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Rabbit Classifieds ...

Finally! Another avenue for finding rabbits to purchase that does not involve Craigslist or Facebook.

  • Want to find a rabbit? If you are actively looking for a pet rabbit or are having trouble finding one, perhaps this page can help! We are able to put a rabbits-wanted listing on this page advertising your desire for a rabbit. 

  • Need to part with your rabbit? We can help you sell your pet rabbits to folks who are actively looking to acquire one or more rabbits. We know that peoples' lifestyles, situations, and seasons change. If you are ready (or need to) part with your healthy rabbit, contact us and provide the information and contact info a prospective buyer will need in order to purchase your bunny.


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To Sell your Pet Rabbits

Here's how our rabbit classifieds work:

If you have one or more rabbits that you need to sell or give away and are not a rabbit breeder (we offer other free listings specifically for breeders ), we will give you a temporary classified ads for rabbits listing on the Raising-Rabbits website. Ask for this free service by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. 

Rabbit Classifieds Can Work For You!

"Thank you so much for posting my rabbits for sale - someone came to get them the very next day!" (BreAnna, TX)

"Our last rabbit sold today, thanks!" (Christy, WA)

"I sold all four of my rabbits (Altex, Californian) in less than 2 weeks, thanks!" (Robert, NY)

We will be looking for the following information:

  • Your Name
  • City and State
  • Are you selling a rabbit, or are you wanting to acquire a rabbit?
  • Breed, color, age, size of rabbit, as well as any other details you'd like to include. Details are good - how does the buyer know if they want your rabbit if you just tell them, "I gotta get rid of this rabbit" ...?
  • The point of contact of your choice (email, phone, FB page, website, etc.). No live links for email or phone numbers, to avoid spam bots.


Rabbits Wanted

Yes, we do Rabbit Classifieds: Wanted Ads as well!  If you are looking to buy rabbits, follow the instructions above, and tell us what kind of rabbit you are looking for - breed, age, size and coloration, etc., if you have a preference. Your listing will display your name, location, point of contact (no live links), and any additional information you'd like to add relative to your desired pet rabbit.

If you are searching for a rabbit, an additional option is our 

Rabbits for Sale State by State page.

Go to Rabbit Classifieds for Rabbits Wanted section now

Rabbit Classifieds are available on Raising-Rabbits. Find pet rabbits and show rabbits, plus post a want ad for rabbits.Rabbit Classifieds: Post rabbits wanted ads, and rabbits for sale ads. We leave your ads up for approximately one month.


We will date your rabbit classified ad listing, and remove it after one or so months (30-ish days).

This is because we have no way of knowing whether or not your rabbit classified ad listing is up to date after even one day. If you sell your rabbit, we'd love it if you'd drop us a note and say your rabbit is sold already. If you do, we'll take the listing down. But if you do not, a no longer valid listing does no one any good. That's why in order to offer this free service, we hope a month will be long enough for you to make the sale. If you need more time, simply resubmit your listing. Thank you!

Temporary Need!
Rabbit Fostering Needed in Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL 
Point of Contact: 
Email: shaneltaylor @ gmail. com
Phone/Text(312) 883 - 1227
DetailsI would like to have my rabbits FOSTERED. I'm not wanting to sell or give them away. (There are a few that if the foster home really, really wants to keep them I'd be okay with parting with a rehome fee.) Cage starter food, litter and cleaner is included. This means you are responsible for additional food, litter and cleaner. Plain White Vinegar with hot water only. And do not forget to make sure fresh veggies with herbs and hay is the bulk of the diet with a small amount of pellets. Rabbits should have fresh hay and clean water available to them at all times. Change water daily.
Please have sufficient space for fosters to play and exercise. Empty toilet paper rolls or paper towels work great with a few treats mixed in with hay. Chicagoland only, ASAP please. Thank you so much!
How old are the rabbits? 11 weeks - 2 years old.
How many rabbits are there? 
Are the rabbits used to being handled? Yes. Although, some don't like it very much and some absolutely love it. 
Have the rabbits been spayed/neutered? None of them have. 
What environment are the rabbits used to? Indoor/Outdoor but enclosed when outdoor.
How long is foster care needed? Until mid fall.
Why is foster care needed? Recovering from organ transplant surgery then moving out of state. I'd need to have them fostered while I'm recovering until I move out of state in mid fall so that they have less transitions during all this.  During the recovery time after the transplant, I need the rabbits to have someone to take care of them as I will not be able to lift anything more than 10 lbs for at least a month or longer. I lift more than that just to feed them and clean their cages.

Supplies for Sale!
Rabbit Supplies and Equipment in Wisconsin

bakkom cage 1

Viroqua, WI | Bakkom Rabbitry LLC
Breeds: out of business, sold NZW rabbits for 40 years.
More detail:Would like to sell rabbit breeder cages, 36 x 30x 18 9ft long, 30 x 30 x 18 9 ft long. Always in buildings, USDA approved. Very cheap price $20 to $30 each unit. Feed cart $25. Misting fans $150. Transfer cart with new tires $80. Transfer cages, like new $15 to $25. And more available!
See our Bakkom Rabbitry Page
Email: nzwrabbits@mwt.net
Phone: (608) 637 - 3444

Rabbit Classifieds: FOR SALE

Rabbit Classifieds for
Rabbits For Sale in Canada

For Sale in British Columbia

White Rock, BC 
Point of Contact: Lucy
Email:  akeiko.rawn @ gmail. com
Phone: 604 838 8315
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Dark Grey females - sisters, 2 years. Medium size. Likely an American or Beveren breed.
More detail:  Have vet records. Comes with food, cage and toys. Will deliver in lower mainland or reasonable distance. Well loved. Can do some basic tricks.

Rabbit Classifieds for
Rabbits Wanted in UK

For Sale in England

Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire 
Point of Contact: Amy
Email:  amyr84 @ hotmail. co. uk
Phone: 07841864184
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Mini lop baby rabbits.
More detail: I have five baby lop rabbits two white and three brown.

Leicester, Leicestershire
Point of Contact: Pat
Email:  patsymessenger89 @ gmail. com
Phone: 07926057759
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Mini Lop.
More detail: Baby rabbits 8 weeks old been handled from birth.

Rabbit Classifieds: Rabbits For Sale in the United States

For Sale in California

San Francisco, CA 
Point of Contact:
Email:  leaj714 @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Half lionhead, half Netherland dwarf, black with blue eyes, 4 months old, male - confirmed by vet.
More detail: Sweetest little boy, he was part of a litter of 3 but we were unable to bond him back with his parents and want to find him his forever home.

Benicia, CA 
Point of Contact: 
Email:  claudiaclaverie @ gmail. com
Phone: (707) 404 - 7221
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Rabbits for Sale: California breed 4 Bucks & 4 Does born April 15, 2020 adoption fee $60.00. 4 New Zealand breed born June 15, 2021 adoption fee $60.00 not checked gender yet.

For Sale in Connecticut

Manchester, CT
Point of Contact: Sarah
Email: smaulucci @ yahoo. com
Phone: (860) 978 - 1156
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Giant, tan rabbit.
More detail: Super friendly, litterbox trained, comes with food, hay, bedding, cage and all accessories.

For Sale in  Delaware

Delmar, DE
Point of Contact: Helena
Email: hgpsharp @ gmail. com
Phone: (410) 603 - 0948
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Purebred pedigree mini rex 4 weeks old
More detail: Bunnies ready to go to their new home October 6.

For Sale in Florida

Orlando, FL 
Point of Contact: 
Email:  Ashleyhar0130 @ gmail. com
Phone: (321) 578 - 7421
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Brown Lop (6months) and English Spot (10 months).
More detail: Bonded pair.

Bradenton, FL 
Point of Contact: 
Email:  leamandy411 @ gmail. com. 
Text me (I don’t answer unknown calls) or email me, though text is faster.
Text: (941) 405 - 5072 
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Breed: N/A. Color: White & Black. Gender: Female. Birthday: October 5 2020. Size: Small. Any other details you'd like to include: Color: black ears, black stripe down back, black around eyes, and a small black dot above nose.
More detail: Potty trained - I trained her to use a litter box (which you can keep along with her toys and house/tunnel). Sweet and loves pets (just doesn’t love being picked up) she’s also good with other animals and children though I feel she might get stressed if many kids are trying to hold her/touch her at once. So far the only food that she doesn’t like is zucchini and bananas. She likes sweet pepper, broccoli stalks, Romain lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, carrots, kale, and spinach. She’s good in and out of her enclosure. The only thing I’d keep an eye out for is cables, though that only recently became a problem. I think it’s more so her curiosity.  I’m giving her away because I’m moving to a smaller home and she won’t fit. My parents won’t be able to take proper care of her aside from food and water. I don’t want her stuck in a cage all day when I know she loves exploring and roaming. It breaks my heart when I can’t let her out or spend time with her. She’s genuinely a cuddle bug and I don’t know I got so lucky to have a sweet bunny like her.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 
Point of Contact: 
Email:  estebancabassa @ yahoo. com
Phone: (305) 401 - 9415
Breed/Color/Age/Size: White and fluffy, male, 4 - 5 months old.
More detail: Including food, supplies and cage. pics available

For Sale In Georgia

Morrow, GA
Point of Contact: Jason
Email: alexandermaccione @ gmail. com
Phone: (470) 301 - 9003
Breed/Color/Age/Size: English spot . And chinchilla
More detail: Free to a loving and caring home.

Powder Springs, GA
Point of Contact: Angie
Email: theonethingps274 @ att. net
Phone: (770) 598 - 8569
Breed/Color/Age/Size: 1-fixed male 14 mo Mini Rex, 1 fixed female 7 mo Standard Rex. 
More detail: Sweet, free roam, bonded pair with awesome litter box habits. Want to have them go together; $80 each if bought  individually or $100 for the pair.

Cumming, GA
Point of Contact: Elena
Email: itselenasantiago @ gmail. com
Phone: (201) 554 - 7789
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Male Jersey Wooly, Black and Gray, Small. 

For Sale in Hawaii

Makawao, HI
Point of Contact: Pualani
Email: Francopualani @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: English Angora, American Blue, Holland Lop. All baby bunnies are 1 Month old.
More detail: Very sweet interactive baby bunnies hand held since birth and potty trained.

For Sale in Idaho

Post Falls, ID
Point of Contact: Ileaha
Email: Ileahaha2021 @ gmail. com
Phone: (208) 415 - 8326
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Rex,brown/white, and white . They are both a year old.
More detail: I am selling 2 siblings and they don't get along so they are seperated. I am asking $20 each rabbit and a small hutch costs $55 more.

Idaho Falls, ID
Point of Contact: Allie
Email: aegardner2010 @ gmail. com
Phone: (208) 881 - 8973
Breed/Color/Age/Size: We have four purebred Holland Lops! They are all solid black, two does and two bucks.
More detail: They have been held and handled since they were born, so they're all super sweet! We had some kids come over and play with them and they were really good with the kids as well. Asking $100.

For Sale in Indiana

Indianapolis, IN 
Point of Contact: Nakasha
Email: Nakellington @ gmail. com
Phone: (301) 331 - 3162
Breed/Color/Age/Size: The breed is unknown since the previous owner did not state. He has a black and white coat. He is a year old and not neutered. He is also litter boxed trained.
More detail: I will give you his food, food/water bowls, two litter boxes, bedding for the litter boxes, grooming tools, a carrier, toys, and a white wire cage(if wanted). He is good with children, however, please do not let younger children poke him in his face or else he will bite in self defense. Emailing me is the best way of contact for me.

For Sale in Michigan

Nothing right now, but keep checking back!

For Sale in Minnesota

Eden Prairie, MN 
Point of Contact: Erystal
Email: isyiahbuckley @ gmail. com
Phone: (612) 900 - 7379
Breed/Color/Age/Size: 2 Florida White rabbits - all white - unknown age. medium to small size.
More detail: : There are two of them!! We rescued them from their previous home where they were poorly treated and neglected, so if they seem distant, be patient with them.

Albert Lea, MN 
Point of Contact: Ashley
Email: Ashmschoon @ gmail. com
Text: (507) 402 - 2752
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Flemish giant.
More detail: Many different colors, males and females available. Prince varies.

For Sale in Missouri

Centralia, MO | Christina
Phone: (573) 489 - 4582
Breed/Color/Age/Size: 1 Angora Lop and 1 black and white.
More detail: $20 for black and white comes with cage , water bottle and feeder. Angora Lop asking $30 again comes with cage , water bottle and feeder.

For Sale in New Jersey

Sussex, NJ
Point of Contact: 
Email: Jvg1231 @ hotmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Mini lop. 2 female (black)  and male (whitefish black spots nuetered) 1 year 4 months. 
More detailWill not separate bonded. Littered trained.

Paramus, NJ
Point of Contact: 
Email: sbeltran5862 @ gmail. com
Phone: (201) 856 - 8717
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Flemish Giant, blue, about 6 months. 
More detail: Very friendly and loves people. I just no longer have the time and space for him and want him to be able to live his best life.

Ruth's Royal RabbitsSandy (in the bucket) chats with Frisbee (left) and Sunset (lower right). Sandy is Fawn. Frisbee is Vienna-Marked Chestnut-Agouti. Sunset is Vienna-Marked Black.

Featured Rabbitry! For pictures and details, check here:  https://www.raising-rabbits.com/ruths-royal-rabbits.html

New Providence, NJ | Ruth's Royal Rabbits
Point of Contact: 
Email: ruthsroyalrabbits @ gmail .com
Website: https://www.ruthsroyalrabbits.com/
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lops, Black with Vienna Markings, Chestnut Agouti with Vienna Markings, Fawn. 5 kits all ready to adopt.
More detailSweet and smart bunnies waiting to be adopted. They enjoy playing, tasty treats, cuddles, and taking cute pictures. They have been socialized to people and will make a loving addition to your home. Bunnies can be reserved with a $50 deposit. We are a member of ARBA.

For Sale in New York State

Hyde Park, NY
Point of Contact: Taylor
Email: TAYF88 @ GMAIL. COM
Text: (631) 664 - 2686
Breed/Color/Age/Size: 4 purebred Holland lop bunnies, the biggest of the 4 is a blue gray color, light cream color bun is basic size and 2 small and dark gray. One of the two gray has a cute white patch on top of head just like mom! They will be 8 weeks on September 19th and ready for a home!
More detail: : Raised from birth indoors with our family, socialized and cuddled daily since birth with our children. Very pretty colors in this litter and so sweet! Holland lops are the smallest breed of lop bunny only being 2-4 lbs fully grown. These bunnies can easily be litter box trained in about a week.

For Sale In North Carolina

Charlotte, NC
Point of Contact: 
Email: kridenour @ carolina. rr. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: .: Our bunny is a 6-month old male lionhead.  He is white with blue eyes.
More detailHe would do best in an environment where he is the only bunny, and he comes with all necessary equipment free of charge (his hutch, grass, food, etc.).  He is a pet bunny, and he has absolutely no health issues. 

For Sale in Ohio

Nothing right now, but keep checking back!

For Sale in Oregon

Eugene, OR
Point of Contact: Rachel
Email:  Rachelmoonwater@gmail.com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: English Spot Rabbit, White and Black, 1 Year Old, 7 Pounds, Male, and Healthy!
More detail: Chaga is friendly, loves attention and is easy to pick up and handle. He uses a litter box.

Salem, OR
Point of Contact: Christine
Email:  cdhansen.802 @ gmail. com
Phone: (503) 851 - 1968
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Rex cross. 4.5 months old. 3 black, 2 grey. All males.
More detail: Sweet boys who have been handled by kids and around dogs.

McMinnville, OR
Point of Contact: Lisa
Email:  alisadoodle @ gmail. com
Phone: (503) 857 - 6757
Breed/Color/Age/Size: I have a 2 year old male  grey dwarf bunny who is super sweet.  He is not fixed. .
More detail: I have had Bruno for a year.  He loves to be held but hates being caught.  He loves being outside during the day but I bring him in at night.  He loves to go for rides .  I got very sick and am just not able to care for him anymore.  He comes with two hutches .  I am not asking for any money just for him to find a good home.

Coos Bay, OR
Point of Contact: Jennifer
Email:  jenellis_teach @ yahoo. com
Phone: (541) 260 - 4525
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Lionhead X MiniLop X Rex cross. White with black markings. Also solid Black. 12 weeks and up .

For Sale in Pennsylvania

Finleyville, PA
Point of Contact: Kathleen
Email: Kspence21@yahoo.com
Text: (412) 302 - 3962
Breed/Color/Age/Size: REW Netherland dwarf buck, 10 months old. Weighs about 3 pounds. He’s white with pink eyes.
More detail: : Very sweet bunny. Loves to be petted. Litter trained.  ARBA rabbit pedigree.

Mt Pleasant, PA
Point of Contact: Tiffany
Email: roadmant24 @ aol. com
Text: (724) 771 - 2827
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Mini rex, polish, young age.

For Sale in South Carolina

Spartanburg, SC
Point of Contact: Nykai
Email:  Mareedeleon00 @ gmail. com
Phone:  (864) 341 - 1860
Breed/Color/Age/Size: .: Momo, FULL Black Silver Fox Rabbit (MALE) Approx 6 months old and 6LBS. Snooki, Brown and Gold Rex mix (FEMALE) Approx 9 months old and 5LBS.
More detail: Both very sweet, but timid. Gets along with cats well and very active. Very quiet. Male is fully litter box trained, the Female will use the box if it is clean. Both eat Timothy Hay, but not picky eaters. Love paper, animal crackers and hiding under beds. Not fixed. Female doesn't like to be held, but the Male will allow it for a few minutes. They come to their names or to the sound of plastic bags and rattling food.

For Sale in Tennessee

Kingston, TN
Point of Contact: Alexandra
Email: lexy.onealintn @ gmail. com
Text: (423) 463 - 9722
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Netherland Dwarfs, Black female, black and white female, otter female, otter male, 8 weeks old.
More detail: : This litter of babies are ready for pickup only within a reasonable distance of Knoxville, TN area. 

For Sale in Utah

Jordan, UT
Point of Contact: Judy
Email:  heyjude.js @ gmail. com
Phone: (801) 879 - 6917
Breed/Color/Age/Size: 3 months old. Mini rex rabbits. White male, Brown male, 3 Brown females.
More detail: They have been held alot. They are friendly and very healthy. Will sell for $5 to $30 based on need of individuals purchasing them.

For Sale in Washington

Lynden, WA
Point of Contact: Helen
Email: Silmar @ comcast. net
Text: (360) 493 - 6888
Breed/Color/Age/Size:Cinnamon 4 does age 12 weeks.
More detail: : Very sweet purebred cinnamons would make great pets or good future Breeders.

Lynnwood, WA
Point of Contact: Kaitlyn
Email: kaitierolls @ gmail. com
Text: (425) 343 - 5468
Breed/Color/Age/Size:Multi colored, around 4 months old, still growing.
More detail: : Shes the sweetest funniest little girl, loves to run and hop and loves broccoli. Her name is Snooki.

Vancouver, WA
Point of Contact: Whitney
Email: Whitney.webb @ live. com
Text: (360) 907 - 0662
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Mixed breed, 8 weeks old, Carmel (Male) is tan and grey. Female (Female) is white with tan and grey spots. 
More detail: : They have been hand raised since they were about 1 1/2 weeks old. They are used to young children and other animals.

Lake Stevens, WA
Point of Contact: Maria
Email: Mariabest @ hotmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Continental rabbit black , 6months.
More detail: : Hi my name is Alice, I currently live indoor and free roam. I am up to date with shots and am a healthy bun ready to meet my forever home.

Bellevue, WA
Point of Contact: Sophia
Email: Sophiamlebel@gmail.com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: 2 Lovely Holland Lop Boys need their forever home .
More detail: : Asking $40 apiece, or best offer. Not neutered, currently being kept separately. Local pickup in Bellevue, WA. Pictures upon request. These two are very sweet, super handsome, and deserve loving families!

Camano, WA
Point of Contact: Ashton
Email: Ashtonrupik @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Dutch female, 2yrs old Steele coloring, Dutch rabbits are an excellent medium meat breed.
More detail: : Juno is a very sweet bunny and would make a great pet. $17 or trade for 50# of Conway Rabbit 17 feed.

Poulsbo, WA
Point of Contact: Ashton
Email: valerie.terry @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lop male, pure black, 6 months old. Perfect small size-a true Holland Lop from great pedigree lines, although I do not have his pedigree.
More detail: Born and raised raised indoors-with limited outside pen time. Handled from birth, very loveable. He's very sweet natured and makes a wonderful house rabbit.

Rabbit Classifieds: RABBITS WANTED!

Rabbit Classifieds for Rabbits Wanted in Uganda

Wanted in Kampala

Kampala, Uganda
Point of Contact: Zahir
Email: zahirswat212 @ gmail. com
Phone:  07575oo504
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New Zealand

Rabbit Classifieds for Rabbits Wanted in the United States

Wanted in Illinois

Harvey, IL 
Point of Contact:
 female.bankroll @ icloud. com
Phone: (708) 264 - 4815

Wanted in Indiana

New Castle, IN
Point of Contact: Carrie
Email: Carriecook1971 @ yahoo. com
Phone: (765) 591 - 3818
Breed/Color/Age/Size: .: We are looking for a Doe, Blue Flemish Giant.
More detail: We live in Indiana outskirts of Indianapolis.

Wanted in New Jersey

Union, NJ
Point of Contact: Bruna

 bruninha15usa @ gmail. com
Phone: (201) 702 - 5580
Breed/Color/Age/Size: French Lop.
More detail: Hi I’m looking for kids friendly French Lop bunnies. I want big and fluffy.

Union, NJ
Point of Contact:
Phone: (551) 234 - 5454
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Unsure would like small and cute.
More detail: All black if possible if not as close to it as possible 150$ range in pricing as well.

Wanted in New York

White Plains, NY
Point of Contact: Alexis
Email: xisdep @ gmail. com
Text: (646) 457 - 2083
Breed/Color/Age/Size: I am looking to buy/adopt a smaller sized breed, preferably a female. I have a 4 month old Holland Lop and would love to bond her with a companion. Some breeds I'm interested in are Holland Lops, Hotot, Netherland Dwarf, and Mini Rex.

Wanted in Ohio

Fort Recovery, OH
Point of Contact: 
Panterafan38 @ gmail. com
Phone: (937) 689 - 8165
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Any.

Wanted in Oregon

Central Point, OR
Point of Contact:
  morganmcgerr @ gmail. com
Phone: (541) 787 - 1246
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland lop. Young preferred, blue, or mixed colors.
More detail: For pet, not breeding or 4H

Wanted in Pennsylvania

Nothing today, but keep checking back!

Wanted in Texas

Montgomery, TX
Point of Contact: 
  billforshagemail @ gmail. com
Phone: (210) 607 - 1935
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Fryers.

New Braunsfels, TX
Point of Contact: Ralph

  blancoaf @ yahoo. com
Phone: (281) 622 - 7548
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Need new zealand breed.

Wanted in Washington

Gig Harbor, WA
Point of Contact: Jennifer
Email:  jenneymarie@hotmail.com
Text: (858) 722 - 5592
Breed/Color/Age/Size: We are looking for a small rabbit. Would prefer spayed or neutered already, but can work with whatever we find. Prefer an adult, but again, a baby would be fine too. Not particular about markings, just looking for a rabbit for my almost 10 year old to dote on.

Mount Vernon, WA
Point of Contact: Karen
Email:  Kgtalbert@gmail.com
Phone: (360) 941 - 4313
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Pet worthy outdoor rabbit pet wanted.

*** Attention Breeders ***

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Let me just be honest with you. Please do not purchase, and please do not sell:

  • Sneezing rabbits! Sneezing rabbits are very sick rabbits. Rabbits with pasteurellosis have acquired it because their immune systems cannot ward off the germ. If by mistake you obtain a rabbit with snuffles, you'll be in for a very long and expensive road if you don't wise up and allow a vet to euthanize the poor sick rabbit. (Nevertheless, you should know that very occasionally sneezing rabbits do overcome their respiratory illness. This is due to good fortune, providence, or the fact that the causative germ was not Pasteurella multocida after all.)

  • Cranky rabbits! Some rabbits just DON'T make good pets. These are the ones with a propensity to bite or scratch, are ultra-dominant, and will not be good for your family.

  • Rabbits with overgrown teeth! (Also called buck teeth or wolf teeth.) The likelihood of buck teeth self-correcting is very slim, though such correction is not un-heard-of. It just almost never happens, leaving you with the responsibility of ensuring the rabbits' teeth get trimmed short every 4-6 weeks. You or a vet can do this, or the vet can pull the overgrown teeth permanently. Why take on the headache when you can simply obtain a rabbit with normal teeth?  

  • Rabbits with intestinal upsets or diarrhea at the time you're considering the purchase! Yes, it is very possible the digestive upset is transitory. It is also possible that the rabbit has one or more dangerous parasites. 

  • Rabbits with head tilt! Head tilt is a sign of brain involvement with most likely either pasteurellosis, or EC (E. cuniculi).

ALSO NOTE: If the rabbit you're thinking of buying has been vaccinated with BunnyVac, you will have no idea of this animal's true health status, and you will need to continue vaccinating it with yearly doses of dead virus and potentially toxic aluminum and formaldehyde (etc.) for as long as the rabbit lives. (All that aluminum may very well shorten both the quality and longevity of life.) 

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