Whitish Yellowish Urine

My 10 rabbits are having a whitish yellowish urine for the last month! Does anyone know what this is or what to do about it? Thanks, Willie

****Karen Sez****
Chances are very good that the urine is normal. The whitish part is dissolved calcium. Rabbits are very good at excreting excess minerals in their forages, and the fact that all 10 rabbits have the same type of urine confirms this. In fact, my rabbits have the same as well.

I'm guessing you switched feeds about a month ago??

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Dec 01, 2011
indigo hills farm
by: gay

I really enjoy your info- all animals are easy to go into shock- try to keep them quiet and isolated for at least a week- don't change their feed. ask the person you get them from about where they were kept- any habits on care will help you to care for them.

Take the time to watch your new rabbit talk to them let them smell you- see you and learn to trust you.

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