What the Fluffle Rabbitry

What The Fluffle Rabbitry (WTF) raises show quality Holland Lop rabbits and all varieties of New Zealand rabbits in Dobson, NC. Purchase show-quality rabbits, breeders, pets, meat rabbits, and even manure for your garden.

♡ New Zealand Rabbits (All Varieties) ♡ Holland Lop Rabbits ♡ 

Keep reading, as Geni Dowd, owner/manager of WTF Rabbitry, fills you in on their wonderful enterprise. Click the pics to see full size!

Do you know what a group of rabbits is called? 

Not a herd, but a fluffle! And when you look at those fluffy tails, you can imagine why!

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We are an ARBA recognized rabbitry located in Dobson, NC, and breed New Zealands and Holland Lops for pets, show and breeder stock. 

Dobson, NC

What The Fluffle Rabbitry is located in lovely Dobson, NC. It is 2 hours due north of Charlotte via I-77. It is also northwest of Winston-Salem and less than 30 minutes away from the Virginia border.

How What the Fluffle Rabbitry Came to Be

The very first rabbit in our rabbitry was a beautiful New Zealand Red doe my boyfriend gave me for Valentine’s Day. She came to me bred by an awesome red buck, and as soon as those kits were born I knew I was in love! 

We went from one rabbit, to three rabbits, to a dozen in a brief span - and thus
What The Fluffle Rabbitry was born!

What the Fluffle Holland Lop bunny.

In 2022, we expanded the rabbitry to include the popular Holland Lop breed. We were impressed by their large size and gorgeous color. They are also known for having wonderful dispositions. 

I expanded my breeding lines and focused on breeding friendly, high quality rabbits that would benefit both my family in our homesteading adventure and also other families. Our breeding stock are cherished members of the farm who get daily attention and affection. They have happy, healthy lives! 

We have bloodlines of reds, whites, blues, blacks and various broken colors of the New Zealand breed, and are now proud to offer pedigreed kits in both breeds of rabbits. We have litters year round.


  • New Zealand bunnies start at $20 each, with different prices for pedigreed rabbits.
  • Holland Lop bunnies start at $50 each, with different prices for pedigreed rabbits.
  • We are able to offer breeding pairs and trios in both breeds. 
  • Each of our bunnies comes with a starter bag of feed. 

What the Fluffle Rabbitry Contact Information

Please visit our Website for more information about our farm, rabbits and other adventures: https://tribeofthunderfarm.weebly.com.

You can also find us on Facebook at Tribe of Thunder Farm: 

Follow us on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/tribeofthunderfarm

You can also send us an Email: wtfrabbitry @ gmail . com

Phone: (336) 480 - 1922

We enjoy sharing our farm adventures and would love to help you to get started with a bunny adventure of your own! 

Rabbit Products and Manure Also Available

  1. We offer rabbit meat for sale for those who want to offer a raw diet to their animals.
  2. We are happy to sell unprocessed pelts for anyone who wishes to tan and treat fur. 
  3. We sell bunny fertilizer by the bag to those wishing to improve their garden. (I personally had the largest crop of tomatoes and peppers I’ve ever had in 2021, thanks to my bunnies!)


Return Policy

We will take back any animal that is bought from our rabbitry but we cannot offer refunds.


A Day at the Races!

Suzi Scribbles, our roving Raising-Rabbits Reporter, brings you the action from the exciting world of rabbit racing! Place your bets and get ready for pulse pounding excitement!

What the Fluffle, a Day at the Races tale.
What the Fluffle, a Day at the Races tale.
What the Fluffle, a Day at the Races tale.
What the Fluffle, a Day at the Races tale.
What the Fluffle, a Day at the Races tale.
What the Fluffle, a Day at the Races tale.
What the Fluffle, a Day at the Races tale.
What the Fluffle, a Day at the Races tale.

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Double-Value Guarantee

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which is why your purchase is fully covered by our
Double-Value Guarantee.

Go ahead - take any of our e-books for a test drive. Peruse our detailed informational and educational e-books. Examine our plans for building rabbit cages, runs, or metal or PVC hutch frames. Check out the Rabbit Husbandry info e-books.

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