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Compliments on the Website

From Dawn in Massachussets:
About Pasteurellosis: "Can I be honest and say your website makes the most sense about building rabbit health?! I treated my doe to the tune of a couple hundred dollars cuz she had just kindled and had a negative P. multocida culture. But as soon as I weaned her kits, we culled her and yep, lungs were white with pus, plus enlarged heart. Same with the buck she was mated to. I'm glad my Rex-breeding friend helped me cuz I had no idea!!

"I work at a human hospital lab and most people have MRSA somewhere on their body, but a few get infected by it. So your immune-building theory makes perfect sense, much more sense than the medicating breeders who sent me this doe to begin with. Thank you for telling Truth!"

From Zoe in the USA:
Thank you so much for this info - I've gone to many other sites and none of them are as accurate as your website.

Black French Lop RabbitNicki and Bean

From Nicki in Florida:
Hello, I was clearing out old messages and came across the thread where you helped me with my bunny's rough start in life. I want to thank you so much for your help. My Bean did survive and became a spunky gal with lots of attitude. But I loved her. She was my first baby and you helped me so much in keeping her alive. Unfortunately, she did pass last month. Vet said she had cancer in her uterus? I was not aware that was a thing. She lived almost 6 and a half years. Thank you again.

From Joanna in the UK:
Thanks for your very informative website!

From Ron in Utah:
"I just want to applaud your website. I raised New Zealand rabbits for fun (for our eight kids) and dinner for almost 15 years in Hawaii and am about to start up again here in less balmy Utah. You are making raising rabbits for pleasure or as a fine, economical meat source simple and economical, very important in our present unsure economy. Keep up the good work, and thanks!"

From George in New York:
"Hello - FANTASTIC, thorough, comprehensive, exhaustive website. The amount of clearly organized, clearly stated info is do an unbelievable job..." 

From Christine in Texas:
"Best rabbit website anywhere on the net! I had pet rabbits when I was young and now my 10 yr old (Jr FFA) is about to get his first. My husband and I made him do research (putting all info learned into a book report and presentation for us) on the breed and care of the rabbit so he would know exactly what is expected of him to maintain a healthy and happy pet/show bunny. This website made that possible for him. Thank you!"

From Ross in the UK:
"Hey, I just want to say thanks for your website. My rabbit gave birth to her first litter last Friday, both mother and babies seem to be healthy. I was a newbie to birth, baby rabbits, the whole thing. Your website has been extremely helpful and without your website I think I would be completely lost on what to do, how to check the kits correctly etc. So thanks a lot. I've attached a few pictures of the 7 kits =]." 

From Stacy in Illinois:
"Your site has been such a help as we are getting started with our Netherland Dwarfs. There is so much rabbit information to pore over--it will take me a while to get through the whole site. I'm working on constructing the PVC rabbit hutch frame now..." 

From Roscoe in Oklahoma:
"I am raising the Texas A&M breed of New Zealand. I started with 13 to learn the basics and kept one buck and five does to start production. My first new litter is about three weeks from harvest. This is the best website I've found for walking the rabbit newbie through the process. I turn to the site for each step of the process and whenever problems arise. I really appreciate the personalized responses to questions. Thanks!"

Broken Black Otter Pet RabbitBroken Black Otter Pet Rabbit

From Shannon in Alabama:
"I can't thank you enough for your super informative website! I feel so much more secure and positive about my choice to start raising rabbits in our backyard. Thank you...."

From Jeanie in Florida:
"Hello, I really enjoy reading your web site."

From Marco in Spain:
"Thank you again for your advice, it really helped put our minds at ease... Keep up the good work with the website!"

From Candy in Ohio:
"Your website is wonderful!"

From Jeni in the UK:
"I just would like to say that this website is AMAZING! I am a veterinary nurse with 15 years experience and have just started to breed my rabbits. I have learnt sooo much from all the info here....there is so much stuff I didn't know...."

From Cheryl in Florida:
"Your website has been my Bunny Bible. I recently started raising English Lops and I have learned so much valuable information. It's really helped me get through the good and bad times!"

From Ed in the USA:
"I'm really enjoying your site. You have a lot of very helpful info here that you offer for free. I admire that and appreciate your efforts."

From Amy in Utah:
"Thank you so much for a fantastic website! This is by far the most helpful and friendliest rabbit website I've ever seen."

From Joe in Malta:
"Congratulations for your website, fantastic. I have been breeding rabbits as a hobby since I was 6 years old. Now I'm 62, and still breeding rabbits ... Best greetings from the sunny island of Malta."

From Bridget in Missouri:
"We have just started raising meat rabbits. I really enjoyed your website it helped us a lot thank you!!!"

From Lisa in Arizona:
"This website has all the answers! Thanks!"

From Haley in Ohio:
"I came to learn about breeding my rabbits I've owned for a while and wow, did this website ever help!"

Compliments on Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

From Lynette in California:
I just want to tell you I love love love your book! It is my Rabbit Bible. Seriously. As soon as I found it, I put all other books down. The questions and answers made it so simple to learn. You get right to the point. Thank you so much!

From *Amazon Reviewer Christine E McMannis (7/1/2017):
Great Book for the Pet Owner AND Rabbit Breeder: 
This is a very informative book on rabbit health! I bought it months ago and hadn't had time to read it. I happened to pick it up today and was impressed! I have been breeding and showing Holland Lops for 7 years and ironically, just got into breeding and showing Rex rabbits, which the author herself raises. I like that her answers to questions are direct, to the point, and not sugar coated. Such as when she talks about Pasteurellosis (snuffles). I, and fellow breeders have found this disease is almost always fatal. There is no cure. However, there are breeders and pet owners out there who swear their rabbit(s) had it and were taken to the Vet and "cured" with antibiotics. Sadly, I have friends whose entire herds were wiped out by this terrible disease.

Breeders often have to rely on home remedies and medications that can be bought over-the-counter, to treat their rabbits. If you have 10 or more rabbits, taking them to a Vet is not realistic. You have to be your own Vet sometimes. I found the helpful treatments to be spot-on. So much useful info throughout this book. Easy for the beginner or pet owner to understand, and yet useful and informative for the seasoned breeder as well! Well done! So glad I bought it! 

From Belinda in Washington:
I finished the book…it is so good! You touch all the bases and you cover everything from medical technical to hands-on-the-rabbits fun and funny - really, very well done, just right and so real.

You write like you are talking to a person, not just to the ‘reader.’ I do not know many folks who can sit down to read a how-to, inform-me kind of book, and when they are through, be smiling, and better informed and also to have had a couple laughs and smiles along the way, as I did.

From *Amazon Reviewer Warren Saylor (4/15/2016):
"Excellent! We originally checked Rabbit Raising Problem Solver out of our local library, but after reading it we knew we needed to own it!

From Cindy in Washington:
Everything I didn't know and wanted to know is in your 'Rabbit Raising' book. You have covered everything from A-Z and then some. Thanks so much for a wonderful book, including the humor!

From *Amazon Reviewer Linda Flick/The Bookworm (5/9/2016):
Rabbit Raising Problem Solver is my Rabbit Bible. 
I decided last year that I wanted to start raising animals for food to have an all natural, quality food, that was GMO free and had a low impact on the environment. I decided on raising meat rabbits because they are the best all around meat and also have the added use of fibers and all natural fertilizer for my garden. So like any reasonably intelligent person I started researching my chosen direction. After several different “All You Need To Know About Raising Rabbits” books which were mostly geared towards showing your rabbits (in which I am uninterested in at the moment) and just echoed what the other books were saying/selling, I finally found this book.

WOW!! this is the most comprehensive and well thought out “manual” for raising and breeding rabbits (small or large scale) that I have found yet. There are breakdowns of how rabbits behave and why. How they contract diseases, bacteria, infection, viruses, and how all of the most common ones work and how to spot them! Also a breakdown on what treatment could mean or what is usually fatal. I am by no means an “expert” on rabbits now, but this was what I was looking for (and thought I would find, or have to piece together between several books).

This book is now my Rabbit Bible and is full of underlining and post-it sticky notes for reference. The information that is in this book is text-book quality (without the snore factor) and is mostly done in Q & A format. I loved the author's sense of humor that, at times, left me hunched over laughing (see "Fooled You! False pregnancies"). I am so glad that I stumbled onto this book and all the information that is contained therein. 

Your compliments and kind words are so very appreciated, thank you!

It means we’re fulfilling our mission of providing comprehensive rabbit information for every facet of raising and breeding rabbits as pets, or for meat, show and fur.

Enjoy your rabbits!

Sincerely, Karen

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