List Your Rabbits for Sale!

List Your Rabbits For Sale on FIVE ways (free and paid) that Raising-Rabbits helps people in your area find and purchase the rabbits and rabbit products you have for sale. 

Additionally, “Rabbit Wanted” ads are welcome and can be posted for free!

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Raising-Rabbits bridges the gap between rabbit breeders and those needing to purchase rabbits.

A very frequent question we at Raising-Rabbits hear is:

"I want to buy a rabbit but I can’t find any near me!"

Well, we happen to know that there are LOTS of rabbits being raised around the entire USA and Canada (and internationally). 

We know this, because we hear from them.

We hear from them, because Raising-Rabbits gets a LOT OF TRAFFIC.

Overcoming the Problem of the Invisible Website

Does it feel like your own rabbit website or social media channels are virtually invisible on the internet? Then let Raising-Rabbits' heavy traffic send some targeted interest in your direction! 

There are on average 4,000 unique visitors to Raising-Rabbits on any given day. Those visitors read around 10,000 pages on Raising-Rabbits every day, and during seasons of heavy interest in rabbits (such as springtime) people check out a lot more pages than that. Every day.

We know that not every visitor to Raising-Rabbits will be looking for what you have to offer, but if YOUR website were listed on Raising-Rabbits, some of these many visitors would be thrilled to discover your rabbits.

What can Raising-Rabbits do for your rabbitry?

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

"Thank you so much 
for this amazing service you provide for rabbitries. We have had so many emails from your website this year. I refer all of my customers back to your website and BOOK if they have questions!" What the Fluffle Rabbitry in NC.

(Pictured: Our book, the Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, with a great question and answer format. Get your autographed copy today!)

"Concerning the line on my ad about selling Mac's Rabbitry: 
The need to sell was eliminated -- I have doubled the size of my rabbitry. If you would remove the FOR SALE part, I would be thankful. FYI - your site has generated many sales and repeat customers for me. Thanks, Denny

List Your Rabbits For Sale on!

Here are 5 very effective ways to list your rabbits for sale on the Raising-Rabbits website. Choose the option that best fits with your needs, and then follow the links to the information below, which also provides directions on how to proceed.

List your rabbits for sale on - chart of options.

"Thank you so much for your site... we are no longer able to handle the number of inquiries we get from your website!" (Timothy L, CA)

How to List Your Rabbits for Sale!

Choose from these 5 options below, and then follow the directions…

1. A Rabbit Classified Ad

List your rabbits for sale, and also list rabbits wanted ads. Submit a short ad for either buying or selling one or a few rabbits. This is your option if you need to rehome a pet rabbit, or you want to find one or a few rabbits, whether for a pet or for breeding stock. Rabbit Classified listings expire after a month. Resubmit an ad if necessary. (Attention rabbitry owners and breeders: this option is not meant for you, except when subscribed to listing refreshes.) 

Cost: Free. Zero, zippo, nada. 

Click here to learn more. Or fill out the form below to submit your rabbit classified ad.

Classified Ad Request Form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Divider with 2 rabbits at left

2. Basic Rabbitry Listing for Rabbit Breeders.

List your rabbits for sale with a listing for your state! The basic rabbitry listing is placed on the Rabbits for Sale in (your) State page and doesn't expire until you no longer need it. Despite being a "classified ad style" listing, and despite being no cost to you, breeders frequently tell us that their ads bring them a lot of sales. (Attention: this option is not for one-time 'for sale' or 'rabbits wanted' ads. It is for rabbit breeders who have rabbits for sale with some degree of regularity throughout the year.)

Cost: Free.

Fill out the Basic Rabbitry Listing Request Form below, and hit the ‘send’ button.

Basic Rabbitry Listing Request Form

We need just a little information from you. Fill out the form below and hit the 'send' button:

  • Rabbitry Name or your own name
  • City and state (or county and state)
  • Breed or breeds you offer for sale (say mixed breed or unknown if applicable)
  • Optional: A brief comment about your rabbits, if desired
  • Point of contact, preferably a rabbitry website with contact info, or your phone number or email address (we’ll remove any live links so you don’t get inundated with spam or phishing attacks, but your potential customers will know how to reach you)

Your Rabbits for Sale Listing will be placed on the "Rabbits for Sale in your state" page on Raising-Rabbits. People looking for rabbits near you will find you. (The popular Rabbits for Sale page offers tips on finding rabbits for sale, and links to rabbit breeder lists for each of the fifty (50) states.)

Rabbitry Listing Request Form

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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3. Rabbitry Listing Refreshes with your basic (free) rabbitry listing.

Get monthly updates added to your basic rabbitry listing!

Many rabbit breeders have preferred schedules for breeding, whether they rebreed frequently or every few months (or even less). With a subscription to Rabbitry Listing Refreshes, we will help you keep your potential customers continually informed as to the newest animals available for sale. 

We will place these updates both at your basic rabbitry listing, and also on the Rabbit classified ad page. While your free rabbitry listing doesn’t expire until you want it to, all updates will expire in one month, just in time for you to give us another update.

Cost: $5/month or $50/year (2 months free).

Rabbitry Listing Refreshes

Subscribe here to Rabbitry Listing Refreshes. 
(Be sure you also send us the completed List your Rabbits for Sale Request form, which is above.) 

Payment Options

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List your rabbits for sale with a featured rabbitry page! This is a whole web page dedicated entirely to your rabbitry. Why should people purchase your rabbits? Here is where you can tell them why! You can feature your rabbits, your testimonials, and any related rabbit products.

We'll create for you a full web page featuring your rabbitry on Raising-Rabbits. We'll tell your story and link visitors directly to your rabbitry website, social media account(s), or other contact methods of your choice. 

But that is not all! There are LINKS! On Raising-Rabbits, we link to the featured rabbitries  in our right hand column. These links show up on every page on the Raising-Rabbits website. Given that the website has more than 1,500 pages, this is a LOT of visibility for your rabbit hobby or business! Anyone in the market for the rabbits that you raise and who is anywhere near your location will be highly likely to see your page. And even if they don’t enter Raising-Rabbits at your page directly, they’ll certainly find the links directing them to your page.

Cost: $8/month or $80/year (2 months free).

Click here to learn more and to obtain a Raising-Rabbits Featured Rabbitry Page.
Or subscribe below.

Featured Rabbitry Page Subscription

Payment Options
  1. Select your preferred payment option
  2. Hit the Subscribe button
  3. Go to Your Rabbitry Page which fully explains the details we need from you (including photos), and provides a questionnaire which will make it easy for you to submit the information for your rabbitry page. Alternatively, we're happy to receive information and photos via email at: info @ raising-rabbits (dot) com.
  4. Once we receive from you the details you want on your page, we'll prepare the page, gain your approval, and then post your featured page within 7 business days. We'll send you the link to the page.
  5. Do you prefer that we write the page for you? We can do that. Our one-time writing fee is USD$60. We still need info from you, so go to Your Rabbitry Page which has the questionnaire form that will help you with sending the details that you will want us to put on your featured rabbitry page.
  6. Contact Us if you have any questions!

Yes, please write the page for me...

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5. Premium Rabbitry Service – All of the above!

List your rabbits for sale with a featured rabbitry page, plus get...

  • a basic rabbit for sale in (your) state listing
  • plus refreshes on your featured rabbitry web page
  • plus refreshes on the statewide rabbitry listing
  • plus refreshes on the rabbit classified ad page
  • PLUS 1,500+ highly visible links to your featured rabbitry page.

I am confident that people WILL see what you have to offer. This will keep people in the ‘know’ as to what animals you have available, and any new rabbit related products available for sale!

Cost: $12/month or $120/yr (Super savings! $10/month discount plus 2 months free). 

Premium Rabbitry Service

Click here to subscribe:

Payment Options

Now you can safely list your rabbits for sale despite the frowns of radical animal rights activists...

Raising-Rabbits works to help ALL rabbit breeders advertise their rabbits safely, and without excessive risk to you or yours.

Our traffic will bring buyers to your attention, and our anonymity will help keep you safe. It will be up to you to screen those who contact you. Use your judgment regarding whether or not you wish to do business with each contact, and you can meet potential buyers away from your home in a public space. Blessings to you!

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