Long Legs

by Anastasia
(Arizona, Tempe)

After the spiders......

After the spiders......

My FIRST ever rabbit we got from a woman who needed to move. We had the bunny for two years. Her name was princess but we called her "Bunbun." She opened Christmas presents and even took a sip hot coco! She was always the bubbling fun in the house. She was a very good escaper! We had TWO locks on her cage and she managed to get out. I remember that day, she ruined the whole house. But guess what? She took a broom and helped me.(She mostly took the bristles and tried to sweep.) Then of old age she got fat slow and tired. But she was still my little baby. After her second fourth of July with us she began to get limp and the next morning she died.

We got Sasha (our current rabbit) two weeks before Bunbun died. She was given to us in a box of daddy long legs! The breeder said there were Some spiders on the loose but I didn't expect to open a box with an 11 week old bunny and it covered in spiders. I had to act quick since there were no vets around. I took Sasha and dumped her in the sink then I rinsed every spider off her. I know she was now 2x more stressing now than ever! After the incident I called the breeder he said she'd be fine but still, don't you think that's wrong?

And then there's Maryland and Starlight...our soon to be bunnies! They will have a story to share too! :~>

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