Raw Homemade Pet Food:
Homegrown Rabbits

Raw homemade pet food provides absolutely perfect nutrition for your dogs and cats
, according to a mountain of research.

If you're feeding dry dog or cat kibble, this pet food might be the source of health problems.

If you're breeding and raising many rabbits - you can offer your dogs or cats an ideal, species-specific raw pet food diet including raw rabbit meat, organs and bones. 

But you don't need to raise rabbits yourself, if you can obtain frozen raw rabbits for feeding your dogs or cats.  Plus, you'll find on our research pages (below) a couple websites that will show you how to make your own raw homemade pet food. 

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Your cats are"obligate" carnivores

This means that in order to stay healthy, they must eat, and will positively thrive on a diet composed of fresh raw animal meat, organs and bones. 

Dogs are technically omnivores, yet "have a natural and undeniable carnivorous bias," in the words of DogFoodAdvisor.com.

They are capable of eating and digesting some plant-based foods. Nevertheless they suffer no nutritional deficits if eating a solely animal-based (carnivorous) diet.

Both dogs and cats do well on raw rabbit. Click here for more info,
or, click on the photo above to go to the Raising-Rabbits Store.

The rabbits you are raising are an excellent prey animal. It should be no surprise that rabbits dwell at the bottom of the food chain.  Perhaps not so amazing, a rabbit carcass is proportioned just right for both your dogs and your cats:

  • Meat (80-85%), a very low percentage being fat (your pet dog or cat will benefit from the addition of a few fat scraps from the butcher)
  • bones (10%)
  • organs (5-10%), half of this being liver

If you raise your own rabbits, you can include even more of the carcass for meeting your pets' nutritional needs. You can also supplement with additional nutrients, such as taurine for cats, if you think your animals need it. (Rabbit shouldn't be a sole menu item; rotate it with other meats such as chicken, beef, etc.)

One big drawback ...

Raw Homemade Pet Food and
the "eeeeww" factor

I recognize that this is a gruesome discussion.

The idea of killing creatures, especially cute ones, or even handling and offering raw meat to your pets, is quite horrifying to many, especially vegetarians.

If you're a vegetarian and the idea of handling raw meat offends you or "grosses you out," you're not the only one.  Please see the www.catnutrition.org FAQ Page for answers.

I wish there was another way to feed a carnivore.  Unfortunately, wolves chase, kill and eat animals.  It's how their bodies are equipped for staying healthy. 

Dogs? They are a sub-species of the wolf (Canis lupus) - Canis lupus familiaris. To this day, dogs and wolves have nearly identical nutritional needs.

It is no different for cats (read lions, tigers, cheetahs, et al). 

Your cats, and dogs, crave fresh raw meat, and will reward you with vibrant health when they get it, because their nutritional needs are being completely met. 

  • There is no way to successfully feed vegan cat food or dog food to dogs or cats over the long term.
  • There is no way to successfully feed vegetarian dog food or cat food to dogs or cats over the long term.
  • There is no way to successfully feed a low fat dog or cat food to your dogs or cats over the long term.


One of the barn cats at Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch

So ...

If your dog or cat has any of the following conditions... 

If you're making lots of trips to the vet...

If you're buying lots of pet medications every month...

Then please visit our two research pages:

Research Raw Cat Food

Research Raw Dog Food

Visit the linked sites. Do the research. Read for yourself the stories of sick pets who became well, both dogs and cats.

Discover for yourself which of these annoying, or life-threatening, conditions might improve considerably, or even disappear, when your dog or cat begins to eat like a carnivore...homemade pet food made at least partially from rabbit, chicken, or other raw meat:*

  • Diarrhea
  • Parasites
  • Skin rashes
  • Allergies (hypersensitivity to the environment)
  • Kidney Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis and joint inflammation
  • Meningitis and inflammation of the nervous system, including paralysis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Auto-immunities
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Arrhythmia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Elevated triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • Heart problems
  • Lung problems
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Cancers
  • Skin conditions
  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Underactivity/inflammation of the thyroid
  • Infections of kidney, liver, testes, ovaries and bladder
  • Stunted growth
  • Eye problems
  • Muscle weakness
  • Lack of motor coordination, ataxia (stumbling balance)
  • Paralysis of limbs, especially the hind limbs
  • Seizures
  • Dull coat
  • Foul-smelling breath
  • Bones of 'jelly'
  • Difficulties in reproduction, becoming severe by the third generation
  • Accelerated aging
  • Female pets who are irritable and dangerous
  • Male pets becoming passive and lacking sexual interest

Here are those links again:

Research Raw Cat Food

Research Raw Dog Food

It does cost a little bit more in terms of dollars to feed our pets with fresh raw homemade pet food and your pet may require a a period of transitioning to a raw diet. The cost to feed fresh raw rabbit is more reasonable for those who are already raising rabbits for home consumption, survival preparedness, or show.

But no matter how you crunch the numbers, the value to our beloved pets is...


Purchase Raw Frozen Rabbits Online

Go from Homemade Pet Food to Raw Meat Pet Food


  • A multitude of anecdotal reports indicate that homemade pet food provided by a raw diet may make a big difference in your dog's or cat's overall health. Additionally, a species-appropriate diet is far more likely to reduce immune system stress AND to provide the trace nutrients required for optimizing immune system health. 

    While we cannot guarantee that a raw diet will miraculously eliminate a serious health condition in your own pet(s) due to varying underlying causes and/or an advanced stage of illness, we strongly feel that feeding cats a raw diet (and dogs a mostly raw diet at least) is a very important physiological first step toward health.

  • Cats fed raw frozen and then thawed, especially ground meat, can develop a taurine deficiency over several months to a year or more. See this report on raw-fed cats and their taurine needs. (Cats that catch, kill and eat their own fresh prey do not need supplements.)

  • FYI: Please take care in the handling of raw homemade pet food as animals can die from food borne pathogens in raw meat, even in the presence of strong stomach acid.

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