Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry

Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry:

♡ Lionhead Rabbits ♡ Dutch Cross Rabbits ♡

Lionhead rabbits noshing on fruits and vegetables at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.

Cotton Candie Tails raises the sweetest Lionhead and Dutch cross bunnies in beautiful Washington state. 

Owner Candie says: "My dream has been to own a mini farm, where I would offer animal therapy along with animal education. Both my husband and I grew up with mothers who always had a special way with animals and of course this led to our own deep love and appreciation for them."

They also rescue and foster rabbits, and are ARBA registered.

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How Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry Got Started

Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry Logo

"My family adopted our first bunny in 2020 to help in the healing process of the loss of one of our pets. As we learned more about rabbit ownership, we decided to get Mochi his very own friend. 

"So we adopted Kumi (with no intention of breeding). But the more we watched them bloom and bond, the more we learned. The more we talked about it, we realized these sweet creatures would be amazing for our animal therapy program dreams. 

"We decided to take a stab at our first litter and it has been a beautiful journey of love since.

"The biggest thing that has developed for us is the love these sweet fluff balls give. We adore them, shower them with affection and attention, and in return they give this love back to their new families. 

"Most clients keep in touch.  My neighbors went to a farm recently and reported, 'Your bunnies have such a good life compared to what we saw. Your farm is always clean, your rabbits have plenty of space, and they get so much love.'

"Another lady told us, 'At the last few places I visited, the babies just ran away from you and were not socialized at all.' She adopted a little orange male bunny that went to work with her the very next day."

Cotton Candie Tails fawn-colored bunny in the fall in Bothell WA.

"At Cotton Candie Tails, it frequently feels like the bunny basically chooses its people, as though to say, 'This is going to be my new family!' So far we have been very lucky with these babies finding the best homes.

"Cotton Candie Tails has been invited to the local Library story times event during the next spring and summertime. We'll do our first pet and story time with a few bunnies and Penelope, our All-Star guinea pig (cavy). It will be an outdoor event with young children. Check with us about the dates, which are still to be determined."


Cotton Candie Tails Contact Information

Cotton Candie Tails
 Bothell, Washington, USA
Point of Contact: Candie
Phone: (425) 563 - 5558
Email: cottoncandietails @ gmail. com
Facebook: Cotton Candie Tails

Bothell, WA

Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry raises LionHead and Dutch mix rabbits in various colors. Lionhead coats range from single to full mane. Color examples include Chocolate, Lilac, Sable, Blue, Broken Calico.

Chocolate Lionhead raised by Cotton Candie Tails in Bothell WA.
White Vienna-marked Lionhead raised by Cotton Candie Tails in Bothell WA.

What Sets Cotton Candie Tails Rabbits Apart From Other Similar Rabbits?

Blue Vienna-marked Lionhead on Candie's head, at Cotton Candie Tails in Bothell WA.

Because of their mix they are on the smaller side, only about 3 pounds when fully grown.

Plus, they are socialized daily, and are around a lot of different animals, noise, and people of different ages including my own three year old niece. This makes for bunnies that are less skittish and quicker to bond.

Latest fashions at right! Bunny hats for people or hooman feet warmers for rabbits.

Part of their socialization includes being raised with other pets, such as guinea pigs (pictured), ducks, geese, dogs and chickens, so they can get along with furry and feathered family members. 

Vienna marked chestnut bunny at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell WA.

Cotton Candie Tails doesn't have pedigrees yet. We are in the process of getting ARBA approval for our unique Lionhead/Dutch mix rabbits. Our rabbits are working hard to earn their place in the Hare Hall of Fame for new bunny breeds.

Even though our babies don't have their papers, we have been producing show quality lionheads. 


Prices for Cotton Candie Tails Rabbits

Cotton Candie Tails' beautiful buns can be adopted  individually, or as same sex pairs. 

Individual Rabbits: $100

Same sex pairs: $175

Bonded same sex pairs: Case by case.

(Bonded pairs must be adopted together.)

Rabbit care packages from Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.

Each bunny comes with a care package (pictured) to help transition to their new home. It has:

Adoption/Birth Certificate with Paw Print,
House Training and General Care Pamphlet,
Homemade Rabbit Toy
Timothy Hay,
Conway Pellets, 
Handmade Fleece Blanket.

This helps your furry friend adjust to his new surroundings faster and with less stress. 

cotton-candy-tails-25-Birth-CertificateLovely Bunny Purchase Certificate.

2 Lionheads on bed pad at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.

More Products by Cotton Candie Tails!

Give your bunny extra pampering with a Cotton Candie Tails bed pad. They are hand made from upcycled materials (very eco-friendly) and machine washable.  Having something familiar helps your rabbit transition to new surroundings and provides emotional support during stressful times like travel and moving.

(Pictured: very satisfied customers.)

Pet bed pad at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.

Our bed pads are tripled layered for extra comfort, absorption durability, and insulation. They are fleece, terry cloth, and no-leak pads.

Regular size
26 inch X 16 inch: $15

Large size
32 inch X 18 inch: $22

Contact Cotton Candie Tails to find out more.


Bunny Bed and Breakfast Boarding Service!

GOOD NEWS! Cotton Candie Tails has bunny boarding services! 

Are you going on vacation, but bunny wasn't invited?

Do you need to move and want to make sure the family fluff doesn't wind up taped inside a box?

Are guests coming that are allergic to rabbits, or have severe leporiphobia? (Fear of rabbits; yes- that really is a thing.)

Is your home getting repairs that may create upheaval and stress for your rabbit?

Lionheads in outdoor cage at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell WA.
Lionhead and cavy in outdoor cage at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell WA.

As professional rabbit breeders, Cotton Candie Tails are well prepared to give rabbits proper housing and care, more than generic pet hotels. Bunnies have specific diet and calm environmental needs, so you want to make sure they have appropriate lodgings.

Prices range from $5-15 per day. Contact Cotton Candie Tails for details and reservations.

"Chess-playing" Lionhead rabbit at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.

Fostering and Rehoming Services

Cotton Candie Tails Fostering and Rehoming Services can be the perfect solution to several unique situations. They provide these services for any breed of rabbit under 7 pounds, so, dwarf, small, and some medium. 

Fostering: Are you thinking about getting a rabbit, but aren't ready for a permanent commitment? Do you wish you could find out what it's like before taking on a 10 year responsibility? Maybe you have a temporary living situation that would allow for a pet, such as staying with family for a summer. You could be a fur foster parent!

Since you are going into this with the understanding that it will be temporary, this will alleviate a lot of difficult decisions later. You can see if your child who has been begging for a bunny is really ready. Perhaps you are a military family who has moved into housing that allows pets, but there are no guarantees for your next assignment. Fostering gives you the opportunity to "test-drive" rabbit ownership. We offer lots of advice and aftercare, so this is the ideal way to find out if you have bunny in your blood.

Rehoming: Life circumstances change, and sometimes you are forced to part with a beloved pet. This heart breaking decision will be easier by having Cotton Candie Tails rehome your fur baby. Unlike generic animal shelters, Cotton Candie Tails knows what rabbits need, including what kind of people. They can help your bun find a wonderful fur-ever family. Their rehoming service is also great for people looking to buy rabbits.

Rabbits from generic shelters tend to be stressed or have health issues because they aren't being cared for by rabbit savvy people. The rehomed rabbits from Cotton Candie Tails will be healthier and better adjusted. Maybe you are looking for a very tranquil pet, adult or senior, who is happy to cuddle and watch TV with you instead of bouncing off the walls in hilarious juvenile antics. A mature rehomed rabbit can be the perfect calm companion you're looking for.

Contact Cotton Candie Tails to find out more.


Autumn Bunnies

Thinking about a fluff for fall? Cotton Candie Tails has the perfect companions for chilly days and sipping hot apple cider.

Autumn bunnies at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.
Autumn bunnies at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.
Autumn bunnies at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.
Autumn bunnies at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.

Love is in the air!
Check out our romantic rabbits.


Left: I'm not sure about these online dating sites, but he sounds nice...

Above: Call me Mr Romance. Strawberries, Raspberry Champagne, Candle Light, and for mood music, "Can't get enough of your love bun" by Bunny White.

The Kissing Booth

cotton-candie-tails-51-valentine-kissingGimme some sugar baby!

Spring Bunnies

Nothing says Spring like bunnies! Cotton Candie Tails have the cutest and floofiest rabbits they've ever seen.  

Springtime bunnies at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.
Springtime bunnies at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.
Springtime bunnies at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.
Springtime bunnies at Cotton Candie Tails Rabbitry in Bothell, WA.
Trio of darling Lionheads raised by Cotton Candie Tails in Bothell WA.

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