, on solid bottom cages, and are litter box trained. 

They are handled by children and used to dogs and household noises such as vacuums.

Goshen Bunnies Holland Lop

I have a small rabbitry so we can give the rabbits extra love. We love our bunnies and treat them well.

We start handling our buns every day as soon as they are born, so they can grow into happy snugglers.


Goshen Bunnies Contact Information

Goshen Bunnies 
Location: Goshen, Kentucky, USA
Website: https://www.goshenbunnies.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goshenhollands/
Email: Goshenhollands @ gmail. com
Phone: (502) 548 - 5901

Goshen, Kentucky


Pricing and Sales Policy

  • Bunnies will be posted as available at 4 weeks old.
  • A 50 dollar non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a baby. It can be made either in cash or through Paypal. The deposit goes toward the price of the rabbit. The remainder is due at the time of pick up.
  • I will send updated photos once a week until they go home, so you can see your new baby grow! If you would like pictures or videos more often than that, just let me know!
  • Baby bunnies can leave the rabbitry when they are 8 weeks old.
  • We check for gender at 4 weeks. However, gender is not a 100% guarantee as even the most experienced breeders make mistakes.
Goshen Bunnies Holland Lop
Goshen Bunnies Plush Lop

Pick up is at my rabbitry unless other arrangements are made. I will work with transportation, or drive up to an hour away for an extra fee.

Our bunnies have gone to homes in Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia and South Carolina.

I will work with whatever transport company you would like, you just need to make sure it has a route that is near both of us. I will work with you to find a transportation company if you do not have a specific company in mind.

Our goal is to get your bunny to you as safely as possible!

Goshen Bunnies Come With...

Goshen Bunnies Holland Lop

My rabbits come with:

  • Transitional food
  • Health and care information
  • A fleece blanket with which they are already used to snuggling
  • Lifetime breeder support

Litter Box Training at Goshen Bunnies

All bunnies will have started litter box training before going to their new home. (I'm a big fan of litter boxes.)

We have tips on our website to help you continue the litter training, and are happy to answer questions as part of our aftercare. 


Tiny Goshen Bunnies...

About the photos on this page: Some of the bunnies in the photos are very young - too young to go to new homes.

But they sure are darling!! Please don't stress over this - we will not send bunnies away to new families until they are old enough, at least 8 weeks old.

Our lop bunnies have quickly become some of my kids' best friends. My children handle the bunnies every day starting at birth so they are well socialized before leaving our rabbitry.

Holland Lop at Goshen Bunnies in Kentucky.
Ten-day-old bunny in a tea cup at Goshen Bunnies in Kentucky.
Holland Lop at Goshen Bunnies in Kentucky.

Check out our website to learn more: https://www.goshenbunnies.com/about.html


Playtime in the Rabbitry!

Goshen Bunnies Holland Lop

Make Christmas memories...

Goshen Bunnies Holland Lop

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