My doe has a weird white crusty place beside her vent

by Mindy

My 3 month old standard rex doe has this weird white crusty spot on the spot next to her vent where testicles would be if she were male. She did have what looked like a small wound there a short time ago. It also has an odor. Could this simply be an infected wound that I could fix with some peroxide? Or is it something more serious?

***** Karen Sez *****

Sure wish my x-ray vision could reach to wherever you live, and I could take a look at that crusty white patch!

Your first guess, an infected wound, is probably a good one. You could treat it as such and put peroxide or ointment on the wound, and see if it gets better.

Problem is, there's a bunch of other stuff that patch could be. You might should take your rabbit to the vet for an opinion if the peroxide doesn't work quickly. I'm concerned about the possibility of ringworm, which is contagious to humans, and rabbit VD, which isn't, thankfully.

Rabbit syphilis usually presents IN the vent, but not always. There's more info at

For either ringworm or rabbit vd, your rabbit will need more than just a bandaid. If the peroxide doesn't work, go see a vet, okay?

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