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Here’s what visitors are saying

"Hello - FANTASTIC, thorough, comprehensive, exhaustive website. The amount of clearly organized, clearly stated info is do an unbelievable job..." George in New York

"Hey, I just want to say thanks for your website. My rabbit gave birth to her first litter last Friday, both mother and babies seem to be healthy. I was a newbie to birth, baby rabbits, the whole thing. Your website has been extremely helpful and without your website I think I would be completely lost on what to do, how to check the kits correctly etc. So thanks a lot. I've attached a few pictures of the 7 kits =]."
Ross in the UK

"Your site has been such a help as we are getting started with our Netherland Dwarfs. There is so much rabbit information to pore over--it will take me a while to get through the whole site. I'm working on constructing the pvc rabbit hutch frame now..." Stacy in Illinois

"Congratulations for your website, fantastic. I have been breeding rabbits as a hobby since I was 6 years old. Now I'm 62, and still breeding rabbits ... Best greetings from the sunny island of Malta." Joe in Malta

"We have just started raising meat rabbits. I really enjoyed your website it helped us a lot thank you!!!" Bridget in Missouri

"This website has all the answers! Thanks!" Lisa in Arizona

"I came to learn about breeding my rabbits I've owned for a while and wow, did this website ever help!" Haley in Ohio


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