Cold a possible cause?

by Rach

Could cold or possibly fear kill a rabbit? We have a new black cat hanging around our neighborhood and family suspects it to be possible however we have a pet cat as well and they hardly ever seem affected by her and we have had her for a few years now. In fact the rabbits pick on the cat! And as for the cold weather we have an indoor part to the hutches with a nestbox in it family suspects perhaps bunny was kicked out of nestbox by mother or sister and went outside to sleep and died from cold weather but her body shows no signs of markings done from another animal.

Should I bring the last baby inside? And how do you keep the smell to a minimum if you do?

***** Karen Sez *****
Both cold and fear can kill rabbits. But, we're doubtful of the scenarios you mention.

We've never had any bunnies "kicked out of the nestbox." We have seen very young bunnies that were still latched onto the milk spigot and got dragged out of the nest, and then got chilled or froze to death.

At around 12-14 days of age the hungriest kit might follow the doe out of the cage and then not know how to get back in. Kits of this age are usually furry enough to stay warm and survive, but a few in our barn over the years have chilled to death, especially on the coldest winter nights.

What age was your bunny when it died? Do your rabbits live in an enclosure accessible to the black cat or in secure hutches?

About the last baby, how old is it? If older than 10 days or so, we'd leave that last baby where it is. It'll probably fare okay. If younger, then the concern is once again chilling, since it has no one to snuggle with. I might bring it inside, nest and all, and then return it to the doe twice a day for feeding. When the kit is fully furred, then it can safely stay outside with the doe.

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