Something Is Wrong With My Bunny Dusty

by Stephanie
(Oklahoma City OK)

Just gonna jump into it -- last night I was giving Dusty my bunny an apple slice treat.

He loves them he was so excited to get it.

He ate it and right after started flipping out.

he ran up to me in what seemed like a panicked way so I picked him up trying everything I could to help him. I thought he was choking so trying to help him, he started sneezing what looks to be drool and coughing a clump of clear slobber that's a little hot.

Yesterday I took him to my friend's house and back home. At home he runs around in my living room all the time playing an such. I feed him the apple slices, berry yogurt chips, carrot treat and his normal bunny food and he eats them just fine. If he doesn't want it he would pull away but would always smell it first.

Since last night he is still spitting up and opening his mouth and I've read that them opening their mouth is bad and I'm almost sure he hasn't eaten or drank anything in a couple of hours or more.

So please help me - I just got him last weekend and the little wheezing or noise he's making is making me sad. I don't know what's wrong with him; please help.....

***** Karen Sez *****

Hi Stephanie, I'm sorry for your troubles.

You've either got a rabbit with a foreign body lodged somewhere in its mouth or throat, or you have a sick rabbit. Either way, your bunny needs a vet visit. Find a vet who knows rabbits - surely there is one somewhere in Oklahoma City.

From your tale I see another big problem: you need to lose the carrot treats, the yogurt treats, and the apple slices. Okay? All that is waaaaaayy too much sugar for a rabbit. Try the treats and toys ideas at this page: Pet Rabbit Care.

And, you'll find a ton more answers to your rabbit questions here:

Rabbit Raising Problem Solver

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