Neurological Disease in my rabbit?

by Alice

Hello everyone, I need some help with my 2 year old rabbit. About 8 months ago it started falling over strangely. At first we thought it was just clumsy, but as time went by it couldn’t stand up again on its own, so we worried and took it to the vet. He performed x-rays and some blood tests (everything was normal). Nevertheless he prescribed antibiotic, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory, without any response. The little one keeps presenting with ataxia and abnormal reflexes.

Lately its state has worsened and it can’t barely stand straight. Its limbs look asymmetrically stiff, the rest of the symptoms remain the same. It feeds normally, even in excess, though it won’t get fat even if it doesn’t exercise at all. The urine and poop are normal.

Any suggestion in what could be happening and what could be done? We’re desperate by now.

Thank you.

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