Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library

Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library

Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library. Here is where you'll find links to all issues of Rabbit Rhythms, the ezine published (nearly) monthly by Raising-Rabbits.com, from the first issue in March 2010, to the most current one available.

Our newsletters typically contain info, photos, education, and/or training on several topics pertaining to rabbit care or rabbit husbandry, at all stages of life, for rabbits that serve mankind at all levels, from pethood, to wool, to food and to pet food. Plus we have included links to news stories about rabbits in the news if the information was scientific, interesting, or even just funny.

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In October 2016, we began publishing our monthly Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter directly to the Raising-Rabbits website. Subscribers to Rabbit Rhythms receive a notice of publication via e-mail just as soon as each newsletter is published.

You too can receive first notice every time we publish Rabbit Rhythms! Just add your email to our newsletter mailing list using the subscription form in the right column of this page. We never use your email address for any other reason, and certainly don't share it with any other parties. Ever.

Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library
Rabbit Rhythms 2020 Issues

Rabbit Rhythms March 2020 - #81
Ready, set, GO! Your does are begging to be bred! Spring is prime rabbit breeding season, thanks to and abundance of protein-rich grasses, increasing daylight hours, and raging hormones. This edition of our newsletter addresses when to check new litters, sexing rabbits, handling the newly weaned littermates, and the problem of obese rabbits. Lastly, beware trafficking of endangered species in social media, especially the critically endangered Sumatran Striped Rabbit. 

Meghan models a Diana's Design cap!Meghan models a Diana's Design cap!

Rabbit Rhythms February 2020 - #80
Happy Valentine's Day! Belgians are red, Beverens are blue...but the breed we are sharing with you this month is the Blanc de Hotot, the diva with the black eyeliner. Next, we answer a couple common questions: "Day 34 and still no babies," and, "What breed is my rabbit?" We can't always be sure of the breed of a certain rabbit, but sometimes there are some obvious clues! Lastly, we're excited to partner with Diana's Designs in order to provide knit caps, all of which are knitted with yarn containing animal fiber for ultimate warmth on frigid days. 

Friend Bill shovels rabbit manure for his garden.Friend Bill shovels rabbit manure for his garden.

Rabbit Rhythms January 2020 - #79
Happy New Year! Learn about the Britannia Petite rabbit, which lives up to its petite name. If you have even a single rabbit, or several, or a barn full (as I did), you'll be glad to know that the "brown gold" under the rabbit cage has great value, at least for your garden, your potted plants, or even selling to a neighbor. The New Year is bringing updates to the Raising-Rabbits website. We've listed some of the enhancements in this edition of Rabbit Rhythms. Lastly, what does animal rescue mean to you...rescue or robbery?

Rabbit Rhythms Newsletter Library
Rabbit Rhythms 2019 Issues

Rabbit Rhythms December 2019 - #78
This edition features the Satin Rabbit, the shimmery shiny-furred rabbit. Learn how to keep your rabbits warm and cozy in wintertime - preparing cages and crocks for freezing weather, and additionally giving extra attention to your rabbits' food. Lastly, we're sorry to report that the RVHD2 outbreak has been growing into Washington State. We have the latest updates. 

Rabbit Rhythms November 2019 - #77
This edition features the Lionhead Rabbit, complete with wooly wintry neck "wrap."  Learn what to do when your pet rabbit surprises you with back-to-back litters, and how to ask, and answer some hard questions when your pet rabbit has no intention of being a pet rabbit. Lastly, we'll update you on the effects that a prolonged Australian drought has had on the feral rabbit population in the Queensland area.

Rabbit Rhythms October 2019 - #76
This edition features wild hare, jackrabbit, and rabbit species, plus a heartwarming story about a bond between a woman and a local cottontail bunny. Learn about rabbit colonies and litter box training. Finally, here is how we can help rabbit breeders and pet rabbit owners sell their bunnies and breeder rabbits.

Rabbit Rhythms September 2019 - #75
This edition features the Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits' recovery story, and journey to survival in the Washington State wilderness. Additionally, learn why your rabbits may refuse to breed in the autumn season. Should you leave a mated pair of rabbits together? Lastly, if you're a dog or cat owner, learn how to transition them from dry food to raw food.

Rabbit Rhythms August 2019 - #74
This edition features the Angora Rabbit breeds. Additionally, some rabbit terminology that will help you in your experience with rabbits. We have a new classified ads for rabbits page! Check it out to find your pet rabbit, or to sell/give away your rabbits. In other news, a deadly rabbit disease strikes the United States. Read about what it is, what to look out for, and what to do if you encounter it with your rabbits.

Rabbit Rhythms July 2019 - #73
This edition features the Holland Lop rabbit breed. Additionally, antibiotics and rabbits rarely mix. We'll explain why, plus why not all vets understand how to take care of rabbits. Lastly, in other news, if you live in Africa, you might find a way to provide income for your family through raising meat rabbits!

Rabbit Rhythms 2018 Issues

Rabbit Rhythms June 2018 - #72
Update on the RVHD outbreak in British Columbia Canada. Last call for fly predators. Plus, Raising-Rabbits is now GDPR-compliant, as per European Union regulations.

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Rabbit Rhythms 2016 and 2017 Issues

Rabbit Rhythms December 2017 - #71
Rabbit nest box FAQs and an easy variation on the rabbit nest box in the two-compartment rabbit hutch. Plus get ready now for flies.

Rabbit Rhythms September 2017 - #68
Mixed breed rabbits and genetics, pet rabbits that from tunnel and go feral, and severe rabbit diarrhea from ERE.

Rabbit Rhythms December 2016 -  #63
Rabbits don't live forever. Ensure that you get your rabbit-care information from reliable sources! Plus consider building your own rabbit cages - it is not difficult!

Rabbit Rhythms November 2016 -  #62
This edition focuses on small rabbit breeds and includes lots of photos; it addresses the problem of malocclusion; and then tips you off about a brand-new technology in animal feed production...using methane-munching microbes!

Rabbit Rhythms October 2016 -  #61
Questions answered about breeding rabbits, pregnant rabbits, finding rabbits for sale near you. Featured rabbit breed: Angora rabbits. Lastly, we explain our DIY rabbit cage building e-books.

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