Bunny in pain

by Kate
(Wisconsin )

Came home to my bun scooching across floor and and then a few seconds later hunched in a ball.

Then she would repeat. She wouldn't eat or drink. I held her and massaged her tummy, but she was much worse in the a.m.

She was like a doll. At the vet, her temp was 99.

She died a few moments later.

She had passed some pink urine the week before; everyone said it was normal. She had jumped on a table and chewed on an ivy I later found out. Could this cause her to die? Her urine had turned normal again. If it was an infection, wouldn't the temp be high?

Soooo sad. Heartbreaking really. Just don't understand. Vet said she was hydrated but didn't feel impaction.

***** Karen Sez *****

So sorry to hear the sad news. It's so hard knowing why a rabbit died. It is true that ivy can be poisonous if a lot is eaten, but it is not usually too poisonous. If the rabbit was hydrated, it was not likely the ivy that was the problem.

Even though her temp was low (normal is 102F), she could still have had some sort of infectious or parasitic process happening.

I hope you'll find another wonderful pet rabbit once most of the pain wears off.

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