Rabbit Pictures

If you love rabbits, you probably love looking at great rabbit pictures. We do.

TheFarm-silly-bunny-eeyore1.jpgEeyore, the celebrity rabbit from Jubilee Farms Holland Lops, in SC.

So, we have compiled some great rabbit picture albums!

On this page you'll find links to photo albums by Raising-Rabbits, plus stories and pictures of rabbits from our friends and visitors.

Lastly, we've collected the cutest and most special rabbit pictures from around the internet that we could find (as long as we could obtain the permissions to post here).

Here are our rabbit photo albums and pictures - enjoy! 

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Picture Albums of Rabbits

Young broken otter Rex rabbit at Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch

Delightful pictures of rabbits at Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch

These were professionally taken by Double Click Productions (Sequim, WA).

Rabbit Pictures - this is a winning show rabbit at Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch

Show Rabbit Photos - Taken at an actual rabbit show in Washington State.

If you're new to rabbit shows, this pictorial glimpse will help you get a feel for how rabbit shows work.

Aww... Valentine Rabbit Pictures!

Affectionate bunnies kissing on Valentine's Day.

Our Valentine Bunny Photo Album pictures many of the featured rabbitries on Raising-Rabbits, and more! See photos of romantic bunnies, from the first shy date to bunnies on their honeymoon. Enjoy the photos and the accompanying dialogue!

A Day at the Races (from our friends at What the Fluffle) captures the excitement of bunny racing in this adorable photo story.

Rabbit Breed Images

Raising-Rabbits has LOTS of photos of the various domestic rabbit breeds! They are not on this page, but a simple click will take you to the following pages with the photos:

The All Rabbit Breeds page contains brief descriptions of all rabbit breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder Association, along with photos of nearly every breed.

Visit the ARBA Breeds page for even more photos of recognized rabbit breeds. Click here if you want to see photos of a beloved breed.

The Rabbit Breed page connects you to the catalog of rabbit breeds, both national and international, linking you to more description and photos. 

Raising-Rabbits Books provide nearly everything you need to know about rabbits.

A Collection of Rabbit Pictures for You to Enjoy! 

If you're looking for rabbit photos, you've come to the right place! Here is a fun assortment of photos that we hope you'll enjoy! They're of different breeds and colors, different ages, some wild and others are pets... (Click on the pics to see them full size!)

Above Left: This lovely gray rabbit is comfortably nestled in straw. The coloration is known as "blue martin."

Above Right: Four colony-raised mixed-breed best-buddy-bunnies hanging out together as they clean up their spilled breakfast pellets.

A study in contrast: Domestic vs. Wild...
Below Left: This well-loved silvered mixed breed bunny is a domestic pet living the good life! 

Below Right: The brown rabbit is a full-grown Columbian River Basin Pigmy Rabbit, a wild rabbit that is indigenous to Washington State. Their population was approaching the point of extinction, however, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife and the US Fish & Wildlife Service are now working together to wild-breed these animals, monitor their health, and boost survival rates. Hopefully they will have as much success as the wild condor project had!

Oh the varieties of shapes and colors amongst the various domestic rabbits!

Top Left Above: Small Czech Frosty, recently accepted as an official breed in the ARBA
Middle Left Above: Darling Vienna-marked orange Lionhead rabbit, a charming pet.
Bottom Left Above: "Talk to me - I'm all ears!" says this broken chinchilla-colored (gray) Dutch rabbit.

Top Right Above: Mixed breed pet rabbit.
Middle Right Above: This black and white Dutch rabbit won't win on a show table, but I'm sure his people love him!
Bottom Right Above: This beautiful spotted rabbit of uncertain lineage is known as a "tri" - because it has three colors: Black, orange, and white.

Above Left: Is he crying? Or praying? Actually, this darling little Holland Lop bunny is just washing his face!
Above Right: Two mixed breed rabbits with "opal" coloration enjoying a wonderful bunny salad provided by their peeps.

Amazingly, ALL the variety of colors, sizes, and shapes were developed over time through a combination of mutations and selective breeding of wild European rabbits looking much like these New World wild cottontail rabbits, at least in coloration.

Above: An assortment of breeds of wild rabbits. All have the wild black/brown agouti coloration.

Bottom Right Above: There are STILL wild genetics deeply hidden within domestic rabbits! This broken orange bunny looks every bit like his wild cousins as he rises up to cautiously scope out the landscape!


We hope that you've enjoyed these rabbit photos! In the form below we'd love to see some of your rabbit photos! They will appear on their own page (if they have a story with them), or we'll include them on this page!

Have a photogenic rabbit?

We'd love to see pictures of your rabbits, and while you're at it, why don't you tell us about them?

Are yours pet rabbits? Meat or show rabbits?
What kind of rabbit(s) do you have?
Do you raise any endangered breeds?
Do you participate in rabbit agility or other fun activities with your rabbits?

What Other Visitors Have Said

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