Broken back

by Stephanie
(Tupelo, MS, USA)

After visiting your very helpful site, I now know that my Dwarf rabbit has a broken back. Since he is 11 yrs old, I don't think I should allow him to suffer this out. Would you recommend how my husband should euthanize him?

**Thank you**

***** Karen Sez *****
So sorry, Stephanie. If it is any consolation, the two rabbits of ours that broke their backs appeared to be in little to no pain. (They seemed more confused than anything, since their hind extremities were refusing to obey orders.)

At, we list several humane ways to euthanize.

While we feel the broomstick method is an excellent, pain-free method, your bunny already has a broken back. This eliminates the use of a broomstick.

Instead, you can cut the jugular and allow the rabbit to bleed away. Or, you can deliver a sharp blow behind the ears. Your rabbit is small - you can hold it at the loins in order to do the deed, instead of by the feet.

Any way you look at it, it is a miserable job to have to do, but also a merciful one. We hope you can locate another excellent pet rabbit that will last you a second 11 years of enjoyment.

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