A wonderful surprise...

by Amber

40 days old

40 days old

Well, late November last year, I found four, warm, wiggling creatures in a bed of fur in the corner of my doe's hutch. I was so surprised by what I'd found, completely unaware that she'd been pregnant in the first place!!!

It was dark, so it was a struggle to get everything sorted out, separating the mother doe from her previous hutch-mate so she could be alone with her kits, topping up her food bowl with pellets and storing fresh alfalfa hay in her house.

We expected the worst, as our miniature-lop had passed away a few months before after having two unexpected litters that also died... We certainly didn't expect to be where we were today, with four, gorgeous, healthy bunnies!!!

They have lovely patterns in their fur; they've obviously taken after their father's beautiful harlequin patterns. One of the boys has even developed an adorable little mane, as the dad is a lionhead. The other two boys have got their mother's white blaze down their noses, as she is a yellow dutch. There is only one girl, she's a ginger colour with one black shoulder and specks of black on her face and hind. The maned boy and the girl have both got dark brown eyes like their mum, while another has got one blue eye and the other brown. He is the spit of his father, with white shoulders, a white blaze and then a cream hind and ears with with splotches of black. But, the one with the most unique eyes is the boy who looks very much like a tri-dutch and looks like his mum, with eyes half brown half blue.

We have named them as follows:
Only girl- Hermione
Maned boy- Leo
Tri dutch- Eckles
Ginger with blaze- Freckles
They're adorable!!! They'll be 6 weeks old tomorrow and we'll be separating them next Friday :)

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Apr 14, 2014
by: Sophia

I have a harlequin lion head buck and a red dutch female. I think she got accidentally pregnant. I bet my babies will look a lot like yours!

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