Aromatherapeutic Rabbit Resting Mats

These rabbit resting mats add comfort to your rabbit's cage preventing sore hocks, and at the same time also soothe anxious rabbits with genuine aromatherapeutic lavender oil.

Raising-Rabbits Aromatherapy Resting Mats are safe, chewable mats infused with lavender essential oil.

  • Resting mats provide a smooth surface for bunny to sit or lounge on, especially in all wire cages. 
  • The lavender essential oil provides a wonderful fragrance that tends to calm and soothe rabbits, even when they are stressed. 
  • Rabbits chew! These mats are completely safe for chewing, providing plenty of nontoxic fiber.

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Aromatherapy Rabbit Resting Mats promote good physical and emotional wellbeing for rabbits!

Resting Mats Promote Good Foot Health

Comfort for tired feet! 

Wire cages are the most sanitary and easy-to-clean option for rabbits. But, rabbit feet can get sore and tired if the wire on the cage bottom is a small gauge, or if the rabbit is very large. 

Some homemade wire cages may not be made with the best kind of wire for rabbits. Plus, very minor damage to the cage wire, like rust or scratches, can be easy to miss. If rabbits housed in those cages also have inadequate fur coverage on the bottoms of their feet, it is easier for them to develop a condition known as sore hocks. Usually bunnies develop callouses on their feet over time which prevent sore hocks, but some rabbits may have difficulty growing or maintaining those callouses due to health issues. Also, sore hocks might tend to develop more easily in giant rabbit breeds or obese rabbits due to the added pressure from their weight. 

Rabbit resting mats are an excellent answer to this problem! They provide a smooth and solid surface for rabbits to sit or recline on, allowing callouses to solidify or the rabbit to regrow fur on its soles.

What about elimination soiling the rabbit resting mat??

Wire cages are very sanitary, so housing your rabbit in one does help him stay healthy. However, if your rabbit is not litter box trained, he may not realize that eliminating all over the resting mat is less than ideal! So what's the solution?

Ideally, aromatherapy rabbit resting mats will attract bunny with their delightful scent, saving his little feet, then when it's time to do toilet business, he can hop over to the wire, do his eliminating, then resume comfortable lounging on his mat.

Heh! We all know that accidents happen, though litter box training is certainly helpful. The good thing is that the resting mats can be cleaned and the lavender oil refreshed. See below for care instructions

Lavender helps to relieve stress temporarily! 

Genuine lavender essential oil distilled by Lavender Connection in Sequim, WA, USA.

Rabbits can also suffer from stress and anxiety, because in the wild, they are prey animals. It is in their nature to be hyperalert. The soothing lavender scent has a calming effect, helping to ameliorate a sense of alarm or anxiety without totally canceling out all their instincts.

We have sourced our lavender essential oil from the beautiful lavender fields of the town of Sequim, in Washington state. The flowers are grown locally and organically, and distilled into chemical free, non-toxic essential oils. The blissful scent is perfectly safe just in case bunny decides to indulge in naughty gnawing.

Genuine lavender essential oil distilled by Lavender Connection in Sequim, WA, USA.

Aromatherapy Rabbit Resting Mats are on sale!

Aromatherapy Rabbit Resting Mat by

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Each mat measures 14 inches by 10.25 inches. They are great for very small to large rabbits. Even giant rabbits can comfortably crouch or sprawl across these divinely-smelling and very comfortable mats.

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Everyone and Everybun Deserves Pampering!

There are few things that compare to a gentle foot rub with essential oils, and aromatherapeutic resting mats are the next best thing to booking your bun a trip to the spa.

The mats are flexible enough that you can move it from his cage to the carrier when it's time for Mr. Rabbit to go to the V-E-T. (Shhhhh, not too loud; those big ears hear well!)

Having the comforting scent will help calm your bunny beforehand and relieve stress afterward.

Care Instructions for Your
Aromatherapy Rabbit Resting Mats

Genuine lavender essential oil distilled by Victor's Lavender in Sequim, WA, USA.
  1. Cleaning: Mats may be cleaned with a mild vinegar solution (1 part water/1 part vinegar) in case of wet messes.
  2. Refreshing: After mat has completely dried, apply a few drops of lavender essential oil to a cloth or napkin and wipe both sides. If you decide to use a different essential oil, consult your veterinarian.
  3. Chewing: If bunny chews the rabbit resting mat, don't worry. It's straw, so no different than chewing the hay you provide.

Genuine lavender essential oil distilled by Victor's Lavender in Sequim, WA, USA.

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