Show Rabbit Pictures

These show rabbit pictures were taken at The West Puget Sound Rabbit and Cavy Club during their ARBA-sanctioned rabbit and cavy show in September of 2009.

We hope you'll enjoy these pictures taken throughout the show.  We'll walk you through the process of showing rabbits with these show rabbit pictures. Maybe one day we'll meet you at a rabbit show!

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Washington State Show Rabbit Pictures

In this show rabbit picture, rabbits and exhibitors excitedly await the Best-In-Show competition

The many exhibitors show up bright and early to the rabbit show with carrying cages full of their rabbit entries. Here's a fuzzy lop waiting patiently in his carrying cage.

Rabbit shows require the dedicated assistance of plenty of hard-working people.  Here's Barbara, the show secretary, preparing comment cards for every rabbit.

As the show starts, the show superintendent calls up the various rabbit breeds and varieties, one by one. As the judge finishes judging one breed variety, another variety is called to the show tables. At most shows, the rabbit breeders and owners bring their own animals to the show table, and place them into a small holding cage.

In this picture, the judge is examining the rabbit, commenting on the animal's type and other qualities, while the table writer makes note of the judge's comments on 'comment cards.'

The judge checks out every rabbit in a class. The Rex breed groups each variety into 4 classes: senior and junior bucks, and senior and junior does, for every color variety.  For example, Castor Rex senior bucks would be one class.  All the castor rex rabbits together make up a variety of rex rabbits, and Rex is the name of the breed.

In this picture, the judge is checking that all the toenails are the correct color as called for in the Standard of Perfection.

In this show rabbit picture, the judge uses a ruler to measure the length of this English Lop's ears from tip to tip.  The Standard requires a minimum of 21 inches, and also specifies the width of the ears, which the judge will measure as well.

Awards are handed out for:

  • 1st place (one per class)
  • Best opposite sex of variety (BOSV)
  • Best of variety (BOV)
  • Best opposite sex of Breed (BOS)
  • Best of Breed (BOB)

Judge is comparing heads and ear placement on two mini-lop rabbits.

This show rabbit picture shows the judge checking the fur density of a broken (spotted) tri-colored mini-rex rabbit.

English Spot rabbits are judged in motion, rather than crouched and still.

Judges turn the rabbits over carefully and check the teeth of the rabbit and whether the rabbit is male or female. This rabbit is a broken castor rex rabbit.

This black otter Netherland Dwarf is stretching his legs.

When all Best-of-Breed awards have been handed out, the winning rabbits compete against each other for two more awards:

  • Best in Show (BIS)
  • 1st Runner Up

Here is the Best of Breed Rex Rabbit and the Best of Breed Jersey Wooly Rabbit waiting their turn for the judge to evaluate them for a Best In Show award.

Judge is evaluating the Best of Breed Broken Black French Lop rabbit and the Best of Breed English Angora Rabbit. 

Yes, it is sometimes hard to tell which end is coming and which is going...!

It is not easy to win the coveted Best In Show!

American Fuzzy Lop rabbit waiting in his carry cage for the rabbit show to start

Rabbit Show Secretary at work

Rabbit judge examines holland lop rabbit while writer records judge's comments on comment card

Rabbit judge checks toenail color on black otter mini-rex rabbit Rabbit judge uses yardstick to measure the length of the ears on an English Lop rabbit Rabbit judge compares 2 mini-lop rabbits Rabbit judge evaluates the density of fur on a MiniRex Broken Tri-colored rabbit English Spot Best of Breed rabbit Rabbit judge examining a broken castor rex rabbit Netherland Dwarf dashing down the judging table Rex rabbit and Jersey Wooly rabbit waiting for Best in Show competition Rabbit judge examining an English Angora rabbit

Rabbit judge evaluating a French Lop rabbit Rabbit judge examining the Rex rabbit

Congratulations to you if any of your show rabbits have achieved this honor!

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