Diarrhea in doe,sudden convulsion, then death.

Willow when she was young

Willow when she was young

Symptoms: Doe was seen while doing morning feedings at 10:30am, everything seemingly in order (we are constantly in and out of our bunny room, and still had yet to notice any symptoms or signs with our doe!). At approximately 4:00pm that night, our doe was viewed trembling in her nest box (her babies were born 3/30).

Upon further examination, it was observed that the doe had diarrhea (We had also noticed the doe in the first place because she wasn't sitting at the edge of the cage to greet us as usual). The doe was thoroughly cleansed around her bottom area, and brought inside. Began treatment which includes 1/4 tsp of Keopectate, 3 drops of Wet Tail, small amounts of crushed tum with water, and small amounts of yogurt. (The tentative diagnosis was coccidia.) The time in between treatments varied, being around an hour,and being careful to wait in between administering different medications.

The doe was exhibiting symptoms from approximately 4:00pm (that we had observed) to 11:00pm that night. Willow (the lovely doe that we lost) began to seize up suddenly at about 11:00pm that night, and passed away. One of her kits is currently showing similar symptoms.

We sadly lost this lovely little doe, and hope to save her kit hopefully and prevent this happening to other lovely buns!

With the rabbitry of this breeder having plenty of bunnies, we need to first rule out the possibility that this sickness/disease is contagious, or we will be having many dead bunnies on our hands. No other rabbits have currently showed symptoms other than the tiny baby kit she has.

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