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Health and Wellness: current hot topics about bunny health.
Check out this article on Keeping Bunny Cool in the Summer Heat.

Special Feature: Bunnies and Booms! 4th of July is on a Tuesday this year, so you need to be prepped and ready by Friday, June 30th, because you KNOW you have that one neighbor that always starts early.

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Bonus Feature: Bunnies and Booms. What to do during fireworks season?

  It's a cruel summer, but doesn't have to be with our tips on keeping your rabbits cool. We have a whole page to help bunny Beat The Heat.

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Rabbit Care Topics: the A-to-Z of Raising Rabbits

+ Health and Wellness +

Silver Fox from Wits End Farm in NCSilver Fox from Wits End Farm in NC. "What the heck are you people doing out there?!"

Bunnies and BOOMS!

Every year, fireworks and pets is a big issue, so we have actually written a whole page to help your rabbit ease through the holiday. We cover lots of topics and tips:

Safe space for bunny.
Comfort food and treats.
Use of pet CBD oil.
To cuddle or not to cuddle.
And more!...

Check out the page: Fireworks and Pets

Rabbit with ice bottleKeeping bunny cool during summer-like temperatures with an ice bottle.

Keep Your Rabbit Cool:
As the heat of summer lingers in some areas, your furry friends will appreciate your  help to beat the heat. Besides the usual dangers of dehydration, heat stroke, and smelly armpits, buck rabbits can also suffer temporary sterility. ("Can" doesn't mean they will. Rabbits can still breed like rabbits if so inclined and they stay cool enough.)

Does are likely to feel disinclined to breed, and if the buck you introduce her to has become temporarily sterile, there will be no kits forthcoming.

Keep an eye on the weather report even into the autumn months. If it's going to hit 85F/29C, make arrangements to keep bunny cool. This means checking water at least twice a day as heavy drinking and evaporation can drain their supply. Other cooling options include fans, shade, coming inside, frozen water bottles to cuddle or chilled ceramic floor tiles, and maybe a little chilled fruit as a treat. (Fruit is bunny candy. Always serve in extreme moderation.)

We have more information in our paper book, The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, and our ebooks, Keep Your Rabbits Healthy and Rabbit Reproduction. All of our ebooks are 30% off!

Links to All Rabbit Care Topics 

You have a bunny or five, and a million questions on how to take care of them. We have all the information about raising rabbits covered, from hungry, to health, to habitats, and more!

Our Rabbit Care topics cover everything your bunny needs to be happy and healthy, from birth to geriatrics and beyond.

Take all the necessary information with you in excellent book and e-book form! The rabbit care details are all laid out nice and organized in both books and e-books, with lots of pictures!
Check it out --> Bookstore

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The Rabbit Care Section serves ALL who have rabbits. Most of the time, fortunately, raising rabbits involves similar basic rabbit care, no matter what purpose your rabbits serve - whether pet, fiber (wool), show, or livestock (meat and fur). 

  • Pet Rabbits: Pet rabbits can be a perfect solution for animal-loving but busy urban dwellers. They sleep while you're at work or school, and are active during your breakfast, suppertime, and early evening.

  • Livestock Rabbits and Show Rabbits. Livestock rabbit farming, especially if a commercial enterprise, requires greater attention to detail. Various breeding, feeding, and lighting practices are optimized to help stabilize general and wintertime production. As always, animal welfare is paramount. Plus, we offer tips on gaining a full or part-time income from your passion and expertise with raising rabbits, both in the USA and abroad.

N. America: Talk to a Vet online now

UK: Ask a Veterinary Question, Get an Answer ASAP!


I am in the UK and had a surprise litter recently. Your site has been my Bible. I can’t thank you enough.  I just wanted to share my appreciation. (Jo-March 2023)

Info About Rabbits

The Info About Rabbits section includes everything you want to know about rabbits, besides the specifics of taking care of them. Interesting topics include:

We also have great books and ebooks about different aspects of raising rabbits in our store that have everything laid out nice and organized, with lots of pictures! Check it out ---> Bookstore

Search Bar: We have a Google powered search bar to help you look for something fast. The bar is located near the top of the right hand column. --> Type in your query and hit "Search." This will open a page with many search results. The first few entries will be Google showing you the rest of the web (ads), but scroll down a bit and you'll get to the results from the Raising Rabbits  website specifically.

Contact Us: Have you been all over the Raising Rabbits website, used the Search bar and all, and still can't find what you're looking for? Would you simply like to communicate with us for whatever reason? Great! We love to hear from our readers. Go to our Contact Us page, and ask or comment away.

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Raising-Rabbits has been helping people purchase rabbits or sell them for years. We understand...professional breeders and hobby breeders alike need their information to be highly visible to their prospective customers, whether those customers want livestock rabbits or pets!  

We are also well aware that erroneously sexing rabbits is a thing! You might have just discovered that one of your two boy rabbits is actually a girl... (oops!) ...and now you have grandbuns needing new homes. No worries - we can help, at no cost to you.

Rabbits for Sale in your Local Neighborhood is the main starting point for buying or selling rabbits.

Below are specific links to services that Raising-Rabbits offers to those wanting to sell rabbits or buy rabbits. Most of them are free.

Buying Rabbits:

If you're visiting Raising-Rabbits in order to buy a rabbit or rabbits, here are three very effective ways to find yourself the perfect rabbit for your needs:

  • Featured Rabbitries: Each of our featured rabbitries has an entire web page devoted solely to their rabbits, whether in the USA and in Canada. That's a lot of information that will help you make a decision! It's worth it to check them out. Click here to go to the Featured Rabbitry Index.

  • State by State and Country by Country listings: Since we've been providing rabbitry advertising for a long time, we now have rabbit breeder listings all over the USA, as well as in Canada, Philippines, Uganda, and Zambia. To find a rabbit breeder near you, just click our Rabbit Breeders page.

  • Classified Ads: These very effective free ads are for people looking to both buy and sell rabbits. They last for only 30 days, or even less if we hear the rabbit has sold. Our classified ads are likely to still be current when you visit the page.  Click Classified Ads for more info. The top section of the classifieds is for people selling rabbits, while the bottom section is for people looking to buy a bunny.

Selling Rabbits:

If you have one or more rabbits for sale, we have 3 great options:

  • Subscribe to our Featured Rabbitry Service: Take your business or hobby to the next level with a highly visible featured rabbitry page. It is hugely helpful to your prospective customers to see the multiple photos and comprehensive information you can share through your own rabbitry page on Raising-Rabbits. We can even refresh your information every month for you. No contract required - cancel anytime. Click here to find out about Listing Your Rabbits For Sale.

  • State by State and Country by Country listings: We have rabbit breeder listings all over USA, as well as in Canada, Philippines, Zambia, and Uganda. To find out how to get your own listing on your state/country page, click Listing Your Rabbits For Sale.

  • Classified Ads: these are 30-day free ads for people looking to buy or sell rabbits. Our classifieds are effective; we have taken ads down within a week because the sale was made quickly. To find out more, click Classified Ads. The top section of the classifieds is for people selling rabbits, while the bottom section is for people looking to buy a bunny.

Raising Rabbits Store

We have several kinds of products in our store, for rabbits and their people:

  • Bunny Bazaar, our online shopping mall, is open! The Bunny Bazaar features not just our own fine products, but also suggested items for anyone who has bunny-on-the-brain. Did you just adopt a Christmas bunny, or are you thinking about adopting a rabbit? We have everything you need, including, most importantly, KNOWLEDGE!
  • Books and E-books. Holiday sale!!! Give the gift of knowledge; our raising rabbits e-books are on sale at 30% off! We have great paperback books and ebooks that tell you everything you need to know about making your bunny happy and healthy.
  • Clothing for people
  • Fun Rabbit Toys
  • Now featuring our newest product: Aromatherapy Resting Mats! Give bunny a home spa treatment with these straw resting mats infused with soothing lavender essential oil. Resting mats are a comfortable place for bunny to relax and rest their feet in wire cages.
  • Bunny Branola - the delicious treat that is also a great nutritional supplement. 4 yummy flavors: Classic Original, Pumpkin Spice, Merry Mint, and Cranberry Crunch
  • All natural/biologic/organic Fly Control
  • Frozen Rabbit for pets, such as cats and dogs

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From Jeni in the UK:
"I just would like to say that this website is AMAZING! I am a veterinary nurse with 15 years experience and have just started to breed my rabbits. I have learnt sooo much from all the info here....there is so much stuff I didn't know...." 

From Cheryl in Florida:
"Your website has been my Bunny Bible...."

From Christine in Texas:
"Best rabbit website anywhere on the net! ...Thank you!"

From Amy in Utah:
"Thank you so much for a fantastic website! This is by far the most helpful and friendliest rabbit website I've ever seen."

Read many more of your kind words on the Compliments page, and thank you!

Rabbits have a way of hopping into your heart and putting a grin on your face.

A very happy rabbit owner

The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes and supports the many purposes of rabbits, including meat, show, wool, fur and pet ownership.

So ...

Stroll around our site!

Take your time, enjoy our rabbit photos and absorb all the information on raising rabbits. If you have trouble finding the info you need, use the search box, or visit the Site Map, where you’ll find links to every page.

Here’s hoping your nest boxes are always full of show-stoppers.

God bless you!

Broken opal rex rabbit and her 3-week-old litter

: Broken Opal Rex Rabbit and 3 week old litter ... that little fawn young'n?

He grew up a bit, and won his new young owner a Youth Best-In-Show!

More recently, the fawn youngster is all grown up.

He won Best of Breed TWICE at the Evergreen Rabbit Breeders Association double open show a couple years ago. Congrats to the winner!

Pet bunny sitting on a grassy knoll.

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Left Above: Indoor hutch and wire cage combo. Easy to keep clean and easy to enjoy your rabbit!

Right Above: Large outdoor rabbit hutch and wire cage combo. Durable, time-saving, and so easy to use and clean! Move Combo under cover before use.



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Chew Stix by Raising-Rabbits

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Fresh alder branches are harvested from trees grown without chemicals, pesticides, or smog. Those branches are then hand cut down to bunny size portions, and infused with apple from Washington’s famous apple farms.

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