Breadbox Rabbitry:
Netherland Dwarf Rabbits in North Carolina

Breadbox Rabbitry, a boutique rabbitry located in Chapel Hill, NC, specializes in Netherland Dwarf rabbits, one of the smallest breeds of domesticated rabbit. We are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and raise show quality rabbits.

Our focus is both on the genetic health and continued excellence of the Netherland Dwarf breed from an aesthetic perspective. We also very carefully breed for temperament and our highest ideal is a rabbit that makes a wonderful pet and companion. 

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We have two does that we are currently breeding, and our main buck has won several best in show awards.

We aim to breed between 2-4 times a year which we find to be a comfortable pace for both the female rabbits and us.

Because most of the kits will be adopted out as pets or become show rabbits, we spend a lot of extra time with them. They will be accustomed to kids and cuddles, dogs, loud noises, cages being moved around with them inside, and being handled for continuous health checks, claw trimming, etc. 

Our rabbits live both inside and out. They tend to spend a great deal of time outside in our rabbit garden as they are able to move freely between the garden and our “shade room” which is a windowed sun-room on the back, shady side of our home. They run to us as soon as we come into the garden, which is lovely. They are fed a diet of Blue Seal Pro Hutch pellets and tons of fresh leafy greens. Favorite foods include the tops of carrots, comfrey, and perennial kale which is very easy to grow.

We started raising rabbits when our garden grew to a point where we were not making enough compost for it anymore. We thought about chickens, but they can be quite loud, and we have close neighbors. Rabbits are quiet and gentle. They love to spend time in the garden with us.

And best of all, they poop! And it is a great fertilizer because you do not even have to compost it before you can put it right on the garden beds. The rabbits bring us joy and are helping us create gardens that feed our family and community. Once we adopted the first two, we fell in love and it became a larger hobby. 

Rabbits from Breadbox Rabbitry

We offer show quality Netherland Dwarfs as well as rabbits that make wonderful pets.

  • Our young rabbits are sired by our award-winning black buck
  • Rabbits will grow up to weigh between 1.5 - 3 pounds
  • Varieties are: black, black otter, and chestnut, which are all pictured on this page
  • Most of our young rabbits are normal-furred; a few of them will have "long jersey wooly hair." These are recognizable well before they can go to new homes.

Breadbox Rabbitry Contact Info

Please visit us at!

Our available rabbits are listed here:

You can also direct any questions via email to breadboxfarm @ gmail . com. We share baby bunny adventures @breadboxfarm on Instagram. We are always happy to educate others about Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

We're monitoring the progress of the lethal rabbit virus, RHDV2, which is still mostly in the southwest United States but is fast becoming endemic. Should it threaten rabbits in North Carolina we will have to quarantine our rabbits and rabbitry.

But for now, our rabbitry remains open, and we enjoy having visitors to our rabbit garden.

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