Rabbit Rhythms June 2024
Issue 101:

Welcome to Rabbit Rhythms June 2024 edition!

We have returned from a long hiatus to bring you new rabbit news along with proven wisdom.

There have been lots of exciting developments in the world of rabbits, and some nice enhancements to Raising-Rabbits.com.

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Breed of the Month: The American Rabbit

We Have Cages: Top Quality Rabbit Cages from Hostile Hare

Health and Wellness: Keeping Rabbits Cool in Summer

Bunny Branola: An Immune-Boosting Supplement and Treat

Bunnies and Booms: Coping with 4th of July


Breed of the Month: American Rabbit

American rabbits are a large breed, coming in 2 solid colors, white and blue. They have gentle temperaments and are good as both livestock and pets.

The American breed of rabbit has a completely unique history. It was originally created in 1918, as a hybrid from several blue breeds, including Flemish Giant. The goal was to make the bluest rabbit fur possible. Mission accomplished, the American blue is considered to have the deepest, richest blue color of any rabbit breed. (Occasionally whites would pop up in American blue litters, and they were developed into a second type of rabbit, the American white.)

It was originally known as the German Blue Vienna, but the name was changed due to sentiments during WW1. It was known as the Pasadena Major for a while, until settling on its permanent name, the American. It was a very popular breed, until the advent of New Zealand Rabbits. New Zealands were so successful that they nearly drove the American Rabbits, and several others as well, into extinction. They were put on the Livestock Conservancy Critically Endangered list. 

Fortunately, the Hutterites (a religious group similar to the Amish) were raising American rabbits and had faithfully bred them for several decades, possibly unaware of the new-and-improved New Zealand rabbit. The Americans thrived in the hands of the Hutterites. American rabbits are now listed as threatened, which is a big step forward. American rabbits are gaining in popularity outside the Hutterite community, so hopefully we will see them moved to a "watched" status.

American rabbits also have their own fan club: Breeders of the American Rabbit.

So now the important question going forward: We have American White and American Blue; is anyone developing an American Red? 


We've Got Cages

What are your cage needs? Pet pampering? Rabbit ranching?

Nick Klein with Hostile Hare Cages has developed cages much improved over all the typical cages currently available. They solve two BIG problems: They protect rabbit feet, and they act like Fort Knox when it comes to predators. We think you will like them as much as we do.

Raising-Rabbits has partnered with Hostile Hare in Casa Grande, Arizona, to bring to you the full gamut of Nick's cage creativity -- and it's a wide selection. For more information:

Karen Thinks Hostile Hare Wire Rabbit Cages Are Amazing.
What Do You Think?


Health and Wellness: How Bunnies Beat the Heat

As the heat of summer builds in many areas, your rabbits may need your help in order to beat the heat. Besides the usual dangers of dehydration and heat stroke, buck rabbits can also suffer temporary sterility. ("Can" doesn't mean they for sure will. Rabbits can still father kits if they stay cool enough for long enough through the heat.)

Does are likely to feel disinclined to breed, and if the buck you introduce her to has become temporarily sterile, there will be no kits forthcoming.

Keep an eye on the weather report. If it's going to hit 85F/29C, make arrangements to keep the rabbits cool. This means checking water at least twice a day as heavy drinking and evaporation can drain their supply. Other cooling options include fans, shade, coming inside, frozen water bottles to cuddle or chilled ceramic floor tiles.

My favorite method of cooling rabbits involves an underground burrow! Imagine 110F outside, but the inside of the burrow remains 80F or lower!

See Cooling Rabbits for much more info. Additionally, Raising-Rabbits offers excellent informational resources on rabbit care and problem-solving...

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver book cover.

Raising-Rabbits: Home of
The Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

All your Answers in One Book!
Learn More Here
$22.62 - Order Here

Raising-Rabbits Books provide nearly everything you need to know about rabbits.


Bunny Branola: Immune-Boosting Supplement and Treat

Bunny Branola is a delicious and nutritious rabbit treat, with no dyes, preservatives, or other chemicals. It's wholesome yummy goodness that punches up a rabbit's conditioning and immune system. Branola comes in 6 delicious flavors, all of them available year round: 

  • New: Cinco De Bunno, so you and your rabbit can enjoy Taco Tuesday together
  • New: Taste of the Tropics, including island fruit
  • Classic Original
  • Cranberry Crunch
  • Apple and Pumpkin Spice
  • Merry Mint

Check out the details on the Bunny Branola page if you would like to learn more about what Bunny Branola can do for your rabbits. And if they're HANGRY now, go straight to the Raising-Rabbits Store

Rabbits love  Bunny Branola, say their owners.
Read the Testimonials!


Bunnies and Booms: a Rabbit Resource for 4th of July

Bunnies and BOOMS!

Every year, fireworks and pets is a big issue, so we have actually written a whole page to help your rabbit ease through the holiday. We cover lots of topics and tips:

Safe space for bunny.
Comfort food and treats.
Use of pet CBD oil.
To cuddle or not to cuddle.

And more! Check out the page: Fireworks and Pet Rabbits


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