Help! my rabbit is always sneezing!

by Nicole

My rabbit is constantly sneezing and every now and then a wad of thick white snot will come out. I'm starting to get a little worried. He is a little over 4 months and is still with his sister. Do you think he is sick? if so would it be contagious? Please help!

***** Karen Sez *****
Nicole, your rabbit is very sick with a disease called Pasteurellosis. I'm very sorry to have to give the bad news. Plus, the disease is very contagious, and could make the rabbit's sibling sick also. (Though if she is not yet sneezing, perhaps her immune system has been strong enough to fight off the germs.)

Your vet can prescribe medications for your rabbit, but experience shows that the rabbit will get sick all over again once the medicine is stopped. The best choice is to euthanize the rabbit now, before the other one gets sick. See for more info. I hope you will have the courage to make the arrangements, and the hope to then get a healthy replacement rabbit.

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Oct 26, 2012
by: phillips

Two weeks ago my 8 week old silver fox doe developed a sneezing and mucus running nose. I believed it was snuffles, I isolated her away from all my other rabbits and sterilized her old cage. After three days she stopped sneezing and has not had any more mucus from her nose. I have not given her any medication so what ever it was has stopped on it's own. If she has a relapse I will put her down but I am wondering if it could have been caused by something else???

***** Karen Sez *****

Very interesting, and a very wise response on your part to the symptoms.

Bordetellosis tends to strike young rabbits, while Pasteurellosis (snuffles) tends more often to strike older juniors or adults. If the symptoms were due to bordetellosis and if they do not recur, then the rabbit's immune system has successfully overcome the infection, which is good news.

The studies indicate that rabbits will become carriers of the bordetella germ, which might possibly cause them to have an increased susceptibility to snuffles at a later date.

Were this our rabbit, we'd nevertheless keep her and use her as long as she remains symptom-free.

Good luck with everything!

Mar 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

Yes your rabbit has snuffles and there is no cure for it unfortunately... I would cull the rabbit and get you another one it will never go away.... I am very sorry but it spreads like wildfire....

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