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Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library. Here is where you'll find links to all issues of Rabbit Rhythms, the e-zine published (usually) monthly by Raising-Rabbits.com, from the first issue in March 2010, to the most current one available.

Our newsletters typically contain info, photos, education, and/or training on several topics pertaining to rabbit care or rabbit husbandry, at all stages of life, for rabbits that serve mankind at all levels, from pethood, to wool, to food and to pet food. Plus we have included links to news stories about rabbits in the news if the information was scientific, interesting, or even just funny.

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In October 2016, we began publishing our monthly Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter directly to the Raising-Rabbits website. Subscribers to Rabbit Rhythms receive a notice of publication via e-mail just as soon as each newsletter is published.

You too can receive first notice every time we publish Rabbit Rhythms! Just add your email to our newsletter mailing list using the subscription form in the right column of this page. We never use your email address for any other reason, and certainly don't share it with any other parties. Ever.

Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library
Rabbit Rhythms 2024 Issues

Welcome to Rabbit Rhythms June 2024 edition! 
We have returned from a long hiatus to bring you new rabbit news along with proven wisdom.

List of topics include:

Breed of the Month: The American Rabbit

We Have Cages: Top Quality Rabbit Cages from Hostile Hare

Health and Wellness: Keeping Rabbits Cool in Summer, and, Coping with 4th of July

Bunny Branola: An Immune-Boosting Supplement and Treat


Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library
Rabbit Rhythms 2022 Issues

Gnomish Giant from Gnomestead Bunny Tree in Minnesota.

Rabbit Rhythms September 2022 - #100!

To Celebrate our 100th issue, we are having a double issue, and everything is big, Big, BIG!!! Here are the highlights for the September 2022 newsletter:

We have learned about a brand new rabbit breed so we made it Breed of the Month: Gnomish Giants! You may not have heard of them because they aren't ARBA registered, but they are certainly fascinating and beautiful! We will cover the features of these rabbits both as pets and as a new meat breed. Should you get one? Check them out at Gnomestead Bunny Tree, home of the Gnomish Giants. 

Vegan Pets for Vegan People: Bunnies are the perfect plant eating pet for plant eating people.

Pumpkin Spice for rabbits? We got it!

Junior Livestock Show! Suzy Scribbles, our Roving Rabbit Reporter, is on scene with the full scoop!

Check out our Comfy Summer T's for a snazzy new look!

Christmas Catalog sneak preview! 

And lastly, Random Rabbit Rantings discusses how to protect your bun from the sun.

Pet totes from Oskar and Friends - cool, fashionable, and fabulous.

Shining Satin Rabbits

Rabbit Rhythms June 2022 - #99

Here are the highlights for the June 2022 newsletter:

June's Breed of the Month is the Satin Rabbit, a tribute to Team Sheen. Their fur is translucent, and very shiny. It almost glows in certain lighting.

How to Buy a Bunny - Are you thinking about purchasing a bunny? This page will help guide you through the process of researching and then acquiring your wonderful new rabbit.

Get Reassurance with our Shipping Insurance. For pennies, you can ensure that your packages from Raising-Rabbits.com will arrive safely.

Rabbit Rhythms March 2022 - #98

This month's Breed of the Month is the Havana rabbit, This brown beauty was named after another brown luxury item, Havana cigars. 

For families getting a new Easter bunny, we have some tips on helping your rabbit adjust to its new surroundings in Making Your Bunny Feel at Home

This month we are covering a serious topic: Refugee Pets. The war in Ukraine has brought many challenges. We would like to give you our perspective about stories on social media.

And lastly, we are introducing a new section to the newsletter, Random Rabbit Rantings. Here we will cover off the wall topics, products, or funnies to brighten your day.

New Zealand White doe raising a litter at What the Fluffle Rabbitry in NC.

Rabbit Rhythms February 2022 - #97

February's Breed of the Month is the New Zealand rabbit, which comes in five different varieties. We share some details that you may not have known. 

The New Year is several weeks old, and there are still several months of cold weather ahead. Consider purchasing warm sweatshirts branded with the Raising-Rabbits logo and ultra-cute bunnies!

And lastly, school-age kids can take advantage of their interest in rabbits by focusing their school essays on rabbits! Raising-Rabbits is stuffed full of fascinating info about rabbits from which they can draw.

Red-Eyed-White Jersey Wooly on the show table.

Rabbit Rhythms January 2022 - #96

January's Breed of the Month is the Jersey Wooly Rabbit. We have the full (hilarious!) 1980's version of the history for you!

Is My Bunny a Chonkster? We'll help you figure it out. One thing is for sure: that big double chin is not fat, it is a dewlap, seen mostly in female rabbits.

For people, winter is known for colds and flu. For rabbits, the typical respiratory threats are Pasteurellosis and Bordetellosis. The January 2022 e-zine compares these two threats to rabbit health.

Rabbits Need  to Chew - Get Them Chewable Rabbit Toys

Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library
Rabbit Rhythms 2021 Issues

White German Angora Rabbit

Rabbit Rhythms December 2021 - #95

December's Breed of the Month is the German Angora Rabbit, those stout-carrot-lager-drinking Hessian Hares which don't care that they are not yet recognized by ARBA! This hilarious overview weaves German humor into the history.

This newsletter also covers winterizing your rabbits; it takes a little more effort to ensure your rabbits' comfort during the coldest days.

Consider Chipping Your Rabbit(s)! If, God forbid, your rabbit should disappear, a chip may increase the odds of it being reunited with you and your family!

Lastly, the Raising-Rabbits Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall is now bursting with all things rabbit, plus more! This is a venue where rabbit owners that make and sell rabbit-related articles can market their products. Plus we've rounded out the offerings with rabbit-y items from Amazon. (Yes, we receive a bit of "kibble" from Amazon, but there is no additional expense to you our valued visitors.)

Champagne d'Argent Rabbit

Rabbit Rhythms November 2021 - #94

This month, in honor of Thanksgiving, we give thanks for luscious lapin! While more homesteaders are raising rabbits for themselves and for their pets, we know not everyone is into eating lapin, so we put this topic at the bottom of the page. 

November's Breed of the Month is the Champagne d'Argent, a large rabbit with uniquely silvered fur that is versatile enough for use as a pet, or for show, meat, and fur.

New to Raising-Rabbits is our Bunny Bazaar Online Shopping Mall, check it out!

Rabbit Rhythms October 2021 - #93

In honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this newsletter features a threat to your female rabbits: rabbit mastitis! Learn what it is, how to treat, and how to save the babies. 

October's Breed of the Month is the Holland Lop Rabbit, that deadly-cute favorite little lop-eared rabbit breed in all of rabbitdom!

Find links to our popular Bunny Bran rabbit supplements and chew stix at the bottom of this e-newsletter!

Black Himalayan Rabbit posed for a rabbit show.

Rabbit Rhythms September 2021 - #92 

Our September article features Fluffles in Fall! A humorous article about changes in your rabbits as the fall season ensues! Plus, we highlighted the Himalayan rabbit breed, a great one for children. And just in time for the chilly fall and winter months: A new flavor of Bunny Bran - Pumpkin Spice! You and your bunny can enjoy the fall tastes together, you with your cinnamon spice latte, and Mr. Bun Bun with his delicious and healthy Pumpkin Spice snacks!

Rabbit Rhythms August 2021 - #91 

August Article: Chewing is a thing with rabbits! And our delicious, fruit-infused chew sticks are an amazing solution! Plus, August's Breed of the Month is the Mini Lion Lop, an ultra-cute very small breed which is not yet recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder Association. Lastly, another shout out to awesome Bunny Branola! 

No matter where you live, Raising-Rabbits can help rabbit breeders market their rabbits and rabbit products, for FREE! 

Netherland Dwarf rabbit at Breadbox Rabbitry in North Carolina, USA

Rabbit Rhythms July 2021 - #90

After a few months hiatus, Rabbit Rhythms is back with a first-ever Bunny Photo Contest! Let us see your patriotic bunnies! Get all the details and the entry form at the above July 2021 newsletter link. 

Plus, our breed of the month is the Netherland Dwarf, raised by Breadbox Rabbitry, one of our Featured Rabbitries. Lastly, good news to a lot of rabbit owners: Bunny Branola® is Back! Raising-Rabbits has different flavors in the works; your rabbits will love their Bunny Bran de-stressing snacks!

Sherwood Pet Health Rabbit Feeds: the Best Karen Has Found...

Sherwood Rabbit Pellets
--Sherwood Pet Health Pelleted Bunny Feed 10 Pounds
--Sherwood Pet Health Pelleted Adult Rabbit Feed 10 Pounds

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Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library
Rabbit Rhythms 2020 Issues

Rabbit Rhythms November 2020 - #89
This month marks the 11th anniversary of Raising-Rabbits.com! And to celebrate, we've reduced the prices on all our e-books 10%. For the rest of the month all our visitors can purchase any or all of our e-books at a 10% reduced cost. Store prices are already reduced - simply go and make your purchases. The November edition of Rabbit Rhythms also features the Lilac rabbit breed. Lastly, our animal fiber blend knit caps will help you stay warm all winter long. 

Rabbit Rhythms October 2020 - #88
This month's featured breed is the Giant Angora Rabbit, which are known for their large size and copious wool production. Angora ownership means attention to additional potential problems both with rabbit health and rabbit care. We give you the full scoop. Plus check out our new t-shirts in the Raising-Rabbits Store! They are soft and beautiful - I'm loving mine! Plus rabbits in the news - recent wildfires have devastated the endangered pygmy rabbit population. We'll link you to the news story.

Rabbit Rhythms September 2020 - #87

This month's featured breed is the English Lop. Their history mirrors the history of the rabbit show in England. Additionally, we have tips on sexing young bunnies, links to common rabbit raising rookie mistakes, and a (nother) invitation to all rabbit breeders to request a FREE rabbitry listing on the rabbits-for-sale-in-your-state page. 

Rabbit Rhythms August 2020 - #86
This month's featured breed is the Rex. Learn how these rabbits went from genetic wrecks to beautiful Rex. This edition also addresses telling the difference between coccidiosis and bloat, and tips for treatment. If you're actively raising rabbits, perhaps you'd like more information about getting your rabbitry featured on the Raising-Rabbits website? And lastly, well-cared-for livestock animals only have ONE bad day in their lives. We'll link you to more information.

Rabbit Rhythms July 2020 - #85
Our featured rabbit this month is the Silver Fox Rabbit, whose coat is as stunning as a wild Silver Fox's. While the Silver Fox rabbit may be versatile, most breeds cannot survive in the extreme summer sun. We provide rabbit cooling tips for preventing your outdoor rabbits from overheating. Is your rabbit's fur looking chewed, patchy, or moth-eaten? There are various reasons this could be happening. Learn why your rabbit's coat isn't looking so hot, and find possible solutions to this hairy problem. Lastly, Raising-Rabbits wants to help you sell your rabbits! The large numbers of rabbit breeders around the country are poorly represented on many of our "rabbits for sale in (your) state" pages, so request a listing, and we will list your rabbitry for FREE!

Black Dutch RabbitBlack Dutch Rabbit

Rabbit Rhythms June 2020 - #84
Our featured breed this month is the Dutch Rabbit! Dutch Rabbits are a delight to raise, but a devil of a challenge for rabbit breeders. Speaking of challenges, what is the point of rabbit shows? Let's just say they are a great help to rabbit breeders everywhere. Here is another question, this time about wire cages: Are they 'cruel' containment, or is the loathing some people feel about wire cages just a form of anthropomorphism? There's more than just the COVID pandemic going around, there is also a rabbit pandemic known as RHDV2. This virus is spreading rapidly in the southwestern United States, devastating rabbit owners everywhere. Update yourself on the latest RHDV2 news in this newsetter. 

Rabbit Rhythms May 2020 - #83
Cute fuzzy bunnies can always make a hard situation better! Speaking of fuzzy, our featured breed is the American Fuzzy Lop, a perfect mix of fluffy and cute. Additionally, bunnies are popping out kits all over the place during springtime. Knowing how to care for and feed a pregnant doe is essential for the health of newborn kits. Plus, good nutrition plays an important role in successfully raising your baby bunnies to weaning ages. We'll tell you a story about a rabbit owner who learned this the hard way. Lastly, Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is NOT gone! In fact, it just hit New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, and will no doubt spread elsewhere. Learn the latest news on RVHD and what you can do to help prevent this disease from spreading to your precious bunnies. 

Rabbit Rhythms April 2020 - #82
So many new bunnies in Springtime! We debunk the hay-is-all-you-need myth, and give tips about how to feed your growing herd. A bunny boom has the potential to create a fly boom as well - we can help you with that! We also feature the Californian Rabbit, a favorite breed with commercial rabbit breeders. Have questions about whether or not to leave the buck in with the female and babies? Well, it depends... We have stories for you. Lastly, there is a huge interest in selling and finding rabbits, both for pets and for agricultural uses. So we created the Rabbit Market, several pages that will help you find a buyer for your rabbits, or find a pet for your home. Check it out by hovering over the "Rabbit Market" navigation bar link!

Rabbit Rhythms March 2020 - #81
Ready, set, GO! Your does are begging to be bred! Spring is prime rabbit breeding season, thanks to an abundance of protein-rich grasses, increasing daylight hours, and raging hormones. This edition of our newsletter addresses when to check new litters, sexing rabbits, handling the newly weaned littermates, and the problem of obese rabbits. Lastly, beware trafficking of endangered species in social media, especially the critically endangered Sumatran Striped Rabbit. 

Rabbit Rhythms February 2020 - #80
Happy Valentine's Day!
Belgians are red, Beverens are blue...but the breed we are sharing with you this month is the Blanc de Hotot, the diva with the black eyeliner. Next, we answer a couple common questions: "Day 34 and still no babies," and, "What breed is my rabbit?" We can't always be sure of the breed of a certain rabbit, but sometimes there are some obvious clues! Lastly, we're excited to partner with Diana's Designs in order to provide knit caps, all of which are knitted with yarn containing animal fiber for ultimate warmth on frigid days. (2024 Update: Diana's Designs is now retired.)

Meghan models a Diana's Design cap!Meghan models a Diana's Design cap!

Rabbit Rhythms January 2020 - #79
Happy New Year! Learn about the Britannia Petite rabbit, which lives up to its petite name. If you have even a single rabbit, or several, or a barn full (as I did), you'll be glad to know that the "brown gold" under the rabbit cage has great value, at least for your garden, your potted plants, or even selling to a neighbor. The New Year is bringing updates to the Raising-Rabbits website. We've listed some of the enhancements in this edition of Rabbit Rhythms. Lastly, what does animal rescue mean to you...rescue or robbery?

Rabbits love  Bunny Branola, say their owners.
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Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library
Rabbit Rhythms 2019 Issues

Rabbit Rhythms December 2019 - #78
This edition features the Satin Rabbit, the shimmery shiny-furred rabbit. Learn how to keep your rabbits warm and cozy in wintertime - preparing cages and crocks for freezing weather, and additionally giving extra attention to your rabbits' food. Lastly, we're sorry to report that the RVHD2 outbreak has been growing into Washington State. We have the latest updates. 

Rabbit Rhythms November 2019 - #77

This edition features the Lionhead Rabbit, complete with wooly wintry neck "wrap."  Learn what to do when your pet rabbit surprises you with back-to-back litters, and how to ask, and answer some hard questions when your pet rabbit has no intention of being a pet rabbit. Lastly, we'll update you on the effects that a prolonged Australian drought has had on the feral rabbit population in the Queensland area.

Rabbit Rhythms October 2019 - #76
This edition features wild hare, jackrabbit, and rabbit species, plus a heartwarming story about a bond between a woman and a local cottontail bunny. Learn about rabbit colonies and litter box training. Finally, here is how we can help rabbit breeders and pet rabbit owners sell their bunnies and breeder rabbits.

Rabbit Rhythms September 2019 - #75
This edition features the Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits' recovery story, and journey to survival in the Washington State wilderness. Additionally, learn why your rabbits may refuse to breed in the autumn season. Should you leave a mated pair of rabbits together? Lastly, if you're a dog or cat owner, learn how to transition them from dry food to raw food.

Rabbit Rhythms August 2019 - #74
This edition features the Angora Rabbit breeds. Additionally, some rabbit terminology that will help you in your experience with rabbits. We have a new classified ads for rabbits page! Check it out to find your pet rabbit, or to sell/give away your rabbits. In other news, a deadly rabbit disease strikes the United States. Read about what it is, what to look out for, and what to do if you encounter it with your rabbits.

Rabbit Rhythms July 2019 - #73
This edition features the Holland Lop rabbit breed. Additionally, antibiotics and rabbits rarely mix. We'll explain why, plus why not all vets understand how to take care of rabbits. Lastly, in other news, if you live in Africa, you might find a way to provide income for your family through raising meat rabbits!

Rabbit Reproduction, 2nd Edition

Rabbit Reproduction E-Book

As easily as rabbits seem to multiply, a surprising number of glitches can arise and cause uncertainty and anxiety in the rabbit owner.

Rabbit Reproduction is an e-book entirely focused on reproducing rabbits, from mating and kindling, to the entire season of a young kit's life from conception to teenage-hood, now in an enhanced second edition

Not just a ‘how-to’ manual: It fully answers a plethora of all the what-if questions that eventually arise: what if the doe doesn’t cooperate, are all first-time does stupid, should I test-breed, when can I check the kits, are the babies getting enough milk, what if I don’t have a nest box, how can I tell the boys from the girls, and so much more.

-- Click here for much more info about Rabbit Reproduction.
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Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library
Rabbit Rhythms 2016, 2017, and 2018 Issues

Rabbit Rhythms June 2018 - #72
Update on the RVHD outbreak in British Columbia Canada. Last call for fly predators. Plus, Raising-Rabbits is now GDPR-compliant, as per European Union regulations.

Rabbit Rhythms December 2017 - #71
Rabbit nest box FAQs and an easy variation on the rabbit nest box in the two-compartment rabbit hutch. Plus get ready now for flies.

Rabbit Rhythms September 2017 - #68
Mixed breed rabbits and genetics, pet rabbits that from tunnel and go feral, and severe rabbit diarrhea from ERE.

Rabbit Rhythms December 2016 -  #63
Rabbits don't live forever. Ensure that you get your rabbit-care information from reliable sources! Plus consider building your own rabbit cages - it is not difficult!

Rabbit Rhythms November 2016 -  #62
This edition focuses on small rabbit breeds and includes lots of photos; it addresses the problem of malocclusion; and then tips you off about a brand-new technology in animal feed production...using methane-munching microbes!

Rabbit Rhythms October 2016 -  #61
Questions answered about breeding rabbits, pregnant rabbits, finding rabbits for sale near you. Featured rabbit breed: Angora rabbits. Lastly, we explain our DIY rabbit cage building e-books.

Karen Thinks Hostile Hare Rabbit Cages Are Amazing.
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4-week-old show quality Blue Otter Rex rabbit

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The Archives contain all the back-issue newsletters, from March 2010 through January 2016.

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Double-Value Guarantee

Our policy is to always OVER-deliver on value,
which is why your purchase is fully covered by our
Double-Value Guarantee.

Go ahead - take any of our e-books for a test drive. Peruse our detailed informational and educational e-books. Examine our plans for building rabbit cages, runs, or metal or PVC hutch frames. Check out the Rabbit Husbandry info e-books.

If you aren't completely satisfied that your e-book purchase is worth at least double, triple or even quadruple the price you paid, just drop us a note within 45 days, and we'll refund you the entire cost. That's our Double-Value Guarantee.

Note: When you purchase your e-books, they will be in PDF format, so you can download them to any device that supports PDF format. We advise making a back-up copy to a drive or cloud account. If the books are lost, you can also purchase another copy from Raising-Rabbits.

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