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Rabbit Diseases:
Major symptoms of the more common diseases affecting rabbits, such as snuffles and enteritis.

Get to know some of the major symptoms of the major rabbit illnesses, and what you can do for these health challenges, including some effective home remedies.

Rabbit Health: Three rabbit husbandry practices that will help to optimize rabbit health and minimize the onset of disease.

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To get to the true cause of your rabbit's illness, Always check with a vet right away

Since we're not vets, see the disclaimers at the bottom of this page. 

The Merck Veterinary Manual has a good amount of rabbit health care information.

Keep Your Rabbits Healthy: How to Improve Health & Conquer Common Rabbit Diseases E-Book

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How to Improve Health and Conquer Common Rabbit Diseases
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Rabbit Diseases

This page contains a fairly long list of nearly all the rabbit diseases that could possibly befall your rabbit or your rabbitry, plus links to pages of additional information about conditions impacting your rabbit's health. 

You might not ever need to worry about the vast majority of these rabbit diseases, however pasteurellosis and some forms of diarrhea are fairly common banes amongst rabbits. I've listed them first.


  1. Does your rabbit tend to sneeze repeatedly, in long jags of sneezing or snuffling?
  2. Do you frequently see clear mucus or thick white or yellow snot in your rabbit's nose?

With regrets, these two symptoms together tend to be diagnostic for Pasteurellosis, and occasionally for Bordetellosis (see below). Pasteurellosis is frequently incurable, and a very contagious respiratory disease. Snuffles is the common term, which describes the sounds made by rabbits that have mucus-filled nasal airways. The term Pasteurellosis is a reference to the causative bacteria: Pasteurella multocida.

Pasteurellosis can quickly degenerate into pneumonia and death. It is also the guilty agent in a variety of other serious infections in other parts of a rabbit's body other than its respiratory system.

Do not use a rabbit with Snuffles as a breeding animal.

Learn more about Snuffles here

There is a glimmer of hope for curing Pasteurellosis if...

  • the infection has not yet become established in areas of low blood flow such as the sinuses
  • the pasteurella bacteria species is not highly pathogenic. 

Is your rabbit sneezing due to Pasteurella bacteria or other simpler causes? Click here.

If antibiotic treatment is to be successful, it should be instituted promptly upon development of symptoms. Unfortunately, many rabbits that come down with Pasteurellosis cannot shake the infection, despite treatment.

How rabbit breeders can gain control of pasteurellosis (snuffles) in their herds - Utilize this breeding and culling program which can eradicate the disease in your rabbitry within one to three years, and fix health into your rabbits' genetic code.

BunnyVac for Pet Rabbit Owners: 

The BunnyVac is a Pasteurella multocida vaccine for rabbits in the USA. It is licensed by the USDA for use in healthy rabbits to prevent snuffles. But the off-label use in sick rabbits has been reported to reduce or eliminate symptoms of respiratory illness in some sick rabbits. It is not a panacea, however.

See Rabbit Vaccine Immunity for more on how the BunnyVac works.

Seven reasons why a show rabbit breeder should think twice about vaccinating against P. multocida


Bordetella bronchiseptica infections in rabbits can look and act a bit like Snuffles, but how to tell the difference? Learn to recognize the symptoms and how, or if, to treat.

These rabbit diseases can cause severe watery or mucoid diarrhea of varying severity.  Some can be fatal within 12-48 hours:

  • Enterotoxemia: A sudden and acute diarrhea often in 4-8 week old rabbits resulting in death within 12-24 hours
  • Tyzzer’s Disease: Looks just like enterotoxemia, including rapid death, however it is caused by a different bacteria.
  • Coccidiosis: Can cause severe diarrhea, but the liver form of the disease is much more concerning (also causes diarrhea)
  • Mucoid Enteritis: Causes are uncertain, but it is frequently accompanied by a bowel blockage.
  • Epizootic Rabbit Enteropathy: Highly contagious rabbit diarrhea affecting many in the herd at the same time.
  • Bunny Enterotoxemia: If you're alert it'll stay mild; if not...



Dysbiosis - a disruption of the normal healthy bacteria in the rabbit gut - can occur suddenly and without apparent cause. The result could be a mild bunny diarrhea, a potentially fatal enterotoxemia, or something in between.  Having a tube or two of Benebac on hand could save a bunny-life or even the life of a stricken adult rabbit. Benebac re-supplies healthy gut bacteria which helps to normalize the action of the intestines. 

Add Benebac to your arsenal of remedies for rabbit diarrhea.

Benebac Plus Helps Prevent or Treat Bunny Diarrhea

Benebac Plus in Gel Form
Benebac Plus in Powder Form
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Infectious Rabbit Diseases

Suspect an abscess if your rabbit has a soft round lump under the jaw line or nearly anywhere on the body. A pus-filled abscess is due most frequently to either pasteurella or staphylococcus infections just under the skin. Click here for info on abscess treatment in rabbits

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease 
Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD) is a devastating viral disease that can wipe out your entire herd in a matter of days. This is one rabbit disease every United States or Canadian rabbit breeder should know about and protect against.

RVHD and RVHD2 are killing rabbits in the UK and Europe. Since these two strains of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Fever are endemic there, they handle outbreaks differently, and they have developed vaccines for both strains of viral rabbit diseases. 

RVHD in BC: Info on the ongoing 2018 outbreak of RVHD2 in British Columbia.

This is a very nasty viral rabbit disease carried without symptoms by wild rabbits.  The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, and is fatal.  Myxomatosis is common in Europe.  In the United States it is present in California and Oregon.

Myxy comes in two forms.  In the rapidly killing form, all you see is a dead rabbit.  But here are some clues you might see if you're watching:

  • Slight redness of the eyelids
  • Rabbit is limp or lethargic
  • Rabbit has no appetite, and eats very little
  • Rabbit's temperature is elevated to as much as 106 degrees Fahrenheit (normal being 101 - 102 F)

The next thing you know, the rabbit is dead.

There's a chronic form of myxy, where the face, lips and eyelids get huge lumpy swellings, and sometimes the ears as well.  If, at the same time, the rabbit's vent (female) or scrotum (male) swells, you'll know it's myxomatosis. 

See photos of stricken rabbits here, along with technical (veterinary) info on Myxy.

The worst time for the spread of myxomatosis is mosquito season - late summer and early autumn.

There is no cure for this disease and no vaccine in the United States.  Europe has a vaccine.  Consult your local rabbit clubs for vaccination schedules.

What to do (USA): 
Immediately destroy sick rabbits, and burn or bury their carcasses.  The recommendation of Drs. Lukefahr, Cheeke and Patton in Rabbit Production is: Whenever a rabbit goes off its feed or appears abnormal, and if the rectal temperature is elevated above 103.5 degrees F, kill the rabbit and bury the carcass.  In their opinion, the disease is so deadly, it is better to mistakenly kill a rabbit that is not infected with myxy, than to let one live that does.

In areas where myxy is endemic, it is a good idea to control the presence of flying insects in your rabbit barn.  This is a nasty viral disease that ranks right up there with the worst rabbit diseases.

Rabbit Production, 10th Edition

Rabbit Production 10th Edition by Steven D Lukefahr et al (pd ad)

This Important Scientific Resource is Available in Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle. Prior Editions are Equally Useful if Newer Editions are Scarce.

Rabbit Syphilis 
Rabbit syphilis is another name for 'vent disease.' This highly infectious disease results in crusty, inflamed and tender sores around the genitals.  The sores can spread to the face and nose with grooming and coprophagy. 

An infected animal will resist breeding due to the discomfort.  But since it is contagious, one infected animal that is infectious but not yet showing symptoms can spread the disease to many other animals.

Check your breeding animals frequently, and be very careful with studding your bucks.  Some recommend dedicating a buck to stud service and not using that buck in your own herd.

Rabbit syphilis is easily cured with penicillin.

Get the whole scoop on Rabbit Syphilis here

The following serious infections can threaten or take the life of lactating does:

Infection of one or more mammary (milk) glands, also called 'caked udder.'  If the nursing doe stops eating, check her milk glands.  Additionally, she will run a fever of, say, 104 degrees F or more.

The doe needs immediate antibiotics to prevent a full-blown abscess and hardening of the milk gland.

Young Doe Syndrome:
The doe suddenly dies, 4-10 days after kindling a perfectly fine litter. The doe may go off her feed.  You might also notice a touch of rabbit diarrhea.  The cause of Young Doe Syndrome is enterotoxemia, but a staph infection of a milk gland can also cause sudden death in the lactating doe.

Maintaining clean cages can help prevent mammary gland infection ("caked udder," "blue udder,") and giving hay on a daily basis can help prevent enterotoxemia.

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Rabbit illnesses caused by
Parasite Infestations

The Rabbit Illnesses page addresses these rabbit diseases or conditions resulting from various parasites:

Rabbits Need  to Chew - Get Them Apple Infused Chew Stix.

Rabbit Health Care Concerns

Our Rabbit Health Care page gives tips and information on dealing with other non-infectious challenges to your rabbit's health:

View of all six incisors in a rabbit's mouth perfectly aligned.

Rabbit Teeth Malocclusion

Learn what you can do, if anything, about malocclusion, which is when the rabbit's teeth don't wear down correctly due to an incorrect alignment of the teeth, resulting in the teeth growing excessively long. Other terms for malocclusion are buck teeth and wolf teeth.

Pictured: All 6 of the rabbit's front teeth are perfectly aligned

All the above is a TON of information! It's all yours (and then some) in our health and diseases e-book: Keep Your Rabbits Healthy...

Keep Your Rabbits Healthy: How to Improve Health & Conquer Common Rabbit Diseases E-Book

Keep Your Rabbits Healthy!

How to Improve Health and Conquer Common Rabbit Diseases
Get More Info on Keeping Your Rabbits Healthy
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Black and black otter Rex rabbits.


While we have hands-on experience with the most common of rabbit diseases, Raising-Rabbits.com has no actual veterinary expertise.  We do know that a normal temperature for a rabbit is 101 - 102 degrees Fahrenheit. 

First Disclaimer: 
Our desire is to communicate what we’ve learned through hard-earned experience over the last 30 years.  Some of it will be very helpful to you. But if your rabbit is sick and you’re looking for guidance, we can at best only show you the big picture of what some rabbit diseases typically look like.  There’s not a chance we can help you make a definitive diagnosis.  Always consult a professional veterinarian, especially one that specializes in rabbits and small mammals. 

About rabbit vets:
They’re not as easy to find as you might think!  So you’d be well served to locate a vet experienced in rabbit diseases before you have any need of him. Because when you need one, you may very well need him right away.

Second Disclaimer: 
In the United States, a pet rabbit can cost as little as $10, and as much as $30.  The majority of show-quality purebred rabbits will set you back at most up to $100.  We think that for the price of a veterinary visit (and toss in any drugs you might be advised to purchase), you can, and maybe you should in some circumstances, simply replace your rabbit. 

This is absolutely no consolation to the owner of a well-beloved pet bunny.

Begging your pardon, we know that in the case of a few, very serious and contagious rabbit diseases, the sick rabbit should not be allowed to live.  For the rest, however, we sincerely hope you will be able to work with your vet to find a way to make your pet rabbit better.

See also Rabbit Health

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