Rabbits for Sale in PA

Rabbits for Sale in PA - Pennsylvania:

Find the rabbits you want to raise in your local Pennsylvania neighborhood.

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Rabbits for Sale in PA - Pennsylvania

Aliquippa, PA
Lizzie's Lops
 Holland Lops, Mini Lops.
More Detail: At Lizzie’s Lops we handle the babies from birth daily. They get so much attention from us because we are a micro rabbitry (around 6). We are always complemented by new owners on how friendly and well socialized their new bunny is. We strive to improve the Holland lop and Mini lop breeds and create  companionship between humans and bunnies from birth. We truly love and care for our rabbits to the best of our ability because each one is part of our Lizzie’s lops family. Please read more about us on our website! 
Email: eclairemcdonald @ gmail. com
Website: https://elizabethslops.weebly.com/
Phone: (412) 935 - 4184

Featured Rabbitry! Happily Ever After Rabbitry
Bernville, PA
Featured Rabbitry Page: Happily Ever After Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
Phone: (484) 755 - 0800
Email: Happilyeverafterrabbitry @ gmail. com
Website: https://happilyeverafterrabbitry.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/happilyeverafterrabbits
Youtube: Happily Ever After Rabbitry on Youtube
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarf, Lionhead, Mini LopsMini Rex, and Mini Plush Lops.
More Detail:  All bunnies are started on litter training; super friendly, easy to handle bunnies for the entire family.
6/28/2022 (updated 4/30/2023)

Carlisle, PA
Beaming Bunnies Rabbitry
 Mini Rex, Champagne d’ArgentEnglish Spot, Lionhead, Dutch, Silver Fox, Holland Lop, Harlequin.
More Detail: All of my rabbits are bred to high standards and are all very healthy. They are handled daily and are my top priority.
Email: jgracie825 @ gmail. com
Phone: (717) 422 - 2883

Carlisle, PA
K & R Rabbit Farm
Point of Contact: Robin
Phone: (223) 269 - 0145
Email: kandrrabbitfarm @ gmail. com
Website: https://kandrrabbitfarm.com/              
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KandRRabbitFarm 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k_and_r_rabbit_farm/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/kandrrabbitfarm/
Youtube: K & R Rabbit Farm

Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lops
More Detail: We are breeders of pedigree Holland Lop rabbits. We have bred, raised, and cared for rabbits for many generations. We do our best to provide quality bunnies for pets, 4-H, FFA, breeding, and showing. Our bunnies are raised in a healthy, loving environment. They are handled daily, provided with enrichments, and are well socialized.
12/5/2022 (updated 5/30/2023)

Broken Black Holland Lop from Fair Wilde FarmBroken Black Holland Lop from Fair Wilde Farm

Chadds Ford, PA
Fair Wilde Farm
Point of Contact:
Phone: (610) 368 - 0415
Email: dettores8 @ gmail. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lops
More Detail: Baby Holland Lops available. Friendly and adorable.

Chambersburg, PA
Dutch Daisies  Rabbitry
 Pet and show quality Dutch rabbits.
More Detail: We raise quality dutch rabbits that do well on the show table. We handle each rabbit from the day they are born to the day the find new homes. We raise blue, tortoise, and chocolate varieties of dutch rabbits. They have great personalities and would make a perfect pet or show rabbit!
Email: dutchdaisiesrabbitry @ gmail. com

Effort, PA
MAD Rabbits Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
(570) 236 - 8482
Email: daylenejene @ yahoo. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lops, English Angoras, mixed breed rabbits for sale in PA.

Fairfield, PA
Mildred's Mayhem
 English Angora
Contact: (240) 691-6184 
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Mildreds-Mayhem-Rabbitry-298799274153924/

Frackville, PA
T and H Rabbitry

 Mini Lops.
More detail: Our rabbits cared for and loved by my girlfriend and I. We take much pride in having friendly, adorable, and playful mini lops for you to take home and enjoy as another part of your family.
Email: tandhrabbitry @ gmail. com
Cell: (570) 590 - 7825 (cell)

Gardners, PA 
Yaleska's Rabbits
 Mini Lops 
Contact: boriyaly @ gmail. com

Gratz, PA
Beanie Buns Rabbitry
 Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Lionhead
Website: https://beaniebunsrabbitry.weebly.com 
Email: christie.m @ outlook. com


Greencastle, PA 
Dandy Lion N' Lops Rabbitry
Breeds: We raise pedigree Lionhead, English Lop, Holland Lops and Continental Giants.
More detail: Our goal is happy, healthy and beautiful bunnies!
Email: dhbgood @ gmail. com
Phone: (717) 331 - 3033

Hanover, PA
Beachcomber Bunnies
 Mini Lops, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop-Holland Lop Mix.
More detail: Our goal is to provide you and your family with pet bunnies bred specifically for smaller size, calm temperament, beautiful markings, and optimal health.
Email:  beachcomberbunnies @ gmail. com 
Phone: (717) 451 - 4936 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beachcomberbunnies/

Herndon, PA
Joan's Rabbits
 Holland Lops. Does and bucks, some pedigreed, some not.
Email: joanherman1975 @ gmail. com

Honesdale, PA
Bronson's Bunnies Rabbitry
 New Zealand, Californian, Satin, Silver Fox, Champagne d’Argent, Rex, Mini Rex, Thrianta
Email: raisin33b @ yahoo. com
Phone: (570) 313 - 4268

Honesdale, PA 
Livin' on the Ridge Rabbitry
 Satin, New Zealand, Silver Fox.
Email: cadencekretschmer453 @ gmail. com
Phone: (570) 290 - 5097
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Livin-on-the-Ridge-Rabbitry-111196641005298

Landisburg, PA
Carriage House Rabbits

Breeds: New Zealand/Californian cross rabbits for sale in PA.
More detail: We are an ARBA registered rabbitry.
Email: carriagehouserabbits @ gmail . com

Langhorne, PA 
Morgan's Mini Lops
Breeds: Mini Lops
Contact: morgangoldenbaum @ gmail . com
Phone: (267) 994 - 1763
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Morgans-Mini-Lops-111908714002143/

Lebanon, PA
Pixie Hollow Rabbitry

Breeds: Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, and Champagne d’Argent
Website: Pixie Hollow Rabbitry

Lebanon, PA
Little Hare Homestead
Point of Contact:
Email: nathan @ littleharehomestead. com
Website: https://littleharehomestead.com              
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Rex 
More Detail: We raise Rex rabbits mainly for meat, but we focus on genetics and do our best to produce healthy rabbits and specific colors that are true to the breed. We also teach genetics and animal husbandry with our rabbits at a local school, so they are used to being held!             

Levittown, PA
McGrawville Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
Email: albert_mcgraw @ yahoo. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: New ZealandCalifornian.

Littlestown, PA
Tina's Rabbits
 Rex: bucks, does, solid blues and broken blues.
More detail: We are a small rabbitry and handle babies daily. We only breed for pets. 
Email: Mandtmidkiff @ aol. com

Maytown, PA
Buddy's Rabbitry

Breeds: Pedigreed Mini Rex
Colors: Black, Black Otter, and Broken Black Otter.
Email: zoezoek05 @ gmail. com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100069748420725
6/8/2021 (updated 12/6/2021)

McKeesport, PA
Painted Dreams
 Mini Rex, Mixed Rabbits for sale in PA.
More detail: Sweet and loving family pets, used to dogs, enjoy being petted, and are used to the sounds of daily home life.
Email: painteddreams21 @ yahoo. com

Holland Lop pet bunny by Emma and Ellie.

Featured Rabbitry! Bunnies by Emma and Ellie
Morgantown, PA

Featured Rabbitry Page: Bunnies by Emma and Ellie
Point of Contact:
Phone: (215) 519 - 1059
Email: alexandra120748 @ gmail. com
Bunnies by Emma and Ellie
Instagram: Bunnies by Emma and Ellie
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lop, Mini Lop, Mini Plush Lop, Mini Rex/Holland Lop Mix bunnies.
More Detail: Parents on-site. Family raised. Every mated pair is bonded and we believe that's what makes our bunnies extra loveable! We're dedicated to happy and healthy mini lop/mini rex bunnies.
9/30/2022 (updated 8/22/2023)

Myerstown, PA
Brady and Suzannah Weaver
Point of Contact:
(570) 581 - 1983
Email: lifesong2001 @ icloud. com
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf.

New Oxford, PA
Katrina's Rabbits
Netherland DwarfHotot, Jersey Wooly.
More detail: All rabbits are handled since birth and have very calm personalities. We breed for both personality traits and looks.
Contact: kabarfarms @ pa. net
Phone: (717) 465 - 5155

Newmanstown, PA
Katie’s Loving Lops

Breeds: Velveteen Lops, Flemish Giant Mixes.
Email: katelynsmith826 @ gmail. com
Phone: (717) 769 - 8074

Newport, PA
Gusler's Rabbit Ranch
 Holland Lops, English Lops, Polish, Belgian Hares, Lionheads, Rhinelanders. Coming soon: Teddywidders.
More detail: We've been breeding, showing, and raising rabbits for 15 years.
Email: Salenahaas @ yahoo. com
Phone: (717) 275 - 6068

New Providence, PA
Providence Satins
More detail: We raise show quality satins that could be competitive anywhere they are shown. The goal of our rabbitry is to bring quality to rabbit breeding programs by offering the healthiest and most structurally correct rabbits possible. Satin rabbits are a dual purpose breed because they are known both for their soft, shiny, luxurious coat, and their great meat qualities.
Contact: Gabrielle
Email: providencesatins @ gmail. com

Nicholson, PA
Simply Nourish Homestead

Breeds: Holland Lops, Rex, and Flemish Giant
Email: becky12151994 @ gmail. com
Phone: (570) 851 - 9814
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/simplynourishhomestead/

Nicholson, PA
White Willow Farm
Point of Contact: Cassie
(570) 904 - 4722
Email: cassiemarvin06 @ gmail. com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063633938129
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Satin (black, blue, broken, cal, chinchilla, siamese, and white), Mini Satins (Himi, blue, broken), Californian, New Zealand (white)
More Detail: White Willow Farm is youth owned and operated. We raise and offer only the highest quality possible Satins and Mini Satins and are competitive on a national level. Pets and culls occasionally available. Prices range depending on individual quality but range between $40-150.

Northampton, PA
Becca's Burrow

Breeds: Havanas: Chocolates, lilacs, blacks, and brokens in all these colors. Pedigreed, show or pet quality.
Email: beccasburrow @ gmail. com
Website: Becca's Burrow
Phone: (484) 866 - 5599

Oley, County of Berks, PA
Vitality Apothecary Farm
Point of Contact:
(484) 578 - 9967
Email: sales @ vitalityapothecaryfarm. com
Website: https://vitalityapothecaryfarm.com/              
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Rex, Blanc de Hotot, Californian
More Detail: Connect with a highly engaged community of rabbit enthusiasts who are actively seeking information, products, and services related to rabbits.

Orrtanna, PA
Shady Hill Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
(717) 422 - 8326
Email: shadyhillrabbitry @ outlook. com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShadyHillRabbitry
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Rex

Perkasie, PA

Breeds: Holland Lops, Lionhead.
More detail: These are sweet adorable bunnies raised with love!
Email: tsmolen @ hotmail. com

Quakertown, PA
Maisy Flemish Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
(484) 544 - 3626
Email: maisyflemishrabbitry @ gmail. com
Facebook: Maisy Flemish Rabbitry
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Flemish Giants
More Detail: Pedigreed Flemish Giants, color-correct blue and black.

Reading, PA
Berks Bunnies
Point of Contact:
(302) 419 - 4497
Email: perkypolkadot @ gmail. com
Website: https://perkypolkadot.wixsite.com/berksbunnies            
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/berksbunnies/
/Color/Age/Size: Mini Lop/Mini Rex mix rabbits.
More Detail: Mini lops are well known for their friendly personalities and love of attention. Mini rexes are sought after for their velveteen short fur, low shedding, and their fun curiosity. You will find the mini lop/mini rex combo is simply the best! We believe the love we give our mama and daddy bunny is the key to the cutest and sweetest little buns you will ever meet. Many colors available! Very social and sweet kits.
1/13/2023 (updated 5/8/2023)  

Ridgeway, PA
Nut House Rabbitry
Point of Contact:
(814) 335 - 0391
Email: lgsmith1832 @ gmail. com
Facebook: Nut House Rabbitry 
Instagram: TheNutHouseRabbitry

Breed/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lops, Silver Foxes, and "meat mutt" rabbits for sale in PA.

Saylorsburg, PA
Funny Bunnies Farm
Point of Contact: Lora

Phone: (610) 653 - 4983
Email: funnybunniesfarm @ gmail . com
Website: https://funnybunniesfarm.pbwebs.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/375581070091466
/Color/Age/Size: Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Lion Lops, Mini Plush Lops.
More Detail: Our babies are handled and socialized from 24-48 hours after they are born until the day you pick up. They are raised indoors with myself, my husband, our 3 children and our 3 dogs. They are used to movement and all kinds of noise so they don’t startle easily. Available at 8 weeks of age. Feel free to contact us with questions. 
4/16/2021 (updated 6/10/2022)

Snow Shoe, PA
Luvin' Buns Rabbitry
English Angoras, Lionhead
Contact: Marshallmaude61 @ yahoo. com

Spring Grove, PA
Loucks' Lops Rabbitry
Point of Contact: Hollie
Email: louckslopsrabbitry @ gmail. com
Website: https://louckslopsrabbitry.squarespace.com/
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Mini Plush Lop

Spring Mills, PA
Ren's Rabbits
Holland Lops, Flemish Giant, Mini Lops, Rex, Mini RexDutch, LionheadEnglish Angora, Dwarf Lionhead, Harlequin, mixed breed rabbits for sale in PA.
Email: Renpineapple @ gmail. com
Website: https://20sronk0.wixsite.com/rensrabbits-1
4/19/2021, (updated 5/13/21)

Tionesta, PA
Clara's Rabbits
Beautiful show quality Lionhead kits available!
More detail: I am a certified ARBA and NALRC breeder. They make wonderful pets and have been handled by kids since day one. Parents have won several awards at competitions! In total there are ten bunnies left! Prices range from 25 to 40 depending on the color, quality and sex of the rabbit. We have many colors available, and they are currently 7 weeks old.
Email: clarajbeck @ icloud. com
Phone: (814) 354 - 2031

Williamsport, PA
Hoppin Honey
Point of Contact:
Email: hoppinhoney.home @ gmail. com
Website: https://www.hhhbunnies.org/              
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoppinHoneyHome
Breed/Color/Age/Size: Silver Fox
More Detail: Pedigreed, Purebred, Member of ARBA and NSFRC.            

York, PA
Rosalee's Bunnies
 Mini Lops
Email: angelbug1578 @ gmail. com
Email: rlunsford38 @ aol. com
Phone/Text: (717) 714 - 0493 

York Haven, PA
Sugar n' Spice
 Flemish Giant.
More detail: All rabbits are handled since birth and have very calm personalities. We breed for both personality traits and looks.
Email: Jokelso9606 @ gmail. com
8/20/2021 (updated)

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Cutest Holland Lop Rabbit Ever!Cutest Holland Lop Rabbit Ever!
  • Ask if the breeder has had problems with buck teeth. Look in the rabbit's mouth - the top rabbit teeth should overlap the bottom teeth.
  • Ask if any genetic problems lurk in the herd. Buying meat rabbits? Ask about yellow fat. Certain breeds and lines within breeds have have their own various genetic problems - ask.
  • Listen inside the rabbitry - If you hear *any* sneezing or see *any* white snot, you may wish to leave without rabbits. Snotty mats on forearms, wet or dry, means a sick rabbit - don't buy. A damp nose (except on very hot days) might (but doesn't always) mean trouble - be cautious.
  • Turn the rabbit (or bunny) over to ensure the bottom is clean (no diarrhea). (Remnants of a  mild bunny diarrhea between 4 - 9 weeks old that has passed is not a problem.)
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