Rabbit Care

This page is our rabbit care information hub linking you with our extensive info on rabbit husbandry (everything one does to take care of rabbits).

The quick links on this page will conveniently take you straight to the topics and rabbit-related information you are specifically searching for. 

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First: Rabbit Terms
Learn all the terminology that rabbit owners and breeders use when they talk about their rabbits. 

Rookie Mistakes!
If you're fairly new to rabbits, here's an opportunity to learn from the rookie mistakes of others, so you can avoid making the same ones yourself....

Feeding Rabbits

Fresh green pelleted rabbit feed

What do rabbits eat? Pellets? Veggies? Hay? All of the above? A rabbit's digestive health rests directly on how it gets fed. If not fed wisely, a rabbit may get loose stools, or even sicken and die.

The way you feed your rabbits may change according to the age of your rabbit or the rabbits' intended purposes. For example, a commercial rabbit herd excels on a high quality complete rabbit pellet fed as a sole ration.

Our Feeding Rabbits page explains all the options, linking you to the appropriate information, including:

Rabbits love  Bunny Branola, say their owners.
Read the Testimonials!

Livestock Rabbit Care

How well you care for your rabbits is the foundation for the success of your rabbit hobby or enterprise.

The nitty-gritty on rabbit husbandry for raising of livestock rabbits is at Rabbit Farming, which guides you through getting started in raising rabbits, delivering excellent rabbit care in your rabbitry, and ideas for marketing your various rabbit products.

Much of the information at Rabbit Farming is also applicable to all types of rabbit care. A few pages about livestock rabbit care you are likely to need, season by season, are:

Livestock Rabbit Housing

Our main Rabbit Cage page will link you to all our rabbit cage and rabbit hutch information, including some free cage and hutch-building plans.

Or, purchase complete sets of plans for cages, hutches, large wheeled rabbit runs and more at World of Raising Rabbits.

DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing Thumbnail Pic

DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing

The DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing e-book offers a large choice of plans for cages, hutch frames, rabbit tractors, runs, and pens,  all specifically designed for homesteaders or those who are raising more than just a few rabbits for show or livestock.

Who says you can't build rabbit cages? With the right tools and materials, cage building is not complicated at all. Build it yourself and save a ton of money! I dare say you'll save double or triple the cost of this e-book ($12.99) with the very first cage built.

These are QUALITY cages you'll be building: much much nicer and safer for your rabbits than cages cobbled together with cheap hardware cloth stapled to wooden boards. 

Print the supply list for the hardware store, and then print the project plans for the workbench when you are putting your cage together. Got questions? There are so many photos accompanying every plan, including all the tools and supplies you need to build everything!

FYI: Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages combines all of the information in our other 2 books: Pet Rabbit Living Spaces and DIY Livestock Rabbit Housing.

Click the pic or this link for more information, or...

Visit our store to purchase Ideal DIY Rabbit Cages!

Caring for Breeding Rabbits

Breeding Rabbits is our hub page for everything to do with breeding, from mating to weaning, and everything in-between. Included are lots of pictures and how-to instructions:

Raising-Rabbits Books provide nearly everything you need to know about rabbits.

Be Prepared!

If you raise rabbits or plan on a litter now and then, it might be wise to keep on hand a pet nurser 'just in case,' and a tube or two of Benebac.

The friendly bacteria in Benebac has saved the lives of many hand-fed bunnies, both domestic and wild. Benebac helps prevent lethal diarrhea and smooths the transition from nursing to solid food. 

Benebac can also be fed to 3-6 week-old bunnies if their stools loosen up. (Feed grass hay as well.) It also supports the digestion of older rabbits.

Rabbit Reproduction

Rabbit Reproduction E-Book from Raising-Rabbits.com

The Raising-Rabbits e-book titled Rabbit Reproduction covers literally everything we know about breeding rabbits and raising the youngsters. We put every bit of what we know into the 108-page Rabbit Reproduction e-book and illustrated it liberally with photos and more.

It'll guide you clearly through the whole process, so you will feel comfortable with the rabbit care you give your breeding rabbits. Click on the photo or title link to learn more. 

See below!

Rabbit Reproduction E-Book

Rabbit Reproduction, 2nd Edition

As easily as rabbits seem to multiply, a surprising number of glitches can arise and cause uncertainty and anxiety in the rabbit owner. That is why Rabbit Reproduction was one of the first e-books Karen wrote for Raising-Rabbits website visitors.

This e-book is entirely focused on reproducing rabbits, walking you through the process of mating, and then covering the entire season of a young bunny's life from conception to teenage-hood, so you can avoid many reasons for bunny losses.

But it is not just a ‘how-to’ manual. It fully answers a plethora of what-if questions that eventually arise: what if the doe doesn’t cooperate, are all first-time does stupid, should I test-breed, when can I check the kits, are the babies getting enough milk, I don’t have a nest box, how can I tell the boys from the girls, and so much more!

This e-book is ALSO for pet rabbit owners! Many pet owners enjoy producing a litter every once in a while. Plus, the number of accidental litters among pet rabbits is the stuff of legend and the butt of jokes.

If you've been shocked by the discovery of a fur nest filled with kits 
("They said the rabbits were both GIRLS!"), you aren't the first; this e-book is for you!

In ALL cases, this e-book is an indispensable resource, from mating to weaning; this second edition stands alone on its strength as a comprehensive resource on all aspects of the topic of reproducing rabbits.

Click here for much more information about the Rabbit Reproduction e-book!

Follow this link to purchase Rabbit Reproduction E-Book!

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free. See our Double-Value Guarantee below.

Rabbit Care for Sick Rabbits

Rabbit Health provides rabbit care that focuses on management practices that keep rabbits healthy. Learn how to maintain an environment that promotes health, rather than simply medicate disease. You’ll also learn how to handle several non-infectious health challenges, such as heat, sore hocks, or malocclusion (rabbit teeth too long).

Rabbit Diseases and Health Challenges - There are a few rabbit diseases that can ruin a rabbit's day in a hurry. Our Rabbit Diseases page is your hub for info on rabbit health challenges related to diseases, injuries or parasites, and link you to these pages:

There is so much excellent rabbit health and disease info on the website! We compiled it all into our Keep your Rabbits Healthy e-book. Purchase it here or click the title link to learn more. 

Karen's book, Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, published by Storey Publishing, is also a heavy hitter when it comes to rabbit diseases (along with many other rabbit-raising questions and answers). Receive an autographed copy when you purchase with Raising-Rabbits!

Click here to learn more, or click the pic to purchase!

Keep Your Rabbits Healthy

Two very important questions that rabbit owners ask are:

  • What do these symptoms mean??
  • How do I keep my rabbit healthy and happy?

Overall health comes from a strong immune system. A strong immune system is essential for the rabbit to ward off threats to its health (such as snuffles), and to stay healthy (such as keeping rabbit feet healthy, well furred, and free of sores).

We've done our best to provide you with strong website resources to help you keep your rabbits healthy! Our e-book, Keep Your Rabbits Healthy, is a compilation of ALL the health- and disease-related pages, information, and photos on the Raising-Rabbits website. 

The only resource more extensive that I know of is the book, Rabbit Raising Problem Solver. Check them out!

As always, your purchase is 100% risk free. See our Double Value Guarantee below.

Rabbit Genetics

Understanding the basics of rabbit genetics is key to improving your rabbits, whether they are livestock, show animals, or even pets. Eventually you may wonder how you can raise a certain color of rabbit, eliminate a certain trait in your herd, or improve the overall health of your animals.

The genetic code holds the key!

Rabbit Genetics - the basics

Pamper your rabbit's fluffy feet with chew-safe Resting Mats

Rabbit Breeds

Thanks to rabbit genetics and selective breeding, domestic rabbits around the world can now serve humanity in many specific ways, from wool, to fur, to food. And most recently, as pets.

Rabbit Breeds links to information describing and categorizing many breeds of rabbits, including all of those breeds found in the USA. Some of those breeds have pages dedicated to the breed.

Yes, we have quite a bit of fascinating information on various breeds of rabbits on Raising-Rabbits. But we wanted to do better, and provide lots more photos and descriptions so you could:

  • Get a good feel for sizes, colors, and looks of each rabbit breed in the USA, some in the UK, and others around the globe.

  • Figure out what kind of rabbit your own pet is. 

So we wrote the 206-page Domestic Rabbit Breeds: a Kaleidoscope of Variety, containing lots more rabbit breed information than we could include here on the Raising-Rabbits website.  Purchase here, or click on the e-book title to learn more.

Interested in Other Rabbit Breeds?

Domestic Rabbit Breeds E-Book Cover

-- Are you trying to decide which breed is best for you?

-- Do you see a bunny available, but haven't heard of that kind before?

-- Are you curious about the different types of rabbits?

We have an e-book for that! It's titled Domestic Rabbit Breeds. Find it, and descriptions of our other e-books, at World of Raising Rabbits.
Purchase Domestic Rabbit Breeds here!

Care for Pet Rabbits

Plenty of the information on this Rabbit Care page will be useful to pet rabbit owners. But additionally, we have a whole section of our website dedicated completely to pet rabbits and pet rabbit care. 

Click the linked heading above or the pet rabbit photo at left to connect with the Pet Rabbit Module

Karen Thinks Hostile Hare Rabbit Cages Are Amazing.
What Do You Think?

Want to build your own rabbit cage specifically for a house rabbit or outdoor pet rabbit? 

It's absolutely doable, especially with the Raising-Rabbits collection of plans for pet rabbit cages, exercise runs and pens! 

Pet Rabbit Living Spaces contains easy plans for building your own rabbit cages, exercise runs and pens and more - designed for one or a few pet rabbits...

Pet Rabbit Living Spaces e-book cover

Pet Rabbit Living Spaces

Pet Rabbit Living Spaces is our collection of exclusive and luxurious DIY plans for building your own rabbit cages, hutches, runs, and pens. Included are never-before published plans and designs that will please you and your pet rabbits.

Like the idea of a PVC rabbit frame but don't feel like stooping? One of our indoor rabbit cage plans features legs on this PVC frame so you and your kids can enjoy your rabbit nearly face-to-face.

Pet Rabbit Living SpacesA hands-on, do-it-yourself manual of plans and instructions for creating a variety of rabbit homes and exercise spaces for your pet rabbits, both indoors and outside.

Pet Rabbit Living Spaces is available as an instant-download e-book. It's a big PDF file...it  is full of pictures and illustrations so we could over-deliver on value.

Click the photo or go to Build Your Own Rabbit Cage to learn more!

Pamper your rabbit's fluffy feet with chew-safe Resting Mats

Rabbits Need  to Chew - Get Them Chewable Rabbit Toys

Many Uses for Rabbits

Rabbits have been a primary prey animal for predators, both human and animal, the globe around since the distant dusty sands of time.

Human health and digestive processes have changed little since then; we continue to require animal-based nutrition today, as evidenced (among other things) by the lack of Vitamin B12 that ensues without a steady consumption of at least a little bit of animal nutrients on a regular basis. 

Today, humans don't just hunt rabbits, we also:

  • Raise rabbits for meat, for ourselves and for our predator pets (dogs and cats)
  • Use their fur for warmth and survival, once the animal has been consumed (sparing the acquisition of wild pelts)
  • Carefully breed to improve and preserve over 150 rabbit breeds
  • Show rabbits, which is how we measure the improvements in our breeding programs
  • Spin the ultra-light and warm angora wool from 5 wool-bearing angora rabbit breeds
  • Lastly, since the last 150 years of human history, we've been keeping rabbits as pets for our comfort and enjoyment.

In every case, the conscientious rabbit breeder always has his rabbits' best welfare in mind. Note that this does not imply no-kill. This implies excellent rabbit care, kindness, and fulfillment of the rabbits' needs while the rabbit lives, and a humane end on market day.

It's a win-win, both for the rabbits who live devoid of fear and with every need met, and for the rabbit breeder who protects his rabbit livestock from predators, keeps the cages clean, and considers the needs of the rabbits while they live. 

As a result of rabbits' famous fertility, there are enough rabbits to serve mankind in all the ways listed without ever exhausting the world's supply of wild or domestic rabbits.

Consider becoming a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association

Explore the Raising-Rabbits Bunny Bazaar Marketplace

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