Louie - Always Remembered as my Best Friend

by Sophia

Louie was a mini lop rabbit who had a rough start to his life. He was taken to a shelter with 13 other rabbits, he and only 7 others survived. Most of their digestive systems had already shut down. The pet store was reported of having dead animals in their cages.

I rescued Louie from the shelter when he was just a baby and bonded him to my Snickers, a sable bunny. Snickers died about a month later as she was already 7 years old. As Louie grew, he became a sweet, playful, and affectionate little guy who chased my two male cats and growled at my 80 pound dog.

He was able to leave his cage and run around our 5 acre yard with little supervision as he would usually stick around me and his cage. He binkied constantly, stopped only to munch on some grass. He was my best friend. He was very photogenic and the only thing I didn't get pictures of was him binkying as he was a fast little bugger.

He was only 5 months old when he mysteriously died in his sleep. I found him flopped in his run, eyes closed, peacefully in a forever sleep. I'm glad he died that way because he deserved nothing less than a fun-filled life, and a fast peaceful death with his kitty friends by his side.

I love you Louie and I miss you like crazy. Rest in paradise little guy, I'm sorry your life ended so fast and I'm sorry they neglected you so badly. I would have treated you so much better.

I'd post a picture of my boy but the 'browse' button isn't working. I'll just say he was a beautiful mini lop that was white with gray spots and a gray rear. He had long floppy ears that bounced when he ran and his eyes always sparkled. He was so handsome.

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