by Elaine

I have been looking after a friends three rabbits. One of them has developed a small bald patch (around 1/2 inch) on the side of her face. Next day there was another on her nose but this was swollen. I took her to the vet and was told it may be myxomatosis. She has tiny pimple-like growths on her eye lids and lumps under her skin. The vet did no blood tests or further investigation just sent me off with some liquid vitamins to give her!

My friend has been back to the same vet and the same diagnosis repeated. However the rabbit is lively and eating well. Her eyes are sore looking but not weeping or crusty. Any advice please as I'm not convinced about this diagnosis. Many thanks Elaine

****Karen Sez****
First, I'm not a vet, regrettably, and second, my rabbits have never had myxo...sure wish I could offer more help than I think I can!

A few thoughts nevertheless:
1) Has this rabbit been vaccinated for myxo? Because if so, then perhaps the problem is myxo, but the rabbit has enough antibodies to control and ameliorate the course of the disease.

2) Ask your friend to flip the rabbit over and take a look at the business end of the rabbit -- are there any scabs or sores there? If so, the face sores might be rabbit syphilis, and a blood test could make a definitive diagnosis. Only thing is, the vet that actually saw the rabbit should have been able to differentiate between these two conditions quite easily, I'd think.

3) There are a couple viruses here in the States that create wart-like bumps on our cottontail rabbits which can also be transmitted to domestic rabbits; don't know if these viruses exist in the UK...I'd guess possibly.

What to do at this point:
--Keep the rabbit quarantined in case the problem is contagious.
--I have my fingers crossed that the rabbit's immune system will eventually conquer the problem over the next 4-6 weeks or so.

Lastly - it was the vet that actually saw the rabbit. I don't mind helping you brainstorm, and my opinions are free, heheh. But, we're not vets, and can only guess, though admittedly our guesses do come through a LOT of overall experience in rabbit husbandry.

Good luck Elaine, and keep us posted, okay?

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Dec 27, 2011
by: Elaine

I'm happy to report that Smurphy is fine and still enjoying life with her two friends, Homer and Biggles.

***** Karen Sez *****
Excellent! I'm happy too. Thanks for the update.

Oct 15, 2011
by: Elaine

Hi Karen, thanks so much for your reply.
The update on Smurphy is that she's doing well!
My friend has consulted a rabbit specialist in London and, thankfully, bunny is on the mend. Worrying that the original vets both didn't seem to be sure whether it was myxi or not. If it was left to them then Smurphy would be no more!
Thanks again! :)

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