Rabbit Tongue Cancer

by Tiffany
(Orlando, Florida)

Hello! I bought my 2.5 yr old Holland Lop a month and a half ago from a breeder. Our vet had recommended the molar teeth grinding surgery recently, and on Wednesday I had the procedure done.

During the procedure, the vet came to me in the waiting room with concerns about his tongue being swollen. She did a biopsy to make sure it was not just an infection. The vet just called today and let me know that he has a form of rare tongue cancer.

I'm pretty devastated!

The vet does not know much about this in rabbits. She is going to do some research to find out more.

Do you know anything about rabbit tongue cancer? Treatment? Effects? How would a bunny get this? Thanks for your time and assistance.

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Sep 28, 2010
Help the bunny's immune system
by: Karen

I'm so sorry for your little guy! Wish we had a decent answer for you.

How did the rabbit get cancer? As we humans pollute our world, we all, including our animals, suffer the consequences of treating God's green earth thoughtlessly.

--We create 'round-up resistant' (read pure poison) GMO corn and soybeans and put 'em in the feed.

--Hamsters are growing fur (yes, fur) in their mouths, and are unable to reproduce after several generations on GMO feed.

--We wantonly spray pesticides over vast acres and then wonder where the songbirds have disappeared to.

We're not blaming you Tiffany. This is a global problem that is spelled M-O-N-S-A-N-T-O.

How to treat? We have no vet expertise, but hope your own vet will come up with some good options for you.

In the meantime, let's consider how the immune system works. If your bunny ever needed a strong immune system, it's right now.

The immune system is designed to heal the body. You see its effects every day when you scratch yourself. You scab over, heal, the scab falls off, and you're as good as new. You catch a cold, and in 6 days, you're fine again. The immune system wipes out cancer cells in 100% of us every day.

I don't suppose it is any different in rabbits. So, a) discover the foods that strengthen the rabbit's immune system and feed them, and b) discover any sources of poisons in the bunny's diet and eliminate them.

1) Feed Pfau - no corn and no soybeans (I think). Can't find? Then stop the pellets and switch to fresh alfalfa hay, whole oats and fresh organic veggies in small amounts every day.

2) Feed fruits and veggies that are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants can turn off the processes that lead to cancer.

3) Ensure that these fruits and veggies are organic, and picked ripe. If not, the plant-based chemicals that turn off the pathways to cancer haven't yet formed in the fruits/veggies.

4) Try feeding aloe vera, the raw leaf. Aloe is well-known as containing immune system normalizing and enhancing glyconutrients. If anything, cut away the outer green leaf, and feed the inner gelatinous part, which contains a rich source of immune system enhancing glyconutrients. (Note: You'll need a living potted aloe vera plant, so you can snap a piece of leaf off every day, and then immediately feed it to the bunny. If you break off a leaf and then wait 24 hours to feed, the active ingredient will have been destroyed by enzymes in the leaf.)

5) Lastly, I know of an animal supplement formulated by Dr. Cheeke (YQ+) that has substances in it that are known to normalize and strengthen the immune system. Find some and get it.

The reason for these 5 points is to get the rabbit's immune system to work correctly, and to remove any source of trouble that might be crippling the bunny's immune system.

Will it work?? I don't know. But it won't hurt, and MIGHT help, especially if the cancer is not too advanced.

Please let us know what the vet's research turns up, okay??

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