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December 2016 Newsletter

"Is My Rabbit Dead?"

This 4-week-old soon-to-be-pet bunny will go to a new home in a few weeks.This 4-week-old soon-to-be-pet bunny will go to a new home in a few more weeks

It wasn't fun to receive this inquiry, "Is my rabbit dead?"

The rabbit owner feared that the rabbit took a fright at a loud noise, and then died on the spot. But, it was fairly clear that there were probably other issues at play. It sounded to me like the owner of that rabbit had been basing the care of that rabbit on unwise information about feeding rabbits. 

You can read the post and my response at this page here - it is in a comment dated Dec 12, 2016 toward the bottom of the page. 

I really enjoy helping people take good care of their rabbits. But by the time a rabbit is dead, the poor critter is beyond the reach of help.

So, my question to the owner of the dead rabbit, and to you, is: 

Is your information about taking care of pet rabbits reliable??

I don't know where the owner of the dead rabbit got his information on taking care of rabbits, but I DO know that some online organizations that claim to be experts in taking care of house rabbits give out advice on rabbit care that will sooner or later result in dead rabbits. 

If you love rabbits, and if you truly enjoy the pleasure that pet rabbits give, I encourage you to consider the source of your information and any underlying activist ideology

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