Raw Meat Pet Food

Raw Meat Pet Food. Holistic-vet recommended. Feed your pets species-appropriate and ready-prepared raw rabbit for pets direct from the farmer.

"I can't keep feeding my dogs dried waste products
and dead dogs..." 
(FB post at
Homemade Pet Food)

The person quoted above was not exaggerating. As a result, some of our pets are nearly as sick as we are. (See the research links at Raw Dog Food and/or Raw Cat Food.)

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It is only in the last few decades, comparatively, that we've had the convenience of opening a bag of dry kibble and scooping out the day's ration into food bowls. 

We try to coax ourselves into believing our pets will thrive. If only that ration were healthy! Instead, it may contain a little meat and a whole lot of grains and by-products (not to mention that dead dogs and cats are included in some formulas). How many of our animals have been diagnosed with irritable bowel or a multitude of other painful syndromes?  

Now, with the onset of the internet and the ability to order pet food online, it has become a whole lot easier to feed our pet dogs and cats the raw meat pet food that their bodies will thrive on.

Ground rabbit - perfect for raw meat pet food100% raw ground rabbit includes meat, bones and organs

Not for Human Consumption...

But it's fantastic for your pet dogs and cats!

Fresh Frozen Raw Meat
Pet Food that is 100% Pure Rabbit

Dogs and cats have hunted, killed, and eaten prey animals for many millennia.

  • Cats are obligate carnivores. A solely carnivore diet, whether whole prey or not, is species-appropriate for pet cats.

  • Dogs, if not obligate carnivores, at least favor a highly carnivore diet. Some experts hold that dogs are omnivores with a predilection toward a carnivore diet, while others maintain they are obligate carnivores as are cats. At any rate, whole prey meals or other raw meat, bones, and organ meals can only improve the health of our pet dogs. 

Why NOT feed their bodies and minds what Nature has decreed is best?

Because now you can order frozen rabbits
online delivered to your door.
Just thaw and serve. 

You can feed raw and get the best of both worlds:  

  • The convenience of ready-to-serve raw meat, bones and organs (or a whole-prey meal) 
  • Peace of mind as your pets blossom and thrive on their natural species-appropriate food.

: Feeding exclusively frozen and thawed rabbit, and especially ground rabbit, may result in a taurine deficiency in cats (not dogs) due to the fact that taurine is water soluble and may partially leach away as the meat thaws. Supplementing with Taurine is wise whenever feeding frozen thawed raw meat. No other deficiencies have been noted to date that we know of. See 

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