Rabbit Breed Descriptions

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions -- A

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Alaska Rabbit
Medium-sized black glossy rabbit originating in Germany, weighing 7-9 lb (3.17 - 4.07 kg). 

Not a show breed, but a purebred Terminal Sire rabbit for commercial meat use originating in the USA. 

American Rabbit
The American is a commercial meat rabbit originating in the USA in 1918. Weighs 9-12 lbs (up to 5.45 kg). 

American Fuzzy Lop 
The American Fuzzy Lop is a Holland Lop with wool weighing up to 4 pounds (1.82 kg).

American Sable Rabbit 
Sables are distinctively shaded sports of the chinchilla rabbit, weighing 7-9 pounds in the USA.

Angora, Chinese
Chinese breeders in China developed a large, Red-Eyed-White Angora breed specifically for the commercial wool market. 

Angora, Dwarf
These "little fluff balls" are miniature English Angoras weighing 1.10 - 1.75 kg. 

Angora, English
English Angoras have been bred in England for their wool for over 500 years. They weigh up to 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg).

Angora, French
French Angoras are considered the original (oldest) Angora breed, having short fur on the face. They weigh up to 10.5 pounds.

Angora, German
The German Angora is an English Angora that has been selectively bred for greatly increased wool production.  

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Angora, Giant
The Giant Angora originated in the USA, weighs a minimum of 9.5 pounds, and has the attributes of large German Angora rabbits. 

Angora, Mini English
These New Zealand bred rabbits are a scaled down version of English Angoras, weigh less than 2 kg (4.5 lb), and are very rare. 

Angora, Satin
The Satin Angora is a French Angora with satinized wool weighing up to 9.5 lb (4 kg).

Argente Bleu
A heavily silvered blue/lavender rabbit weighing 2.72 kg (6 pounds). For more info on this and the other Argente rabbit breeds, see Champagne d'Argent.

Argente Brun
The Argente Brun is a silvered brown rabbit weighing 2.72 kg (6 pounds).

Argente Champagne
The Champagne d'Argent is a heavily silvered black rabbit which is raised for meat in the USA. Champagnes in the UK are called Argente Champagne and weigh 3.62 kg (8lb).

Argente, Clair
The Argente Clair is a heavily silvered blue, called Light Groot Silver in Germany. They weigh up to 5.5 kg (12.5 pounds).

Argente, Crème
Argent Cremes are a moderately silvered orange rabbit, raised in France, the UK, and the USA, where they go by the name Crème d'Argent. 

Argente Noir
The Argente Noir is a Dutch version of the Champagne d'Argent weighing 2.72 kg (6 lb). 

Argente Saint Hubert
The St Hubert Argent is a heavily silvered black agouti rabbit. In the UK, the Saint Hubert Argent weighs 2.72 kg (6 pounds). 

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions - B

Baladi Rabbit in Egypt

The Baladi originates from Egypt, the result of crossing native rabbits with Flemish Giants in order to create a heat-resistant meat rabbit. They weigh around 2.7 kg (6 pounds).

The endangered Bauscat is another Egyptian meat rabbit breed weighing less than 8 lb.

The Beige is a lilac-colored rabbit weighing up to 6 1/2 lbs known in the UK and Sweden.

Belgian Hare
The Belgian Hare is a sleek and racy domestic rabbit resembling the English wild hare. 

Belgian Silver
The Belgian Silver is a moderately silvered black rabbit favored in Belgium weighing up to 5.5 kg (12.25 pounds).

Beveren rabbits are a meat and fur rabbit weighing more than 3.62 kg (8 pounds) in the UK and up to 12 pounds (5.45 kg) in the USA.

Blanc de Hotot
The Blanc de Hotot is a large, frosty-white rabbit with dark eyes and narrow black eye-circles weighing up to 11 pounds (5 kg).

Blanc de Popielno
The Blanc de Popielno is a Polish meat rabbit breed roughly comparable to the New Zealand White rabbit in production capability. 

Blanc de Vendee
The Blanc de Vendee is a prolific white breed with short, dense, furrier-pleasing fur. It weighs about 3.5 gm (7.75 lb), and is rare. 

Blue of Ham
The large Blue of Ham represents many good rabbit traits in this single breed weighing a maximum of 6 kg (13.25 pounds). 

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Bourbonnais Grey
The Bourbonnais Grey rabbit is a muscular, meaty rabbit weighing up to 5 kg (11 pounds), and resembles the Flemish Giant in type.

Brazilian rabbits are European domestic rabbits, probably brought to Brazil long ago by Portuguese sailors.  They are hardy in heat and cold, thrive on poor forages, and are naturally docile; they weigh 7-11 pounds (3.175 - 5 kg).

Britannia Petite (Polish in the UK)
Britannia Petites are a tiny arched breed weighing no more than 2 1/2 pounds, and is presented standing up on its front paws. 

British Giant
The British Giant is the largest of the British rabbit breeds today. See more info at Flemish Giants

Brown Chestnut of Lorraine
The Brown Chestnut of Lorraine breed is the color of brown chestnuts, and weighs roughly 2 kg (4 1/2 pounds).

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions -- C

Caldes rabbits are excellent Spanish red-eyed-white meat rabbits which are well acclimated to Spain's hot climate. 

Californian Rabbits
Californian rabbits are commercial meat rabbits developed in California, USA. They weigh up to 10 1/2 pounds.

Carmagnola Grey
The Carmagnola Grey is a large, chinchilla-colored meat rabbit derived from local domestic farm rabbits in northwest Italy. It weighs around 5.5 kg (12.1 pounds). 

Champagne d’Argent
(Also listed at Argente Champagne)

The Chaudry is a prolific French commercial rabbit with a minimum weight of 4 kg (8 3/4 pounds).

Checkered Giant Rabbit

Checkered Giant
The Checkered Giant is a very large spotted rabbit with markings standardized in the USA as shown. There is no maximum weight requirement.

Chinchilla, American
American Chinchillas have the chinchilla fur and coloration in a larger meat rabbit body. They weigh between 9-12 pounds.

Chinchilla, Giganta
Chinchilla Gigantas are the European version of the Giant Chinchilla rabbit, however possibly even larger. See Chinchilla Rabbits for more info.

Chinchilla, Giant
The Giant Chinchilla is giant meat rabbit, with commercial value being a prime consideration. Maximum weight is listed as 16 pounds. 

Chinchilla, Standard
The Standard Chinchilla originated in France and was at the time a meat rabbit. They weigh up to 7 1/2 pounds. 

The Cinnamon rabbit is a meat rabbit breed with dark tortoiseshell coloration. Cinnamons weigh up to 11 pounds.

Crème d’Argent
(See Champagne d'Argent for more info)

Criollos are a domestic rabbit found throughout the rural areas of Mexico and probably other South American countries. They have become acclimated to tropical heat.

Cuban Brown
The Cuban Brown rabbit is a self chocolate rabbit, the description of which closely matches Havana rabbits.

Czech Albin
The Czech Albin is a glossy white dual-purpose utility rabbit weighing 3.25 - 5 kg. 

Czech Spot
The Czech Spot are marked similarly to the larger Checkered Giants. They weigh 3 - 4 kg.

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions -- D

The Deilenaar is a Dutch meat breed with a special ‘warm red brown’ coloration. No weight limits are noted in the BRC standard of excellence. 

Dutch rabbits are specifically marked with a white saddle, blaze and white feet. They weigh up to 5 1/2 pounds.

Dwarf Hotot
Tiny all-white rabbit with a 1/8th inch band of black around the eyes. The Dwarf Hotot weighs a maximum of 3 pounds.

Dwarf Papillon
The Dwarf Papillon is a pint-sized Checkered rabbit that weighs in at 2.75 - 4 pounds (1.20 - 1.80 kg). 

Dwarf Swiss Fox
The Dwarf Swiss Fox is the miniature version of the long-furred Swiss Fox rabbit. 

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions -- E

Enderby Island
The Enderby Island rabbit are silvered offspring of rabbits released on Enderby Island in 1865. They ideally weigh 2 kg (4.4 pounds).

English Spot
Medium-sized arched rabbit with very distinctive spot patterns on sides, spine and nose. English Spot rabbits weigh up to 8 pounds (3.62 kg).

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions -- F

Fauve de Bourgogne
The Fauve de Bourgogne has excellent commercial meat rabbit traits. Permitted weights are 3.5 - 5 kg (7 3/4 - 11 pounds). 

Fee de Marbourg (Marburger)
The Fee de Marbourg is a deep lilac German rabbit carrying a lot of Havana blood. They weigh 2 - 3.5 kg (4.3 - 7.75 pounds). 

Flemish Giant Rabbit
Flemish Giants weigh a mammoth 14+ pounds (6.36 kg) with no maximum constraints, and have contributed their genes to various other huge breeds. 

Flemish Giant (British)
British Flemish Giants are smaller than the Flemish of the USA and Europe, and weigh a minimum of 11 pounds (4.97 kg). 

Florida White
Florida Whites are fine-boned meat and laboratory rabbits with excellent dress-out percentage. They weigh 4 - 6 pounds.

TAMUK, home of the Furless Rabbit

Furless rabbits have very little fur, and were developed in order to improve survival in hot tropical climates in developing countries. 

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions -- G

Gabali rabbits are native to Egypt and the Sinai. They are adapted to heat, and weigh on average 3.3 kg (7.26 pounds).  

Geant Hongrois (Hungarian Giant)
The Hungarian Giant is related to the French Lop and Flemish Giant. It weights up to 7 kg (15 1/2 pounds).

Giant Blanc du Bouscat
The Giant White of Bouscat has silky, frosty fur and weighs up to 6 kg (13.25 pounds).

Giant Papillon
Giant Papillons and Checkered Giants have the same genetic background though Giant Papillons have up to 8 side spots. 

Giza White
Giza White rabbits are native to Egypt and selected for albinism. They weigh on average around 2.75 kg (6 pounds).

Gnomish Giant Rabbits
Very large rabbits under development outside the ARBA. A weight of 16 pounds is targeted, but they typically weighs 11-13 lb for now.

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions -- H

Harlequin Rabbit

Harlequin (Japanese)
The Harlequin rabbit has a patterned coat with alternating colors on head, ears and body bands (pictured). Harlequins weigh up to 9.5 pounds (4.32 kg).

The Havana is a rather small, originally chocolate-colored rabbit with beginnings in Holland (not Cuba). They weigh up to 6.5 pounds (3 kg).

Hermelin (German Polish)
The Hermelin rabbit is Polish rabbit breed in Germany. They come in REW and BEW, and weigh up to 1.5 kg (3.3 pounds).

The Himalayan is long and snaky in body, white, with black at the points. They are small, weighing up to 4 1/2 pounds (2 kg). 

Holland Lop 
(see Lop, Holland)

The Hulstlander is a very small Blue-Eyed White rabbit related to the Netherland Dwarf.

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions -- I

The Ibicenco is a local Spanish farm rabbit found mainly on Ibiza Island, weighing around 2.2 kg (5 pounds). 

The Swedes recognize a blue tortoiseshell variety of the Beige Rabbit (UK). The Isabella weighs 6 1/2 pounds.

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions -- J

The Jamora is a German wooled creation with wool in an ideal harlequin pattern. It weighs up to 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds).

Japanese Jumbo White
Japanese Jumbo Whites are large, endangered, red-eyed-white rabbits which are protected by the Japanese Agriculture Association. 

Jersey Wooly
Jersey Woolies are the result of putting wool on a pet-sized rabbit. They weigh up to 3 1/2 pounds (1.59 kg). 

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Rabbit Breed Descriptions -- K

The Kabyle is an Algerian combination of several commercial meat rabbit breeds. Kabyles are medium sized and heat-resistant. 

The Kanel is a chocolate tortoiseshell rabbit recently developed in Denmark from crossing Thuringers and Havanas.

Klein Lotharinger (Dutch Papillon)
Klein Lotharingers are smaller Dutch versions of the Giant Papillon. It weighs around 3 kg (6.6 pounds) and is a popular breed.

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