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Mapleridge Stables Rabbitry in Rigaud, Quebec, Canada, is your source for beautiful Himalayan rabbits in all four colors.

Rigaud is located not too far from Montreal, Quebec, right on the border of the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

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maple-ridge-stables-01-fall-black-point-himilayan"Just chillin with my Himi's drinking pumpkin juice..."

Maple Ridge Stables
Rigaud, Quebec
Maple Ridge Stables Rabbitry
 Himalayan (The Pandas of the Rabbit World)

More detail: Himalayans have great laid back personalities so they are a good rabbit for kids. They have white bodies with colored "points", ie ears, nose, paws, and tail. The points are in 1 of 4 beautiful colors: black, chocolate, blue, or lilac.
Check out their Featured Rabbitry page for lots of detail and great pictures! 
Email: MapleRidgeStablesinc @ gmail. com
Facebook: MapleRidgeStablesInc
Phone: (418) 222 - 1990

Rigaud, Quebec, Canada


About MapleRidge Stables Rabbitry

Marie-Eve, owner of MapleRidge Stables Rabbitry, is the neighbor of respected rabbit breeder Livia Delattre, owner of Les Petits Lapin de Guimauve. Ms. Delattre has been working at length with selectively breeding Himalayan rabbits in all four varieties, black, blue, chocolate, and lilac.

Ms. Delattre turned over the breeding program of these Himalayan rabbits to MapleRidge Stables Rabbitry, in order to focus more exclusively on a different breed. The bloodlines of these beautiful rabbits will continue to advance through the continuing efforts of MapleRidge Stables Rabbitry.

Himalayans are remarkable in their gentleness and acceptance among children and 4-H programs. They are very tolerant of handling, and make wonderful pets.

maple-ridge-stables-05-blue-point-himilayan-kitLil kitling.
maple-ridge-stables-02-chocolate-point-himilayansBlack-pointed Himalayans.
maple-ridge-stables-03-blue-point-himilayan-on-slideBlue-pointed Himalayan.


Prices usually range between C$100 - 250.00, depending on individual conformation, attitude, and more.

All rabbits come with pedigree, and will be dewormed. 

 Also available:
Shavings, hay, grain, rabbit manure.
Please reach out to MapleRidge Stables Rabbitry for more information.

All rabbits are pedigreed, and are suitable for livestock, pets, and/or show.

MapleRidge Stables Rabbitry is a member of the American Rabbit Breeder Association, and show their rabbits at ARBA-sponsored shows.


Quarter Horses, Miniature Horses, German Shepherd Dogs

Additionally, MapleRidge Stables breeds and sells:

  • Quarter horses
  • Miniature horses
  • German Shepherd Dogs

See below for photos of horses and German Shepherds.

Are you interested in more info about horses, or German Shepherds?

Please contact MapleRidge Stables Rabbitry for answers to any of your questions. Contact info is above.

Beautiful German Shepherds

Beautiful sire and dam of German Shepherd puppies available at MapleRidge Stables.

Inquire as to timing of litters and availability, or to place yourself on a waiting list.


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