Breeding Rabbits

Breeding Rabbits.
Breeding domestic rabbits, from mating the buck and doe, to weaning the bunnies. Here are links to all the reproductive and maternal stages of rabbit breeding.

We filled the web pages with as much detail as reasonably possible.

Rabbit Reproduction

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We filled the web pages with as much detail as was reasonably possible. 

And then, from mating to weaning, we completed all the information, doubled the number of photos and details, and put it all into our 108-page e-book titled Rabbit Reproduction. This e-book provides much more than our webpages can contain. 

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Rabbit Raising Problem Solver is another printed resource which will answer your questions from mating to weaning, and of course every other aspect of raising rabbits.

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Here are our web pages
on the topics of breeding rabbits and the
stages of rabbit reproduction

But first: Are your rabbits in good condition and capable of reproducing? Obese rabbits have difficulty reproducing. Obese rabbit bucks are less fertile, and if the obese rabbit doe does manage to conceive, she will be at additional risk for complications. Check the Obese Rabbit page for more information.

  • Rabbit Mating: To mate rabbits, take the doe to the buck. Important: if you take the buck to the doe, the fur will fly, as does are very territorial. If she's not 'in the mood,' she'll wreak havoc on the buck.
  • After the rabbit breeding, the gestation period for a female rabbit (doe) is 31 days.  The doe can kindle (give birth) between day 28 and day 35, however 99% of the time she’ll be punctual - between day 31 and day 32.
  • Pregnant Rabbit: Is the doe really pregnant? Here are some signs to watch for in a pregnant rabbit.
  • Rabbit Pregnancy: More info on rabbit pregnancies - get practice interpreting confusing rabbit pregnancy signs in one breeder's three Californian does.
  • Rabbit Nest Box: How to prepare the rabbit nesting box and when to place it in the doe's cage. (Nest boxes are essential for breeding rabbits. We prefer metal nest boxes, but, some wood nesting boxes will serve very well. This one comes in small, for small rabbit breeds, and large, for meat rabbit breeds. It might even fit some of the giant breeds.)
  • Fetus Images: Just so you know, a rabbit pregnancy occasionally doesn't go exactly as planned.
  • Pregnant Rabbit Behavior: Click here for a true story about a pregnant rabbit that nearly fooled us...

Nesting Box Materials: Pine Shavings, Hay, Straw

  • Rabbits Giving Birth: The glorious moment usually occurs in the middle of the night, though this is not a hard-and-fast rule.
  • Warming Chilled Kits: We hope you never discover a kit on the cage wire with the body temperature of a popcicle. But there might still be hope, unless the kit is frozen solid...
  • Taking Care of Baby Rabbits immediately after kindling, and especially if the doe needs a helping hand during or shortly after kindling. Keep an eye out for little kits dropped accidentally outside the nest box.
  • Care of Baby Rabbits - during the first two weeks of life or so.
  • Raising Baby Rabbits - from about 2 weeks of age to weaning.
  • Weaning Rabbits - When and how to wean bunnies safely
  • Weaning Worries - all kinds of fears and misguided ideas exist on the web about bunny weaning! Allay your fears by learning the biological realities of weaning young rabbits, so you can safely wean your rabbits, or purchase a safely weaned bunny.
  • Sexing Rabbits - how to determine the gender of the baby bunnies as early as 2-3 weeks of age.
  • Rabbit Pedigree Charts - what a pedigree is, and how to create pedigrees for your new rabbits
  • Info on Rabbits and Bunnies: Rabbit information, including frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) about pregnant rabbits, rabbits giving birth, and taking care of bunnies

Excellent Natural Doe Conditioners and Lactation Aids

When to re-breed a doe depends on a number of different factors.  Some breeders simply breed every three months. This gives the doe plenty of time to rebuild her condition.  Others let the doe's condition dictate the rebreeding schedule.

Breeding rabbits can provide unforgettable experiences when done wisely, and is especially valuable for teaching kindness, empathy, and animal husbandry to children.

Pregnant rabbit doe just days from kindling her litter

"The righteous man regards the life of his animal"
(Proverbs 12:10)

Rabbit Reproduction

Only 12.99  $8.99

Holiday Sale! All of our Ebooks are 30% off!!!

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