Rabbit Rhythms August 2021

Rabbit Rhythms August 2021: 

We're giving another call-out to rabbit breeders, especially if you live in Montana, New Mexico, or New Hampshire. But no matter where you live, Raising-Rabbits can help you market your rabbits and rabbit products, at NO COST to you.

Our Fourth of July Photo Contest is still open! The deadline for entering is August 31, 2021.

August's Breed of the Month is the Mini Lion Lop, an ultra-cute tiny breed which is recognized by the BRC but not yet by the ARBA in America. Check them out!

Chew is an issue for rabbits! And chew sticks are an amazing solution that will help your bunny keep his teeth nicely trimmed and his attention away from the phone charger cords.

Lastly, Bunny Branola® is Back!! Raising-Rabbits is offering the same effective and healthful recipe as before. Plus, look for more "flavors," including seasonal ones, in the future! We'll tell you more below.

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Attention Rabbit Breeders!

Rabbits for Sale listings on this website DO bring attention to the rabbits you have for sale, which will help you find excellent homes for your pet or livestock rabbits!

Do you breed bunnies? Do you know someone who does? We have made it free and easy for you to list your rabbitry on our website. Obtain a free classified ad, or if you like, subscribe to our featured website service and get an entire web page with lots of pictures for a very low price. Check it out at www.raising-rabbits.com/rabbit-breeders.html.

We currently have NO rabbit breeders listed in New Mexico (we KNOW domestic rabbits can be found in NM!), and only one rabbitry listed in either Montana or New Hampshire.

Consider contacting us about adding your listing to Raising-Rabbits. It's FREE.

Pet Rabbit Chewing is a Thing!

Bunny owners find out very quickly that rabbits chew and chew… and chew… and CHEW...

Raising-Rabbits hears from a lot of pet rabbit owners. Sometimes it sounds like this…

  • My rabbit is chewing on the cage...
  • My rabbit is chewing on the furniture...
  • My rabbit keeps chewing the carpet...
  • My rabbit keeps chewing on the cords!!!


In a word, no. While the rest of the rabbit stops growing once it reaches adulthood, bunny teeth never stop growing. It is similar to fingernails on people. And like our fingernails, bunny teeth need to be regularly filed and worn to prevent injury and pain. Chewing naturally performs the filing and wearing functions which is why bunnies constantly chew.

If a rabbit cannot chew, its teeth will grow faster than the chewing and gnawing can wear them down. In time, overgrowing teeth will be forced by nature into misaligned positions, making it altogether impossible for ANY natural wearing of the teeth. Misalignment results in malocclusion, which is a problem big enough to kill a rabbit when it can no longer close its mouth in order to eat. 

Learn more about rabbit teeth here, and check out our book, The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver. The section on dental issues starts on page 280, and see a picture of correct wear and alignment on page 283.

See our Pet Rabbit Chewing page for more great tips on:

  • How do I keep my bunny from bad chewing?
  • What are acceptable options for chewing?

High Fiber Hay Helps Guts and Teeth

Keep fresh hay available with his food. The hay will have fiber that helps with digestion, as well as giving him healthy chewing options. Change out his hay at least once a week. Stale hay can taste like stale popcorn to your rabbit. If he doesn’t have fresh hay, he will taste test other things around the house. In addition to hay, another great option are Raising-Rabbits Chew Stix.

Chew Sticks: An Ideal Rabbit Chew Toy for Teeth!

Raising Rabbit Chew Stix are nature's blessings from the beautiful Washington State forests. Fresh alder branches are harvested from trees without chemicals, pesticides, or smog. Those branches are then hand cut down to bunny size portions, then infused with apple from Washington’s famous apple farms. The alder is perfect for rabbit dental hygiene, and the apple taste and smell will attract your bun, saving your phone cords and your sanity.

Chew Stix by Raising-Rabbits
Just the sticks your bunnies need for chewing and gnawing!

Chew Stix by Raising-Rabbits

Fruit-infused Raising Rabbits Chew Stix are nature's blessings from the beautiful Washington State forests and orchards.

Fresh alder branches are harvested from trees grown without chemicals, pesticides, or smog. Those branches are then hand cut down to bunny size portions, and infused with apple from Washington’s famous apple farms.

Alder is perfect for rabbit dental hygiene! The apple taste and smell will attract your bun, and they can chew to their heart's content, saving your phone cords and your sanity. 

Check out Raising Rabbits Chew Stix Here

Fourth of July Photo Contest is in full swing till August 31! 

You still have time to forward to Raising-Rabbits a very cute photo of your bunny or bunnies! The submission deadline is August 31. 

Check the July 2021 Newsletter for all the details. 

Don't forget the great prizes!! And lots of winners!!

  • One First Place winner will receive 1 pound, a 2 month supply, of Bunny Branola® Rabbit Supplement
  • Three Second Place winners will receive 8 ounces, a one month supply, of Bunny Branola®
  • Five Third Place winners will get a 4 ounce, two week trial size, of Bunny Branola®!

Thank you! We hope you will have fun participating in our Fourth of July Photo Contest!

Click here to Enter the Photo Contest!

Breed of the Month: Mini Lion Lops

The August Breed of the Month is the Mini Lion Lop! Our friends at Belle’s Bunny Boutique breed these little darlings, so just click through to their website if you want to see more. (Seriously, the pictures have unbelievable cuteness). If you’re ever in New Jersey, stop by and see them.

Lion Lops are a recently developed breed. They were created in the UK in the early 2000’s. They are recognized by the British Rabbit Council (BRC), but have yet to be recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). 

The bunnies get the name Lion from the manes and bibs of fur around their faces. Some have especially thick and wide manes covering more of their heads; these are referred to as double maned. You can tell double maned lionheads even as babies, because the double mane is so easy to see. Double maned kits are referred to as Gremlins due to their distinctive appearance. Manes should be about 2-3 inches long for adults.

They are good bunnies for owners of all experience levels. They are friendly, social, even tempered, lively, and energetic. They like being social with other rabbits, so they would be a good choice as a second bunny. Being such lively bunnies, they do need room to wander even when they are strictly indoor pets.  

They have powerful stocky bodies, being broad bodied compared to other breeds. They weigh about 3-4 pounds and eat the standard bunny diet. They also come in a wide variety of colors.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about this interesting new bunny breed. If there is a particular breed you would like to learn about, our e-book, Domestic Rabbit Breeds, covers all breeds recognized by ARBA, plus domestic rabbit breeds in the UK, NZ, AUS, and around the world. This book will hopefully help you select the perfect bunny for your family.

About that Bunny Branola!

Bunny Branola is an ultimate rabbit nutritional supplement, and tasty treat!

Your bunny will love our tasty and nutritious snack mix. One (1) tablespoon per day sprinkled on top of your rabbit's regular food is all you need to make your bunny happier and healthier. 

Bunny Branola helps keep fur softer and shinier, their teeth and tummies healthier, and helps relieve stress from things like moving to a new home or cold winters. Bunny Branola is also a wonderful rabbit superfood supplement for pregnant bunnies and growing junior bunnies. 

Our 4 ounce trial size of Bunny Bran gives you 14 - 16 tablespoons, an easy two-week supply of deliciousness for your bunny!

Click here to find out everything that Branola can do for your bunny!
Click here to find Bunny Branola in our Raising-Rabbits Store.

Directions: One tablespoon of Bunny Branola is a normal ration for an average-sized rabbit of 6-9 pounds. Feed every day or every other day, depending on your rabbit's health, stress levels, and/or fur or wool condition. 

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