Open Doors Rabbitry

Cute Bunny at Open Doors Rabbitry in Worden, IL.

Open Doors Rabbitry

♡ New Zealands ♡ Lionheads ♡ 

♡ Coming in 2024: Champagne d'Argent ♡

Open Doors Rabbitry is a family business and is registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association


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Who Runs Open Doors Rabbitry?

Son Micah is the main manager and spokesperson for the rabbitry, and cares for the bunnies along with his brothers. 

While the parents handle the sheep and other heavy chores of the family homestead, the teenage boys head up Open Doors Rabbitry and do a great job at it. They feed and handle the bunnies daily, making them more people friendly. 

They love to talk to prospective buyers and to answer any questions that people may have. They have put a lot of work and effort into building their knowledge, including designing their rabbitry for ease of use and maintaining health and vigor in their rabbits. 

When you call, please ask to talk with Micah!


The Rabbits of Open Doors Rabbitry

Open Doors raises New Zealands and Lionheads. They expect to add pedigreed Champagne d'Argent in early 2024.

Lionheads make great pets! Besides doing their hair in funky new styles, the funny and fluffy Lionheads at Open Doors Rabbitry love to scamper and play. Their favorite game is, apparently, Hide and Seek. 

New Zealand rabbits are the quintessential meat rabbit, but they also make great pets. The New Zealands at Open Doors Rabbitry are truly beautiful rabbits and can be acquired with spotted coats and/or solid ones. 

Another excellent meat rabbit breed is the Champagne d'Argent rabbit, which the boys at Open Doors Rabbitry are planning to add in 2024. Champagne d'Argents have black fur, which is typically quite silvered. See the photo below as an example of the breed. If you are interested in a Champagne, don't hesitate to inquire about availability.

Which of these breeds of rabbits most interests you, or suits your purposes?
Give Open Doors Rabbitry a call, and ask for Micah!


Healthy Husbandry

The boys have been coached well by their parents! 

Micah and his brothers provide their rabbits with an excellent balanced diet: The rabbits get to eat a few natural forages, lots of fresh hay, and a high quality 16% protein feed.

Whether a large meat rabbit or a small pet rabbit, the boys have developed a healthy system of management within the rabbitry. Rabbits get a fun playtime outside during the day, and then are caged safely for the night in sanitary wire cages in a secure barn. 

The boys want your new rabbit to adapt well to their new surroundings in your home. To help your new bunny adjust to its new home, they include an entire quart of transition feed (very generous!), giving you plenty of time to transition your new rabbit to the feeds that you provide.


Rabbit Pricing

Because Open Doors Rabbitry carries different breeds of rabbits at different ages, some of them with pedigrees, they will be happy to discuss the price of specific rabbits with you directly. When you call please ask to talk with Micah.

Are you looking for an older pet with a very calm temperament?  Besides babies and juniors, they are willing to discuss pricing for their full grown adults and retired breeders. They may have available rabbits in different stages of life, so you can find one that will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Open Doors Rabbitry Offers More Than Rabbits!

Cute New Zealand rabbit at Open Doors Rabbitry in Worden, IL.

It's an ultimate one-stop shop: Save time and gas by purchasing feed, hay, feeders and waterers and get your rabbit habitat up and running. Open Doors will conveniently split feed or hay bales if requested. Please verify prices at time of purchase, in case prices have changed.

50lb bags of 16 percent protein feed: $24/bag. If needed Open Doors offers to split bags of feed.

Whole bales: $10/each. Bales can be split.

Feeders and Water Bottles: $10/each

Nail Trimming Service: Give your fabulous fluff a pedicure and save wear and tear on furniture. Contact us for price and appointment.

Rabbit Meat, Mutton/Lamb:
Try some meat from their rabbits and sheep, for yourself or for your dogs or cats. The Essenmachers are homesteaders - they grow what they eat. Home grown food is more delicious and nutritious; it doesn't have a heavy saturation of pesticides. They raise their animals naturally, albeit without an "organic" label (the official certification is very pricy for a single homestead). Check out their BLOG for additional information.

Homesteaders and micro-farmers are very likely to raise happier, healthier animals than factory farms. Their feed, housing, health, and general quality of life are much better. By purchasing from a local farm, you are likely to also gain the same healthy benefits for your family.


Open Doors Rabbitry Contact Information

Open Doors Rabbitry

Location: Worden, IL
Micah Essenmacher
E-Mail Address:
opendoorshf @ gmail. com
Web Site URL:
Home Phone:
(618) 402 - 5924

Worden, IL


More Photos and Memes from Open Doors Rabbitry!

Here are a few more photos of the rabbits at Open Doors Rabbitry, including a few memes.

Imagine if bunnies loved taking selfies for great memes! Will your own fluffster become Facebook famous and fabulous??

Cute extra fluffy Lionhead rabbit at Open Doors Rabbitry in Worden, IL.
Cute New Zealand rabbit at Open Doors Rabbitry in Worden, IL.
Cute Lionhead rabbit at Open Doors Rabbitry in Worden, IL.


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