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No more fears of unfair flagging and ad removal (as happens on Craigslist way too often)

A very frequent question
to Raising-Rabbits is:

I want to buy a rabbit but I can’t find any near me!

Well, I happen to know that there are LOTS of rabbits being raised around the entire USA and Canada (and internationally). So what is the difficulty?

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The difficulty over the last few years has been the onslaught of animal rights terrorism that has frightened some rabbit breeders into the shadows. This is, of course, exactly the desired result of those organizations such as PETA who wish to put a halt to all pet or animal ownership around the globe.

Animal terrorism should be punished to the full extent of the law. (RICO laws apply.)

And in the meantime, why should breeders cower in the shadows when there are a surprising number of folks desperately desiring to buy a rabbit or three? People love and need their pets, and some of them even discover the joy of rabbit breeding.

They would love to find you.

Raising-Rabbits can help you get the word out, and without excessive risk to you or yours.

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  • Rabbitry Name or your own name
  • City and state (or county and state)
  • Breed or breeds you offer for sale (say mixed breed or unknown if applicable)
  • Optional: A brief comment about your rabbits, if desired
  • Point of contact, preferably a rabbitry website with contact info, or your phone number or email address (we’ll remove any live links so you don’t get inundated with spam or phishing attacks, but your potential customers will know how to reach you)

Your Rabbits for Sale Listing will be placed on the "Rabbits for Sale in your state" page on Raising-Rabbits. People looking for rabbits near you will find you. (The popular Rabbits for Sale page links visitors to all rabbits-for-sale-by-state pages.)

Our listings are offered to rabbit breeders who tend to have rabbits for sale now and again throughout most of the year. 

If you are a pet rabbit owner with a few bunnies for sale, you are welcome to post your rabbits for sale on our Facebook page. Alternatively, you can make a post at the bottom of the Rabbits for Sale page pertaining to the state in which you live. (for example, if you live in Pennsylvania, go to Rabbits for Sale, then page down and click the "PA" link under "Rabbits for Sale State by State." Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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