Rabbit Reproduction
A World of Raising Rabbits E-Book!

Our 108-page e-book covers all aspects of rabbit reproduction from mating, to pregnancy, kindling, care of the rabbit kits, weaning, sexing, and rebreeding.

Avoid the common problems with raising rabbits, and learn all the interventions you can employ to avert disaster with bucks, does, and kits.

Rabbit Math: 1 + 1 = 153

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As easily as rabbits seem to multiply, there are a surprising number of glitches in the process of raising litters of rabbits.

The Raising-Rabbits website has already provided absolutely free the basics of rabbit mating, kindling, litter care and weaning. But while websites are great for this, one can only say so much per topic on a website. Sometimes breeders and owners need more info.

That is why we created Rabbit Reproduction, a World of Raising Rabbits e-book that guides you through all the details of the entire process of mating rabbits and raising the babies from conception to weaning.

This e-book is for every rabbit owner who hopes to have ONE or more litters of bunnies so they can avoid disasters in their rabbit litters.

For example...

What do you do if one day you discover a pile of fur in your rabbit's hutch filled with tiny baby bunnies? But...they said the rabbits were both GIRLS!” 

It's clearly too late now. We'll help you deal with the emergency - see page 71.

But you'll learn so much more!

Breeding Rabbits

Building on the foundation of mating bucks and does, Rabbit Reproduction explores all the scenarios:

  • Magic you can work when the doe refuses to cooperate with the buck (because that day WILL come!)
  • Age and size constraints for breeding
  • What might happen if siblings end up mating, either accidentally or on purpose
  • When or IF to do test breeding, and all the ramifications that might result
  • How bucks might interact with baby kits and with youngsters, plus your options of housing the buck with the doe…or not
  • The chances of a breeding occurring through the cage wire or chain link fence

"The Rabbit Reproduction e-book is wonderful
for all rabbit raisers, including the new ones!
The pictures are fantastic.

"Thank you for the help and info...!"  –Marlene , TX

You've got this really nice doe and a totally amazing champion buck! But do you think you can get the two to mate????

Yeah, I know! And you'll find three pages dedicated to all the tricks I use to convince the doe to accept the buck, starting on page 10.

Chinchilla Rex doe with litter and foster kitsSee the brown kit? It and the black otter next to it are foster bunnies. Fostering is discussed on page 64.

Taking Care of the Doe throughout Pregnancy

You already know the five clues to a pregnant rabbit. But more than that, Rabbit Reproduction will also cover:

  • Recordkeeping
  • What various rabbit pregnancies can look like
  • What the heck a false pregnancy is, how they work, and what do do about them
  • Various gestational problems such as miscarriages, birth defects, and important feed-related connections to rabbit health problems or inability to reproduce
  • Nest Box Size and Preparation
  • What you can use as a nesting box instead of a commercially constructed rabbit nest box

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It's very frustrating when you breed a rabbit, she builds an amazing nest, and then doesn't have any babies!

I'll explain what is happening with the doe on pages 32 and 33.

The Kindling Doe

You'd sure like to easily handle the rabbit birth and any of the many alarming contingencies that could arise:

  • How to safely check the nest and the kits, even on the first day of their birth
  • Special nest box concerns with angora rabbits
  • Normal rabbit care after kindling
  • The psychology of litter destruction
  • Intervening when the doe, or kits, need help
  • How to deal with a hyper-aggressive doe without getting yourself bit or lacerated by her claws or teeth
  • What to do when the doe doesn't pull enough fur to keep her kits warm
  • What to do if the doe fails to use the nesting box
  • What to do when a doe abandons her kits, fails to mother them, or even harms them
  • First time mothers – are they all stupid??
  • Is it possible to reawaken a doe's instincts if she initially ignores her newborn kits?
  • How to save the lives of baby kits when the doe dies
  • Handling kits that are unthrifty, including the ultra-tiny peanuts
  • Fostering kits to a different doe
  • Hand-feeding orphaned kits, including the best formula I have found
  • How to keep singleton kits alive and warm
  • Reviving chilled kits (including photos to help you tell if they are alive and chilled, or dead kitsicles)
  • When to re-breed the doe after the loss of an unweaned litter

Did you know that the doe and buck might re-mate soon after the doe delivers her babies?

Now what do you do?
The answer starts on page 70.

Baby Rabbit Care from Birth through Weaning

Upside down newborn rabbit kit sound asleep

We'll start with all the normal bunny care the rabbit owner should give to their kits from birth through weaning.

But you know that all kinds of situations can arise:

  • What sort of normal home or barn routine is appropriate with baby kits
  • What you can do if your doe just can't produce enough milk for all her kits
  • Sometimes a few kits hog all the milk! Learn several tricks for helping the hungry kits, including the “Trash Can Trick
  • How to recognize and deal with mastitis in the lactating doe
  • A simple technique for helping the doe nurse her own kits
  • Sudden death in bunnies aged 3 - 9 weeks of age
  • Correctly sexing young bunnies
  • Taking care of rabbits through 9 weeks or older
  • When to re-breed the buck and the doe, if desired

What a helpless feeling when one by one, the kits get skinny and then start to die.

No more worries - there's a simple dietary answer that quickly results in excellent milk production. See page 74.

(PS: the same trick helps the doe maintain her condition until her kits are weaned.)

Rabbit Reproduction: Only $8.49

As always, your purchase is 100% risk-free. See our Double-Value Guarantee below.

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Two Controversies:
Weaning and Feeding Bunnies

Weaning Bunnies:
One of the biggest controversies amongst rabbit owners and breeders is how to best wean bunnies. If the weaning is not done carefully, the risk for a deadly diarrhea rises. I'll tell you exactly how bunnies are weaned at Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch, starting at page 92. And as far as I know, we've never lost a bunny to diarrhea at weaning.


  • Physiological Weaning versus Physical Weaning - there IS a difference
  • A handy weaning blueprint for avoiding STRESS at weaning
  • Weaning myths explained

Can weanling bunnies eat beet greens?

Feeding Bunnies:

Another controversy centers around how one should feed bunnies. The risk is the same - if you don't feed them correctly, they might get diarrhea because of their immature digestive tract flora, and possibly die.

But, there's an EASY RULE to follow that will put your mind at rest and simplify your life. Find the solution and a full explanation on page 89.

Rabbit Reproduction contains 108 pages of valuable information useful to the seasoned rabbit breeder, the homesteader raising meat rabbits, and the pet rabbit owner interested in an occasional rabbit mating.

And at $8.49, Rabbit Reproduction pays for itself with the very first litter if you save the life of even one single bunny.

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Rabbit Reproduction: Only $8.49

As always, your purchase is 100% risk-free. See our Double-Value Guarantee below.

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